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  1. I have 3 marine tanks and 1 reef tank. The reef tank I've just started about a month ago so it's not very impressive.
  2. That's really cool. I did that with long fin gbrs and normal gold rams. By the 3rd generation the females were bigger than the males but I shut that down because I started noticing a bunch of health problems.
  3. Mine would be German blue rams. They are a beautiful dwarf cichlid and have a decent amount of personality. They aren't as hard as to breed as people say they are. You just have to put alot more effort into it and that's what I like about them.
  4. I am no where near the Indianapolis area, but it does look like its a peacock and I'm super excited now. So thanks for all the help and support of iden him!! Thanks for explaining the difference. I knew of OBs but didn't know that they were a hybrid between the two.
  5. You have no idea how happy that makes me, I paid $5 for it. If it is one,then that's the beat $5 I've ever spent.
  6. It's the multi-color fish in the bottom center. I am new to African cichlids. I didn't buy it as a specific species I got it out of a tank labeled mixed Malawi and it was the only one in the tank I couldn't identify
  7. No, I don't I would like to start one though. I just need to find time😂
  8. Hi, I'm Ram Man. My MTS started when I was 12 years of age. It has been a 4 year battle and I currently have 21 tanks setup in my bedroom and don't have friends over because there isn't anything to do for people my age who don't have MTS. It's to the point that my first official job is working at my LFS, and I'm not making as much as I would like because I have fell in love with saltwater tanks and have 4 of them currently, but I get to educate costumers all day about fish ,so in conclusion MTS has ruined my socialifr but has given me more than any other addiction...... I mean hobby I have ever had.
  9. It is a seachem tidal 75. And thanks for the info about the turning off the wave maker did not know or think about it.
  10. I bought a rose bubble anemone on Sunday and it was all good in the tank, I settled on a rock and It ate some mysis shrimp. I turned my wave maker off at night to keep it from getting sucked into it in case it decided to move during the night. I woke up this morning and couldn't find it in the tank so I started looking and found bits and pieces of it around the tank. My guess is that it got sucked up into the filter. Is there anyway to and proof a filter without it taking up alot of space and looking bad?
  11. Demasoni and a black African knifefish, just make sure there are plenty of hiding spots for the knife so the demasoni Don't at him constantly
  12. Are they reef safe? I only ask because I really want a Reed tank and I understand that if a puffer isn't reef safe then I'm not going to try and force it to work.
  13. That's what I was thinking but still wanted to make sure. Thanks for the advice.
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