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It’s been awhile

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I’ve been doing a lot of lurking, but have been around for a few years watching all the video’s. 
Lost all my fish in 2019 after a long power outage during a cold snap. Broke my heart.

Then Covid ran through my family. Lost a job, but through it all the Aquarium Coop family kept me sane. Much love to all of you.

Finally setting a couple tanks back up for cool water fish. No more heaters for me. Will be placing plant orders soon so I can get two tanks to start seasoning for fish later.


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I have had Oscars, goldfish, dozens and dozens of Bettas I bought straight from Indonesia, guppies, Convict Cichlids several Neocaridina shrimp and other scattered fish over the last 45 years. 
I believe I’m going to go mostly natives and get my cherry shrimp running again.

Thank you for the kind remarks.

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Welcome back to fish, i get more and more paranoid about my tank heater. Sounds like a really nice set up that you have in mind though. Sorry about the issues painful route you had to take to get here. 

I had a big fish loss a few years ago and struggled to even look at the tank let alone talk about restocking until last year. This site has really helped move along through this.

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Welcome back to fish keeping James, so sorry you went through allot .. wishing you the best this time around. Aquarium Coop is the best shop forum  and youtube channel .

I had a  power blackout some years ago when i lived in NC ..it was out a week … due tornado weather  lost all my fish .. but for my  common pelco not sure how he survived i do not have him any more but he was a tough old fish i put him through allot in my 14 years having him ....i even moved him from NC to WV

I still have a heater..  but I put my heater on a temperature controller ..after my old heater fried my fish  half my fish i will keep my heater.. but will have a temperature controller for sure 

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