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Clown Plecos: Algae Eaters?

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I believe they are mostly wood raspers and eat the biofilm.  I’ve never seen any of mine eating (8 total, at least I think there’s still 8 since they are superb at hiding. but I couldn’t tell for sure.  I can safely say they don’t eat BBA.  🤨

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Don't rely on "algae eaters", better to control your algae by supplying your plants with all the nutrients and light to outcompete algae. Remember though that it's an all, or nothing deal, plants need all nutrients available, otherwise algae still beat them to the punch. I have seen clown plecos, bristlenosed plecos, otos, flying foxes, flag cichlids all touted as great "algae eaters" yet  I've never seen a good looking tank that was just managed by them. In my tank I've got 9 otocinclus, and I see them every once in a while, who eats the most amount of algae in my tank are however the shrimp but I would never rely on just them. Easy Green, root tabs, and proper but not excessive lighting, and some Mironekuton deep sea minerals work better than any cleaner crew, although Nerites do a passable job on the glass.

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On 11/28/2022 at 1:11 PM, Theplatymaster said:

Im wondering because ive heard different things. Are clown pleco algae eaters? if so what kind(s) of algae do they eat?

Plecos are algae eaters when they are very young, once they grow to teens they stop, and mostly feed on wood or protien. Never seen an teen-adult pleco touch algae 

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