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Found 10 results

  1. Can anyone help me identify this disease/possible treatment? This fish has been deteriorating slowly for about 2-3 months now. Early on, the area around the dorsal fin began to lose color and look pale, now the scales there are entirely gone. Before it looked this severe, I treated for 5 days with ich-x and then a course of paracleanse. After no improvement, I treated for 5 days with salt, then another 5 at an increased level. Today I finished a course of Maracyn, but it continues to look worse every couple of days. No other fish in the quarantine are showing symptoms. Water temp has been between 71-78 over these months. ph-8, kh-5, ammonia-0, nitrite-0, nitrate 5-10 as of this morning.
  2. I'm interested in boosting or adding these microorganisms that otocinclus and other fish like to graze on. I'm curious how you know or ensure you have them. I do have a decent amount of algae growth on my glass and around the tank, and lots of plants. I just don't know if this environment is sustaining a sufficient amount of what aufwuch feeders are looking for. Could I introduce more by collecting rain water and adding to my aquarium?
  3. Not great quality but they caught me off guard and I didn't want to disturb them by getting closer.
  4. New rasbora trying to swim like the otocat. Sorry for the poor quality - had to do it in the dark and from a few feet away.
  5. I started out in early November with 8 rasboras in a 45 gallon tank. Unfortunately, one got stuck in equipment and died, down to 7. Their behavior was odd to me, always sort of skittish, nearly always avoided the lower half of the aquarium (24" deep) except at water change time when stressed. I got 12 more rasboras in December and added them from quarantine yesterday. First off, everyone's behavior instantly changed. The newcomers were literally welcomed to the group before the last fish was out of the net. I can tell they're more at ease, and they're exploring parts where I've never seen them, like the lower left corner, in front of the ever-growing sword. The younger 6 (so cute - half the size of the adults) from the new group are having a blast playing around the bubbles from the sponge filter. Its adorable to see younger and older together, like a big family with varying levels of energy and excitement. And I haven't seen the adult males aggressively going after each other so much like before! To anyone considering these fish, I suggest to keep them in as large, and especially as long, of a tank as possible, and more than 7 or 8 fish if you have room. They are much more relaxed when there are more of them. It took me 7 hours yesterday to move them, break down the quarantine tank, sterilize all the equipment, clean the floors, and do the fish towel laundry. I am so glad to have that all done! There's nothing like waking up today, with no heavy chores that I absolutely must do, and knowing my fish also appear to think it was all well worth it.
  6. Hi there is a red lump on my rasbora it looks like a wound. Any idea what this is. This fish is not eating since yesterday, and kinda breathing heavily. Last night that lump was not there. pH=7.0 Nitrates=20 Hardness between 7-14 Nitrite=0 Ammonia=0 KH/Buffer=10 Water Temperature =77 F (25C) Edit: Thought it was not eating but it went crazy for o-nip tabs with the rest of the tank. Edit 2 Seperated it tıo quarantine. Waiting for further instructions
  7. Does anyone have an idea what this could be? I just got them yesterday and they're in quarantine. Ph around 6.8 (they came from LFS with similar water), temp 78. Everything else is zero as water is new (but aged a couple days and dechlorinated w/stress coat). He/she has eaten (i only fed them a tiny amount). Thank you!
  8. My eight new harlequins are settling into the quarantine tank. Does anyone have any idea what the brown splotch is on the one in the first pic? I'm hatching a new batch of brine shrimp eggs for them and the danios. I'm in love with my rasboras! From the first picture I saw when looking at what kind of fish i wanted, they were my #1 favorite. Seeing them just for a few hours has been pure joy. I adore their beautiful yellow-orange fins and their silvery bodies that glimmer in the light. It will be fun trying to figure out who is male and female. And I can't wait to put them in the bigger tank and go get 8 more friends for them! Having no experience with either danio erythromicron or harlequin rasboras or any other fish except long ago, I can see why they reclassified the danios. I'm not sure how gregarious other rasboras or danios are, but the difference in my two gangs is quite noticeable! The danios are very shy, tend to dart about a lot as well as hang in a group or go off alone, but they do not really swim synchronously so far (I imagine never, unless they were fleeing a predator, since they're shoaling rather than schooling - but here there won't be anything to run from!). Of course they're still pretty young juveniles (no blue-green yet, just staring to get the pinkish hues!), so time will tell. The rasboras, which appear to be not far from being adults, go off alone or in pairs/groups, but often come together and all swim together. They're not at all shy so far and are very graceful swimmers!
  9. This this is my first time I have had anything but a betta and I am wondering if this is just spawning behavior. Or something else to worry about.
  10. So, did this little fishey eat all the flake food today and no one else got any or is something else going on? I would appreciate some help with this diagnosis. Their abdomen seems to be swollen and I'm not familiar with Rasbora's breeding habbits. I did read they lay eggs but I'm not sure there are eggs in their abdomen. Please and thank you! The picture is the best I can get.
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