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  1. Sorry, work has been a nightmare! And thanks for asking! The Snursery isn't really a Snursery anymore, so much as just a tank full of snails! I started finding empty shells for all the smaller ones for the first time. But the bigger ones are doing great--all jade.
  2. It's true, everyone loves a log! Pumpkin loves log--he went into it immediately. I think they're best friends.
  3. Pumpkin now does this thing where he goes up to the top where his pellets are, swishes his fins around to make them sink, then chases them down. I'll take it. 😆 Fin looks better than yesterday, so that's good.
  4. Aww! 😍I just added a betta to a 29 gallon tank of corys too! Small world 😆
  5. Not worry?? How 😜 Thanks for the reassurance, I'll keep on with the current plan!
  6. Most look jade (I believe that's what gold shell with blue foot is?) and there are a few blue looking ones. But some are still too small to really say for certain. And I mean, the bitty ones are still getting around and eating, they're just slow I guess?
  7. I am not an expert, but in terms of phraseology I can see the concern: given the use of "fish" and other more specific words for squid, krill, etc, I would assume "animal protein of marine origin" to mean "non-fish animal of marine origin." But, looking into it, I assume the difference in phrasing is a specific product patent issue, and that ingredient has been labeled and patented as such specifically. In which case it would be a shorthand for a particular combination of ingredients. Here is a patent for "Hydrolysates of animal proteins of marine origin" that may not be the exact same thing, but here's its breakdown: "These hydrolysates are prepared from a protein source selected from mackerel, salmon, green crab and white fish, and at least 70% (preferentially at least 80%) of the total weight of peptides of these hydrolysates correspond to peptides having a molecular weight of less than 1000 Da." Whether shark or other questionable ingredients are included in the food you're looking at, I couldn't say. A company not emailing back, though, is not comforting.
  8. It's log playtime for somebody, we'll find out who 😆. I hope he likes it!
  9. My chunky pumpkin of a betta has shunned floating pellets (fluval bugbites, northfin betta) and seems to struggle with flakes, too. He much prefers to head downward to eat the repashy the corys and snails get. He does go for the floating food. He just seems to sort of hit it with his face more than anything. Sometimes he'll go for it once it's sunk. But the fact that he's not really eating the betta-specific food, now I'm rethinking my feeding schedule. I'm always paranoid about bloat etc with bettas (though it's been over a decade since I've kept one, RIP). Here's what I'm thinking now, and if anyone has any thoughts, I am all eyes. Sunday - Fast Monday - Repashy Tuesday - Frozen baby brine shrimp Wednesday - Fast Thursday - Repashy Friday - Repashy Saturday - Frozen baby brine shrimp The repashy is a mix of Soilent Green, Community Plus, and calcium carbonate. The shrimp get shrimp king, and I add algae wafers for the snails as needed. I wonder if splitting up each day into two feeding would be best? Should I only feed repashy at night and try to coax him into eating the betta food? It's just so much harder to regulate how much the betta eats in a community tank. Especially one this food determined 😆. I was so worried about curbing aggression (which is nonexistent), I wasn't prepared for this particular challenge.
  10. Day after fin-rip-ageddon. I ordered some API Stress Guard and Indian almond leaves. And one of those little floating logs. I don't expect Pumpkin to use it, because he seems to prefer being on the bottom, but I figure the shrimp might appreciate it 🤷‍♂️😂. I'm only changing water every other day, bc the bio-load is pretty light and I've got double filtration. He is currently chasing down frozen BBS and looking very content. Look at that chubby muffin face! Now, I'm wondering about optimum feeding schedule...🧐
  11. @Guppysnail the Forum decided to merge my reply to you and my update 🤷‍♂️. My tanks are too high up for a bucket seat, but I am certainly easy to locate 😆 Edit: This wasn't even the right heckin journal, never mind! 🤦‍♂️🤣🤣🤣
  12. Same. Having it in the office is both soothing and distracting 😆
  13. *cue Lord of the Rings theme* Buhhh buhhhh buh buh buhhhh! I could watch these snaibies scale the drift wood all day--I feel accomplished by proxy 😆
  14. @Guppysnail Thank you so much! Meds make me so nervous. 🙈 He experienced his first water change today and was very curious about the whole process. "What is this tube? Is it food? No? How about this thing, is that food?" 🤣 The bio-load in the tank is fairly low for a 29 gallon (one adult mystery, five adult corys) and lots of filtration, so I'm hopeful I'll be able to keep things clean. I'm not so worried about the look of the tear, so long as he's healthy and happy. He'll get extra frozen BBS this week as consolation 😆
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