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Emptying Gravel in a Filled Tank


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I have been SLOWLY scooping gravel out of this fry tank. I started with a large scoop and am now down to literally a plastic spoon. I'm realizing I won't be able to get it ALL without emptying the thing, unless someone has a method I hadn't thought of. It's housing guppy and panda cory fry. The cories being the ones of concern with the gravel. 

What would you do?  Keep scooping and get it as beat as you can or take fry out, empty gravel, put fry back in. 
There are a few concerns with the 2nd choice. Losing a fry or 2 in the move isn't a huge deal as I'll have plenty more, but I do have 2 different batches of guppies on each side and that's a chance of someone somehow getting to the wrong side not a huge deal as I'm not some major line breeding orsomething, but still a consideration. The larger issue I see is the stress of the move combined with the stress of an 100% water change. I guess I could save most of the water but I assume it would still change the conditions a bit. 



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When I changed the substrate in my 125-gallon tank, I took a bucket and set it down on the inside the tank on the bottom. I used a scoop first and then a cup to put the sand in the bucket. At the end I just used my hands/fingers to get the last bits. The important thing is to have your container - it could be a plastic cup - inside the tank sitting on the bottom so you don't have to go far with each few pieces that you pick up.

That's not very fancy, but it worked for me.

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On 3/12/2022 at 8:00 PM, Streetwise said:

For the last bit of gravel, I would be tempted to siphon it out to a bucket, and save fry from there.

 I have done that, and it had little or no effect on the few guppy fry that got sucked in to the bucket.

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