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  1. Hi, I recently set up a new planted tank. I am looking for stocking options. It is a standard 20 gallon high aquarium. Current stocking list below. - 5 Harlequin Rasbora - 1 Mystery Snail -1 Nerite Snail -2 Ramshorn Snail (came with plants lol) Plants include 3 Giant Saggitaria, 1 Amazon Sword, 2 Anubias, 1 Tiger Lotus, and some Water Lettuce. Aquaneat Light, Aquaneat 20 sponge filter, Aquaclear 30 filter, Nicrew Heater. I would like to fully stock my tank. The first fish I like are Honey Gouramis, they have both red and gold varieties at my LFS. I think I would get 3 (1m, 2f), as I have heard they are social fish. I would like to finish off my school with 3 more Harlequin Rasboras but at the time I bought them the LFS only had 5 left (they have more now). The other fish I would like to get are Kuhli Loaches. I would get 5-6 to dwell at the bottom of the tank. I prefer Kuhli Loaches over Corydoras in looks but I am kind of open to both. Really want to try Honey Gouramis though. I would also like to get another Mystery snail so they can maybe breed. Any feedback on my current setup or future stocking list would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Originally I thought my silvertips were bullying on of their kind into stress and not eating until it wasted away. They did bully it, and it withdrew and hid away from the rest, not getting as good feeding opportunities. Now having had the fish for about a year, another one of the silvertips is wasting away. This time I have managed to catch and isolate it, along with another one that was exhibiting some odd behavior, seemingly the beginning of wasting away and withdrawing. Oddly enough the fish that was only starting to show the signs of something being wrong ended up worse after isolation. Maybe the stress of being captured and lifted out (it was an easy catch, no chasing, just scooping it out) was too much and the fish just lay on the bottom of the isolation unit and has later died. Water parameters (using a test strip so it's not exactly accurate): NO3 25 NO2 0 GH 6 KH 6 CL2 0 pH 6,8 - 7,0 (I have a CO2 system and monitoring system that automatically opens the valve to adjust the pH) Temp 22,3 - 23,5 degrees C or 71,6 - 73,4 F (I have a Fluval heater that shows the temperature at the back (hotter), and the other reading is from the temperature sensor of the CO2 computer near the electrode at the front) Overall the symptoms I have been able to catalogue are isolation, emaciation, stringy poo hanging from the fish, dragging their tail when swimming, swimming near the surface, not being able to swallow food (the really skinny ones still went for the food, they just spat it out almost immediately) and lack of appetite (before isolation) on the one fish that died after isolation. In addition to the fish that clearly have been sick, it appears some of the silvertips are not growing even nearly as well as others. After about a year some are over twice the size of others. Which could also be something to do with parasites leeching away nutrients. The tank is fairly large 525 liters (115,5 gallons) by outer measurements, but due to plants and rocks and driftwood the internal volume is a fair bit less. As far as I can tell, invertebrates and armored catfish and loaches tend to react negatively to parasite medication. I'm not that attached to the snails in the tank sentimentally, but obviously I'd like to avoid killing them if possible. Also there is the dread of about 10 billion malaysian trumpet snails rotting and polluting the water in the tank. I also have some cories and 3 albino spotted hoplos in the tank, and those I definitely don't want to lose. I also have a 15+ years old kuhlii loach I'd like to keep among the living. Now, what to do? Fritz ParaCleanse doesn't appear to be available in my country. Esha -ndx is generally well recommended but might be harmful to the armored catfish. I could always just treat the sick fish separately, but that is just putting out fires instead of actually improving the conditions of the fish that most likely are all already affected by the parasites. On that topic, is it species related or should I assume all fish irrespective of species are infected? Sorry if this is a bit of a mess, I tried to give all the relevant info I could think of. I'll give more if needed, obviously. The image is very much out of focus but I just couldn't get the camera to focus on the small fish that kept moving. As far as I can tell the skin is fine and healthy, It's more of an indication of behavior and overall wasted condition. Seems I can't add the gif to this post, I keep getting an 'unknown error' notification. So I attached a blurry still from a blurry video instead... The color on the image is off, the fish is silvery in real life.
