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I'm fuming


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Frustrating to see, for sure.  I’ve been keeping fish since 1975 (with a large break before re-starting almost 3 years ago) and I’ve struggled keeping balance in a 2 gallon cube that is massively over filtered with loads of biofiltration, live plants, and ZERO fish.  Currently only a small ramshorn snail that went in before it got big enough to breed.  I drop in a speck of food about once weekly for the snail.  It’s got an HOB sized for 5-10 gallon tank that’s packed with sponge filter and has a sponge pre-filter, and has an ACO nano sponge filter.  I finally had to remove the piece of Buce covered wood I started with since it was just too much bioload.

If I’ve struggled this much with 2 gallons, there’s virtually zero chance any fish is going to survive that tiny micro-tank without nearly 100% water changes twice weekly or more.  Pure death box right there.  Even a chili rasbora is going to be ridiculously cramped and unhappy in there and they’re shoaling fish so they don’t want to be alone, can you imagine trying to put even a microshoal in there?  The tiny tank full of baby goldfish pic is just stupid.

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