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Hey fish keepers, I'm looking for some ideas and advice, maybe species I may not have considered. I have an empty 40 breeder and I want to do an african themed tank or biotope, but I want to fill it with tetra sized schooling or shoaling fish native to africa. I've considered Congo tetras but there has to be something else out there from africa besides congos and cichlids. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! thanks

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Some ideas:

- Tanganyikan rock-dwelling or shell-dwelling species

- Cyprichromis

- Butterfly fish

- Petricola cats

- Major tetras

- Congos

- Ambassis gymnocephalus (glass fish)

- Killifish

- African banded barbs



Obviously some of these are cichlids, and some are not schooling/shoaling fish, but giving you some ideas on smaller fish from Africa that could be in a 40. 

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