  3. Christmas has not been a happy time in one of my tanks, and I'm at a loss. I had to say goodbye to my much loved Betta this morning, and my dog brought me a kuhli loach on Christmas Eve. Two more loaches are missing and presumed lost. So my 5gal Endor tank is down to 1 endler, 1 kuhli (unless someone is hiding in the At-At deco), 1 nerite snail, lots of bladder snails, scuds and live plants. I had just done regular maintenance Thursday, which includes a vac of 1gal water, replaced with some stress coat and a squirt of easy green for the plants, rinsing the filter floss in the tank water removed, AC strip test. Ph: 7.6 on the low range kit, 7.4 on the high range kit (anyone else have this issue with water right on the transition space between the two tests?) Nitrites and ammonia both 0ppm Nitrates close to 0ppm (floating plants may be up taking most as they are reproducing like mad in all my tanks). Chlorine 0ppm (we have good quality well water, no chlorine added to the water filtration in weeks). Gh/Kh: 60-80, 300 Some background info on the tank if you're still reading: Late August: Tank established with aqua soil, stem plants, terrestrial moss on "trees" and ground, java fern. Mid September: Betta and nerite snail added. Late October: 5 juvie kuhli loaches added. One never really thrived, but did ok. The other 4 always together, always out and got nice and fat from snails and sinking food. Mid November: finished QT of a group of Male Endlers, added 3 to this setup. One died the next day from stress/ph shock (he started in the other betta tank at 6.6ph and was rejected by that betta, do he got drip acclimated between 7.6 to 6.6, then back to 7.6 in one afternoon). All seemed well for 5 weeks, then one of the two endlers disappeared. No body, nothing. This portrait tank has a very good fitted lid, so it was a mystery. I started counting loaches, only came up with 4. The small one was gone. In the last two weeks the betta was increasingly subdued, which with good water parameters I wrote off as him becoming more mature (he was 4months old when I got him). The loaches were always all over the tank and he seemed a bit taken aback by their antics and preferred hanging in the floating plants. But then relaxed became lethargic. I couldn't see any issues or signs of disease at all. Everyone else seemed great. Christmas Eve: I see the dog playing with something on the carpet... one of the loaches. Still fully colored up and wet, so I tried putting him back, but no luck. Lid was on fully, no idea how he made it out. Today: awoke to find Donald dead at the bottom. No signs of distress. Signs of fin rot? So I did another water change this morning including a filter rinse. Can only find 1 loach now, but he seems fine. The endler very active, but probably distressed to be all alone. Wondering if he needs to move to one of the the other tanks. Really frustrating and sad - Donald was my favorite fish we had in three setups. The other tanks are thriving! The only difference in this tank of note is we do two light periods 8am-noon, 6-10pm. I welcome any insights. I've kept fish a long time and it's disheartening to see your animals thrive, then suddenly everything seems to go sideways. Here's my other two tanks - just got baby shrimp in the smaller setup a couple of days ago.
  4. These guys deserve more attention. They’re so goofy and their skin and pattern reminds me of a marine fish. Ours is called Koolio.
