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Best Breeding Setup

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Best Breeding Setup - Nerm Week 2022

Hello everyone! This is the thread for the "Best Breeding Setup" aquascape competition, please glance over this post before making your entry.

Best Breeding Setup | 2022  NERM Week Fish Photo Comps Explanation

This is the best aquarium in terms of appearance AND function. The submitted tank/body of water must have had aquatic life bred in it at one point. 


Please submit one picture of the full setup. You may include up to 3 separate files that highlight certain characteristics of your setup.

Best Breeding Setup Rules and Guidelines:

Stay within the guidelines of the forum.

The container must be your own.

The container must be a suitable environment for your animals.

Invalid Posts:

If your post does not comply with our rules/ guidelines you will be private messaged for the post to be fixed. If the post has not been fixed by Wednesday at noon, your post becomes invalid. Any members post thats does not comply with our rules/guidelines will receive a private message.

Best of luck to all! 

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Corrected the Rules: ALL aquariums that have had breeding occur are permitted. Apologies, and thank you!
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This is my 20 long Hobbit Snursery that has bred oodles of mystery snails and is now host to baby panda cory cats (the blue velvet shrimp has since berried, so I guess there's something going right in here 😆)


Hardscape is a moss-covered resin hobbit house, river rocks (some moss-covered), and mopani driftwood. Substrate is gravel and crushed coral.


The breeder box for the mystery snails has just been removed and the snaibies moved to the tank itself, but here's mom inspecting it.


Here's a baby cory hiding under a mossy rock. Plants are assorted mosses, java fern, anubias, Cryptocoryne undulata,and Amazon swords.


I've got a HOB and a large sponge filter and heater to keep everybody happy and comfy. This is a baby cory and baby snail eating repashy off the driftwood.

Thanks for looking!

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This is my platy breeding setup! I’ve been using it for almost a year and have raised hundreds of babies from it. I believe it would work for any livebearer.


The basic idea is that there are two parent compartments and one central baby compartment, all separated by matten filters. Air powered “fry slurpers” purchased on eBay transfer fry from the parent compartments to the central one. Plenty of live plants as well as a large pothos help keep the nitrates down, since I must feed the babies lots of small foods that can easily get stuck in the filters. (Live baby brine work best, since they actively swim out if the filters towards the light.) Each compartment has its own air stone to promote circulation and oxygenation.


As you can (barely) see above, the slurpers have tubes with small holes at one end that only fry will fit through. Once the fry swim inside, they’re lifted up through the tube and deposited on the other side of the filter. I try to encourage the females to release their fry next to the slurpers by providing them plenty of cover in the form of live plants. I wanted to keep the slurpers relatively short because the longer the rise of the slurper, the less slurpy it is. Tall ceramic pots let me accomplish this.

Here’s a picture of the setup before plants and fish, which gives you a better visual of the basic structure. The pots contain garden soil, sand, and limestone gravel, which helps keep the GH up in my soft water. Each pot has a mesh tube in its center to let water through and prevent anaerobic pockets from forming.


Thanks for reading!

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@Hobbit I’m ORD BUT AS SOON AS I GET THEM BACK 😍😍😍😍. This is such a unique and well thought out design. It allows for such minimal intervention.  Simply amazing. Though I don’t need a setup like this I so want to set one up just so I can say “I have a FRY SLURPER” 😍😍😍

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Congrats. I love it. :)



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