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20 gallon long stocking ideas


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18 minutes ago, EdgeAquatics said:

I’ve stocked similarly in a 20 high, and as @Natakusays, as long as you have plenty of fast growing plants that stocking should work. You could even consider getting a group of some faster moving fish that would appreciate the horizontal layout of the 20 long. 

What kind of fish do you recommend?

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I've got 13 green tiger barbs, snails and a red-tail botia loach in my 20 long. I'm considering adding some "dither" fish as well. So I'd say your stocking would not be too much. 

I'm following to see what others recommend as well, since I want to add one more fish-type to my tank. 🙂 


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Because of the footprint of this tank you may want to consider fish that will use the length. Dwarf cichlids like Apistos or Kribs, Peacock Gudgens, Live bearers like Endlers, Guppies, Goodeids, Killifish, Tetras, Rasboras, Corys, and the smaller Barbs will all do well in the 20L. 

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23 hours ago, Kieflow said:

What kind of fish do you recommend?

I would recommend zebra danios, as they tend to race back and forth across the whole length of the tank, and then stock the lower third with some corys. That way there will be some separation since the danios can be kinda aggressive.

You could also do some tetras and a pair of apistogramma borelli, with Corydoras as well. The apistos will definitely use the full footprint and and the tetras will act as dithers to keep them both active and docile. 

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2 hours ago, RyanR said:

I have a 20 long I'm going to setup in a week or so for Neolamprologus Mmultifasciatus (shell dwellers).  I can't wait.  I've heard that are very fun to watch.

I just saw those at my LFS! I really want to start a tank of them as soon as my wife and I get moved into a new apartment. 

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I have a 20g long set up right now but it's inhabitants, substrate, decor and plants will eventually be moved to the new 55g when I have it set up. I've been pondering for months on what I will do with the 20g when the move happens. I have come up with two ideas that I'm internally debating on

Idea Number One: Fangorn Forest
Black Sand Substrate
Dragon Stone or Ohko, whatever it's called
Lots and lots of java moss
A stem plant I haven't decided on yet
Large twisted piece of Mopani driftwood
A colony of Blue Dream Shrimp (Neocardinia)
Other inhabitants not yet decided

Idea Number Two: Mines of Moria
Rust/Orange colored gravel with small quartz pebbles sprinkled in
Large/Medium Quartz Stones
Hornwort left floating, enough to significantly reduce the light reaching the bottom
Towering but slim driftwood pieces, preferably malaysian
Terracotta caves buried in the substrate with openings left clear
Species-only tank of Dwarf Mexican Crayfish

Here's a CURRENT pic of my 20g.
8x Tiger Barbs
6x Female Swordtails (2 are juveniles)
1x Gold Gourami
x? Gold/Olive Jade Mystery Snail Babies, I grow them out in here


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