  5. Hello, First time caller, long time listener! I got a bunch of Kuhli Loaches almost six months ago now and I noticed that one of them swam up to a bunch of Water Spirte that I have floating at the top. Just curious if this is a standard thing or something I should be monitor more closely? (Water parameters writhing good conditions) Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi all, I have a 10 gallon aquarium with several fish (female betta, killifish, 6 harlequin rasboras, 2 kuhli loaches). I got the first kuhli about a month ago after seeing the aquarium co-op video about how they are bottom feeders and do well with bettas and are relatively easy to care for. It’s pretty thin and tiny. I knew they are nocturnal and liked to hide, and there is a house/castle structure that offers a decent sized dark space for them to hide in that also has ridges along the inside rim they can hide in. I noticed the little one burrows into my gravel, which I didn’t even know they did (my fault for not doing my research but I thought they just needed hiding places). The gravel is not small, but not huge. It’s relatively smooth edged. Anyway, I went and got a second loach yesterday after reading they might do better if there’s more than 1 (and I know aquarium coop mentioned they can be in 10 gallon tanks). It’s thicker than my first one and he can’t seem to burrow into the bigger gravel yet (it’s only been 24 hours and I think the first one didn’t burrow for a couple days). I researched and I am now seeing they do better with fine gravel or sand. Now I feel guilty that I am causing them (especially the new one if he can’t ever get to burrow) unneeded stress or possible injury. this is the gravel: https://www.petco.com/shop/en/petcostore/product/imagitarium-snowy-river-aquarium-gravel and this tank has been established for a year now. Like I said the edges are not really jagged, maybe even smoother than the picture in the link provided as it’s been in the tank and vacuumed and moved around for a year. Anyway, sorry for the long post, but should I try to replace the gravel even though I have other fish in there, hope the kuhlis do ok (especially the new one since he can’t seem to burrow yet, and maybe he’s too thick to do so), or try to donate the kuhlis to an experienced store that will take them? 😞 thanks in advance, I also attached a pic of the actual gravel in my tank
  7. I'm trying to find out opinions on tiger barbs and khuli loaches as tank mates. Is it doable? What factors need to be taken care of to make it possible? Bad/good experiences with it?
  8. It seems like most sources recommend a tank at least 24” long for kuhli loaches and to get a minimum of three. I’ve seen a number of videos were Cory recommends kuhlis for 10 gallons though. If they’re in a heavily planted tank with mid-level nano fish and neo shrimp, is three still the recommended minimum?
  9. Hey! I need some help please, I have 2 kuhli loaches with weird white spots. I’ve had ick before however this doesn’t look like ick. It’s flat and just weird looking. I know ick goes for fins first but there fins are fine it’s only on their body. They scratch on things so I thought it was ick but everyone else in the tank is ok. I have 3 dojo loaches,2 kuhli loaches, 2 hillstream loaches, 9 neons, and a beta. My newest fish I added was a loach a little over a week ago. My tank is 3 years old and it’s a 55 gallon. My water temp is around 78 degrees. All the water levels are fine and normal. I had ick maybe 2 years ago and everyone passed except my one of dojos who lived. It got really bad but I took care of it. Now I’m not sure if this is ick because of how strange it looks. I’ll add some pictures to show you guys. I’m not sure if it matters but I have a bamboo and Anubias plant and everything else is fake. Please help me!!
  10. I am very novice, and picked up a 29 gal tank (30x12x18) to set up over the next few months. I've been researching and having trouble understanding anything/everything about the hobby, and have no mentor so I'm hoping I can ask things here. I want to start cycling my tank, but first I need to know the ideal filter. I want to keep Khuli Loaches, I love the look of the little guys and I'm obsessed so id like to keep at least 6, with maybe 6 or so Cherry barbs, Tetras, I'm open to other friends. I don't want to over stock but I do want a bit of a active tank. I definitely don't want them stuck in the filter. I also want to keep low tech plants, java moss, java ferns, maybe some floaty ones. again hardy. Is it recommended to cycle, plant, ensure parameters are good, then fish? Is fish order of putting in important, does it matter which species goes in first? The loaches are my priority. The internet is full of info but its so confusing, some say sponge filter which ive never worked with or seen. others say UGF is best for them, Others RUGF which i cant find any good explanation on how to set up or even a product for a 29gal but it was still the one i was leaning towards most. I get the UG is controversial, but I think I understand the biggest issue is care for the filter, and I don't see a difference between vacuuming the gravel for a weekly water change vs vacuuming the gravel for a waterchange AND to clean the filter. The other issue I have with the under filter, is I read the loaches need sand? is there a small gravel that wont pass into the filter if i use a screen? I've only used the normal gravel before. I'm open to any filter suggestion set ups, right now I'm completely lost on all the different options so the more info and the more specific the better. I really appreciate the help. I'm not in a rush on the tank, I want to do it right so no lives, plant or fish, are lost by my hand simply because I was negligent. Maybe im in over my head and should just do goldfish.
