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  1. That is hilarious to see! One of my Dwarf Gouramis will play in the sponge filter bubbles but I've never seen him leap like that.
  2. I've been made aware of this very early on and I've checked every day to see if one of these females is a hidden male. I've had them since April of 2020 and all 4 are still females. The two juveniles are past 5 months old at this point and neither of them are showing any male traits but man I am hoping one of them ends up being a male. They are about the size the females(and the male) were when I originally got them so my hopes aren't too high.
  3. I've used them in a tank for my dwarf gourami, the tank also housed two Dwarf Mexican Crayfish. They were fine after 3 weeks of treatment in a 10gallon.
  4. Thank you for the help Stephen! I'm excited to see the results
  5. I have only "accidently" clipped one but now that you mention this, that particular one is doing very well, it's about half the size of the "mother" plant. I'm tempted to clip the rest now.
  6. My largest fish is my Gold Gourami, he's just about 5 inches though he does look small in the pic. He's not a fan of the phone-camera and is all the way in the back of the 29g
  7. My nearest LFS is an hour away but I have a Petco and Petsmart just minutes away. I've asked them both if they purchase fish from local breeders. Petsmart flat out said "No." and Petco said they'll take them off my hands but won't pay for them. They don't sell the fish either, they list them as "Free".
  8. Seems my webcam is worse, I am absolutely terrible at taking pics. It's something that infuriates me actually The 20g inhabitants are in the 29g until the new 55g is ready. The Dwarf Mexican Crayfish has not been happy with having to share her giant tank, she's been chasing animals quadtriple her size away from her caves (Yes, she claimed all 5 of them). The swordtails often stick their heads in there only to be chased away by an angry, tiny ball of fiery rage. I've swapped places for the 20g long and one of my 10 gallons. The 20g long now has black sand in it which has to be the most gorgeous substrate I've ever seen. You'll probably note I have way too much gravel in the new 55g and trust me, I agree. I'm removing about half of it. I always overestimate how much I need, it's a curse. Last night, I moved my 2 adult platys and their 13 juveniles up to the 55g on the right. The fish in the 55g have been used to me feeding them newly born platy fry every few months and immediately assumed these smaller platys were small enough to eat. About 60 seconds later, all of them realized they are too large and stopped chasing them around. HOWEVER, the Red Tail Shark continued harassing them, specifically the orange-red colored ones. I eventually had to take him out and he's in the 10g on the right for now (3 inch juvenile, he's fine), I'm not quite sure how I'm going to go forward with him but I'll figure something out. Now that my smaller tanks are finally clear of inhabitants that I didn't plan on putting in there (Exception of the red tail shark), I can actually start filling my fish room with FISH. Every tank is incredibly understocked, at least by my own standards.
  9. I have gotten quite a bit done last night and I'll provide pics of the changes when the lights come on in a few hours I have a terrible camera on my phone so I apologize, I'll try to get a decent, recent pic with my webcam later today. This pic is from yesterday shortly before I moved them so I could move the substrate of the 20g over to the new 55g I only have female Neon Swordtails. (My male jumped out back in May) 4 adults and 2 juveniles, they are fiesty girls and I've found them to be just as aggressive as the males if not more honestly. They'll fight eachother often but I don't think they really understand what they are fighting for. Usually fish fight for a certain territory or food but these girls seem to have spats for no real reason. This behavior started shortly after being housed with Dwarf Gouramis and they've fought with the Dwarf Gouramis and other fish as well. Sometimes I wonder if this is a behavior they've picked up from the Dwarf Gouramis because how they fight is very similar, lining up with fins flared and circling eachother. The only difference is that they don't descend to the bottom while circling eachother and they very rarely bite. Though this could just be their natural behavior and not learned behavior but I have not found any articles referencing this for females. I am calling them aggressive and that might be an alarm bell for you but their behavior is quite harmless. It's just fin flaring and disrespecting personal space with a very rare bite here and there. They are very interesting to watch, get larger than you think and are the only fish I've found to eat staghorn algae! I'll provide more pics later today.
  10. Oh that's exactly what happened with this new 55g. I realized if I moved the stand over to the other wall,I could easily add 6 more feet to the stand Matter of fact, I originally built this stand to hold a 20g on top and a 10g on bottom. It has evolved to what it is now
  11. Got a new 55g last night! Currently having my trusty HOB filter clean out all the crud. After that, just gonna use a sponge filter. I will be moving my stock in the 20g long below into the 55g when it's ready. I'm gonna test the TopFin stock lights to see if it will grow Water Wisteria and some other easier plants though I don't have high hopes. Stocking will be 6 Neon Swordtails 1 Gold Gourami 8 Tiger Barbs Possibly 1 Golden Wonder Killifish And likely more down the road! The substrate and plants will also be moved as well though most plants will likely spread to other tanks, not the new 55g. The main focus for this 55g is for my Crinum Calamistratum and I highly doubt these lights will do well for it. I plan on getting Finnex Stingray when I can and because of that, the Crinum will stay in a tank with proper lighting until then, not risking my favorite! I'll be putting Black Sand in the 20g long and going for a neocardinia shrimp colony, specifically blue coloration. I have now beaten my record for a maximum of 5 tanks 10 years ago, 6 tanks now!
  12. I just use one of the "medium" sized ones on the corner of my 20 long
  13. My mother once did this to one of my tanks. At first the Dwarf Gourami's chased the red laser but they quickly grew bored. It was to our surprise that the Red Lizard Whiptail started chasing it around, although much slower as he isn't a fast fish. Pretty fun!
  14. I appreciate the feedback! I did try to supplement the Val with more root tabs a few months back, this promoted some runners but they eventually died back, even though I continued feeding the Val with 3 root tabs monthly. Could the sand be making the Val's roots have difficulty drawing nutrients from these tabs? Another thing I just realized, could my Malaysian Trumpet Snails be eating these root tabs? I have quite a few MTS in there, possibly in the triple digits.
  15. I've had Seiryu Stones in my 55g since April. I have 3 large ones and around 3 dozen small ones. My water tests at 8.2 pH out of the faucet and my tank tested 8.2 pH just last week. I did hear of Seiryu stone affecting pH a few months back but after careful monitoring, it doesn't seem to be affecting my water. After some research, I found that 14.3 Rocks website and somewhere in that massive page, it explained how active rocks in placed in water with a high pH range will not change the pH at all so I relaxed a little. This also prompted me to start using stones I've found out in the yard as well as the nearby woods, a huge money saver! I've gotten the same results from these various stones, no change in pH. I'm not a scientist but this has led me to believe that rocks considered safe for fish/invertebrates placed in water with a high pH might as well be considered inert for my use.
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