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Found 8 results

  1. Hello! I'm pretty new to keeping aquatic plants and I've had these two plants in my tank for about 4 months now and the water wisteria always seem to have tiny brown holes on the older leaves and Browning on a couple of the rosette leaves as if its disintegrating. I'm also confused as to why my wisteria hasn't grown much sooner I've gotten it considering it's considered a very fast Grower and low maintenance. I'm not sure what to add to the tank or what I'm doing wrong. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I could do to help the plants out? Thanks in advance!!
  2. I got these water wisteria around the first week that i started doing aquariums and it just took off.But recently I’ve had to remove 2 of the plants because they started rotting from the bottom of the stem.I believe its something i did while propagating it but im not sure.Does anyone know what causes this or how to fix it?
  3. Nope...not a plate of salad greens! The wisteria had gone a little crazy in the 20 gallon Long, and I had no idea until I got in there trying to tease the "branches" apart to trim them! There were more "trunks" than branches and I really had quite a bit to cut out of there. My favorite thing is that as soon as I'd thinned and trimmed them, the green tiger barbs started darting in and out of them. I love it that they do that...it's so fun to watch! We added a new ACO plant - a dwarf sagitaria there in the background. I've never grown this plant before, so I'm eager to work with it. And then I did maintenance on the Marimo moss balls. It was hard work, I tell you!😆 Yeah, I gave 'em a squeeze and plopped them back in there. They'll float for a bit and eventually settle down somewhere. Interestingly, they've been dropping little tufts of green lately. I took one little piece of fluff out and tried to roll it in my palm, but it wouldn't quite ball up. Instead it came out a little tear-shaped. I'm hoping I'll be able to eventually get it to go into a ball shape and "grow" more moss balls that way. @Irene mentioned in one of her videos that they were super-slow growers, so I'm hoping I'll have the patience to see it through. The other little green tuft you see there was full of snail eggs, so I just left it as it was. Couldn't bring myself to smoosh it between my hands.😜
  4. Any reason why my reason why my wisteria leaves are turning brown? Can't really figure it out. I've been dosing weekly with easy green liquid fertilizer and just started dosing twice a week. Also the light is the kit light that came with my 36 bow front.
  5. I got this wisteria 2-3 months ago and I have enjoyed it as a nice tall background plant. I've been adding Co-Op root tabs every 4 weeks and it's been growing nicely. But 2 weeks ago started looking like it was having some melting then shed most of the leaves except the last 6 inches at the top. The leaves continue to deteriorate with melting from the center. All other plants are doing really well. Will it recover?
  6. I've been trying to dial in the planted tank for quite a while now, and created an algae farm in the process. I hired a small cleanup crew a week ago, and they are just now figuring out what their purpose is. To consume excess Nitrates I had a large Hornwort island along with some Anacharis ...in addition to the other plants. The Hornwort became a mess of green hair algae, and was decimated by an Alum dip. General peroxide treatments (weeks later) have almost wiped out the remaining Hornwort. The Anacharis is doing very well, but became habitat for black hair algae, and BBA. The Anacharis doesn't seem to be bothered by the peroxide. The Anacharis is restricting the water flow , light, and food. It needs to be trimmed and put in a different tank along with some Wisteria plantlets The primary question is this: Is a peroxide dip or out of tank spray going to be more effective against the algae without being lethal to the Anacharis or Wisteria? Or do I quarantine the cuttings and give them a peroxide treatment. Suggestions? Nitrates: 20-40, Nitrites & Ammonia: 0, Hardness: 300, chlorine: 0, KH: 60, PH: 6.8-7 DIY Lighting: 2650 lumens at 6 hours
  7. I saw somewhere, not sure where now that you can clip wisteria back and back and it will spread as a carpet. Is this practical and has anyone tried it? I've got some in one of my 10g and it's growing really well. I would like a carpet (ground cover) without having to resort to CO2 and I like the look of wisteria quite a bit.
  8. I just noticed this 1 inch tall hitchiker popped up in my planted tank. Is this water Wisteria(or water sprite)? It started itself in my substrate but I have seen people talk about floating it. Thoughts? Special care?
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