  11. I have a 55g with 3 discus 1 rope fish 1 angelfish and a pleco I want to get some kuhli loaches form the research I’ve done they are all compatible(please correct me if I’m wrong) but I want to know how many I could get
  12. Hello! Trying to decide what I want to do in my 90 gallon tank and am wondering--what have your experiences/preferences been with Kuhlis vs Dwarf Chain Loaches? I've always found Kuhlis appealing and have wanted to keep them because of their snake-yness, but after seeing @Irene's videos, those Dwarf Chain Loaches are awfully cute and might eat some of my little tiny pest snails--which IMO would be GREAT! I know lots of people like the little snails, and I like some snails, but the little pond snails drive me nuts! I know that the Dwarf Chain Loaches are much pricier, but it would be doable to get a group of 8-12. I'd likely get around 10 Kuhlis if I went that route. I hear Kuhlis hide most of the time, but I also hear that the Dwarf Chain Loaches occasionally have issues with long-finned tankmates. Kuhlis and an alternate option for the snails would also be a good option--but I want to keep the nerites and some of the ramshorns, so I haven't gone the assassin snail route. Thoughts? Other tankmates will include: Guppies Platys Corys An Angelfish Hillstream loaches Temp 78, PH 8.0-8.2, GH around 300, KH 200
  13. Hello all! I've just about finished cycling my 10 gallon tank, it's planted, contains a few hides, heated and has a sponge filter. We've decided on a betta, but would also like Kuhli loaches, I have flourite red substrate, would that be ok for them or should I consider something else? Thanks for sharing your knowledge!
  14. We lost a kuhli loach with a wound 2 weeks ago. All water parameters are good. Mystery snail and pleco added in August and although we kept them in quarantine we did not give them Gen Cure. Just got to see the wound on the loach that has abandoned the “log pile” of the others to rest near the top of the tank. Afraid it could be parasites. We just did a week long treatment of Melafix, 50% water change and started the General Cure. Any advice is very welcome. Thank you
  15. Hello, from Iowa, I have been keeping yo-yo loaches for about a year now along with kulhi loaches, and over the time I have learned alot about yo-yo and kulhi loaches. And wanted to teach people what I have learned, from tank mates to food. #1 If you are getting yo-yo loaches and kulhi loaches keep them in a 40 gallon long or normall, most people say minium of 20 gallons I agree and disagree with that I keeped my loaches in a 20 long for about a year, and noticed they were getting a bit big for the tank so I moved them to a 40 gallon long and all of my loaches and tetras had major growth spurts. So I would recomend a 40 gallon long or normall for loaches. #2 Alot of people say you shouldnt keep your yo-yo loaches with shrimp and snails, but what I have found is that some shrimp and or snails but I have a single bamboo shrimp and my yo-yo loaches have not bothered him at all, for snails though I dont know if the loaches will bother them or not I havnt had any snails yet but I am hopefully gonna buy some snails. I am going to get some hillstream loaches soon what kind you recomend for my tank set up and how many I should get?
