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Hi, I recently set up a new planted tank. I am looking for stocking options. It is a standard 20 gallon high aquarium. Current stocking list below.

- 5 Harlequin Rasbora

- 1 Mystery Snail

-1 Nerite Snail

-2 Ramshorn Snail (came with plants lol)

Plants include 3 Giant Saggitaria, 1 Amazon Sword, 2 Anubias, 1 Tiger Lotus, and some Water Lettuce.

Aquaneat Light, Aquaneat 20 sponge filter, Aquaclear 30 filter, Nicrew Heater.


I would like to fully stock my tank. The first fish I like are Honey Gouramis, they have both red and gold varieties at my LFS.  I think I would get 3 (1m, 2f), as I have heard they are social fish. I would like to finish off my school with 3 more Harlequin Rasboras but at the time I bought them the LFS only had 5 left (they have more now). The other fish I would like to get are Kuhli Loaches. I would get 5-6 to dwell at the bottom of the tank. I prefer Kuhli Loaches over Corydoras in looks but I am kind of open to both. Really want to try Honey Gouramis though. I would also like to get another Mystery snail so they can maybe breed. Any feedback on my current setup or future stocking list would be greatly appreciated.


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Honey gouramis are highly doable. I’d get 5 and see how they shake out in terms of pairing up. You may have to take back 1-3 of the other fish. You’ll just have to see.

I’d get 10-12 Kuhlis otherwise you’ll hardly every see them at 5-6. 

I would agree with @Jacob Hill-Legion Aquaticson increasing the harlequins. I love Pseudomeugils they are always a great choice. 

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