  16. Hi all, hoping for some input here. I came home tonight after being away a couple days to find one of my 8 kuhli loaches passed away. I scooped it out of the tank to inspect and saw what looked like internal bleeding, very intense internal redness, on one side coming down from the gills and a clutch of eggs visible through the skin. No lesions or signs of external disease or injury. I am asking for help identifying cause of death in order to prevent any additional losses among the remaining 7 loaches. All the loaches, including the one that passed, are around 2 inches long. The first four have been out of quarantine for about two weeks and the second batch moved out of quarantine four days ago -- the casualty is from the second group, so she had been out of quarantine for less time. I added the loaches to my cycled, planted 20gal long over the course of a couple weeks after weeklong quarantines with the quarantine trio and aquarium salt. The remaining seven are behaving as they normally do, rooting around, swimming to the top occasionally, sifting through the substrate, hanging together, and so on. They share the tank with one male honey gourami, 3-4 Amano shrimp, and one mystery snail. Water parameters as of ten minutes ago: Ph 6.5 Ammonia <0.25ppm Nitrite 0.0ppm Nitrate 0.0ppm Temperature: 76° Farenheit I do not have hardness readings at this time. I am attaching a photo of the deceased to this post. Please view at your own discretion, and thank you for any help. Rest in peace little lady.
  17. Does anyone know how these guys breed? Not looking to breed them intentionally. I’m not sure if they are breeding or if they have just gotten bigger so it looks like there are more..🤔
  18. Has anyone ever successfully bread kuhli loaches I have like 12 in a community tank I’m not intentionally trying to breed them. but if it happens that would be cool. I done a little reading up on them.I heard that they have bright green eggs that stick to the underside of your plants and such but you have to remove them because bigger fish will eat them or maybe even the parents so I was wondering y’all’s thoughts and experience
  19. I have had 6 Kuhli loaches in a 20 gallon for several months and they have all grown however one remained quite skinny. She started floating at the top and upside, struggling to get into the guppy grass to right herself. I have treated with dewormer, but it's been 4 days and now it seems she has given up and is just floating aimlessly at the top of the water, upside down, not hanging to the plants. Do you know what could be wrong?
  20. I am getting ready to treat my 9 quarantined Kuhli Loaches for parasites. I posted before about how one of my 10 was very skinny and I had concerns about issues, and that skinny one did end up passing away. I have the Aquarium Co-Op med trio and just want to be sure it’s okay to dose Paracleanse as directed on the box, or if I need to use a different method because Kuhli Loaches are delicate. Thank you for your help!
  21. Hello all, I brought 3 kuhli loaches home two days ago and put them into a 10 gallon quarantine tank. It's a bare bottom tank with a few small pieces of cholla wood. I dropped in half an algae wafer after dark the past 2 evenings but they have gone uneaten. I've been gravel vacuuming the disintegrated wafers the morning after. Should I be concerned that they're not eating? Any advice on how to proceed? Try different food? Do nothing and wait? TIA.
  22. Hello, my name is Ashley. I am new here and still a new fish keeper. On 10/04/20 I bought 10 kuhli loaches from Aquarium Co-Op and put them into my 10g quarantine tank at home. They are getting fed once each night, quite a bit because I am still figuring out what they need. I siphon up leftover food each day before feeding again, then replace the displaced water with treated new water. All the loaches have been pretty active, but today when I was running my count I noted that one loach is much thinner than all the others. I watched for a bit and the loach is still eating, and responds normally to “scary” things like the filter being scooted or my hand being near. My question is whether I should now treat for parasites, or if I should wait longer since kuhlis are sensitive to medications? I have the Co-Op med trio on hand, as well as aquarium salt and General Cure. I have not medicated at all at this time. Thank you in advance for your help! pH: ~ 7.8; Ammonia: 0; Nitrite: 0; Nitrate: 0, Kh: 40; Gh: 75; Temp: ~78
  23. I have a single black kuhli loach i got at petsmart, because, well, he was by himself. Anyway right now i have him in a 5g but in a few weeks i'm gonna move him into a 10g and get some other kuhlis for him to huddle with. My question is, will the black kuhli shoal with the striped kuhlis? I like the way the striped ones look more, so i want to get those. Although not at the expense of the life style of the one i already have. Would i be better off getting, say, 3 of each? Or all black ones and no striped ones? Or does it even matter for these?
  24. Is it safe too add them ? Heard they will eat snail eggs so was considering adding the little worms just wondering if they are a jumpers since my tank is topless
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