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About Me

  1. This post was originally dedicated to my 35 gallon hexagon that I refurbished but I have decided that it is now the journal for my MTS journey! I hope you all find my MTS entertaining or aspiring as I grow my aquarium addiction! So I acquired an old 35 gallon hexagon aquarium from a friend that had been sitting empty and unused for quite a few years. The tank leaked, the stand had mold or mildew in the wood and was just over all in pretty rough shape. I stripped all the old silicon out and resealed the tank. Sanded and painted the rims. Sanded and sealed the stand with Killz and then painted it black. I replaced the old hinges with new stainless ones and added a matching handle. The tank did not come with a lid so I made a custom one from a plexiglass. Got it all scaped up. Now I'm waiting on the fish to arrive. Let me know what you think!
  2. Do you have an uncontrollable urge to look through a random web sites selection of driftwood? Like Joe Dirt looking through the Trader Papers auto section even though he don’t own a car. Every time you see an aquarium in a movie do you pause it, to nit pick their stocking selection? When’s the last time you were at a doctors office that had a tank and you DID NOT tell the receptionist that you also own an aquarium? If you answer any of these questions in any way you absolutely have MTS ( multiple tank syndrome) also know as YWT (Yes i Want That). Don’t worry there’s help, first we need to define the symptoms of this affliction, I’ll start. I have a fishroom, you think that would be enough but no I’ll continue. I own 14 tanks and recently have had the need to downsize without question this is a must stuff must go! I’m very torn about which tanks need to be either sold or placed in storage. The real problem is if I sell them I won’t have extra tanks for quarantine purposes. But if I store them where I still have access to them, they will absolutely find their way back into the fishroom. Examples: 1)I need a QT lil gravel, background, 1 plant uhh ohh 2) this plant has algae all over it, I can place it here with some snails oppps ect…ect… Help me and others identify what are signs of MTS?
  3. Well, you guys. I got the bug. Multiple tank syndrome. Thankfully the ailment has not manifested into another physical tank (yet) but I would be lying if I said I wasn't already planning another tank. I am really interested in slightly more unusual fish. I was thinking rope fish, hillstream loaches, and siamese algae eaters. I am not trying to go super tiny for fear the rope fish would eat them. Maybe some celebes halfbeak fish with some other interesting species? I would love suggestions! Thank you all
  4. I have MTS. And I also have MTS. Anyone else just let their Malaysian Trumpet Snails go crazy??
  5. Especially with Covid, work was sparse and not great. For morale I got a fish tank for my work group (5 glofish danios, 10 cherry shrimp, 3 amano shrimp and 2 nerite snails, 2.5 months old planted 10 gallon). At the start I was positive I did not want a tank at home because it was a work thing, and I do other things at home.... but I kind of miss watching the shrimp eat and such. I really like my fish/invertebrate selection for the tank at work. which is nice (Literally only corydoras, hill stream loaches, chili rasboras and kuhli loaches have seemed nice with the probably 100's of hours of videos I've watched... so far) So my question to the group is: 1. Do you think I will lose love and motivation for my work tank if I make a 29ish gallon tank at home? My initial thought is no because it is a work discussion piece, but I would see similar things at home. 2. With only being in the hobby for 2.5 months in, how dumb is it to buy a second tank already? (I had not fish exposure previously) 3. Holy hell I did not realize how expensive aquariums are!!! not a question but more a holy shit moment. To turn it into a question, how reasonable is it to use testing stuff and siphons in both locations. How often do you see tank parameters that need "day of" attention? 4. As it seems like I'm into bottom dwellers and shrimp is a 20 or 30 long, or (2) 15's better than a 29? Is that just a phase and I will likely want a top show piece fish? Thank you for your input, and I realize I am asking for opinions and likely it is purely my decision/responsibility. Brad
  6. Hello! I'm Rob from Missouri. Created a monster since getting my girls 1 gallon tanks.. I've been binging videos learning all I can to get my family into the hobby.
  7. Hello! Just wanted to ask, anyone else go a little nuts when they were first starting out? I'm wondering because a couple months ago I had zero fish, and now I have 5 fish tanks and 15 fish 🤣 so am I the only one who's gone a little fish crazy or.... Where my people at? Let's be friends ☺️
  8. I live in Southern California and currently have a 10 gallon tank. I’ve been looking into different tanks and sizes recently. I’ve decided on either a 29 gallon or a 30 regular. Was wondering if there was any specific locations/websites to acquire a tank of these sizes? Or just go down to my local fish store?
  9. I’m considering tank #3. I REALLY want a 75, but I’m limited on space so, unless I get rid of my sofa, it’s doubtful I can make it work. I currently have African Cichlids and another with a betta & ember tetras. Not sure what I want this time, but I’m considering trying live plants this time. Would need to be low tech & beginner friendly. suggestions?
  10. 6 months into getting back into aquariums, I now have 5, plus a few small empties for "just in case" and wow do I need to slow down! But as I've set these tanks up, I find myself ordering the same things over and over again, or buying a bunch because I didn't realize I needed them, or so grateful I have one small thing. So here's what I'd recommend to anyone planning their second tank. Because more are on the way! Basic electrical equipment: Power strips, pick up a cheap pack of them when you're at a hardware store. Indoor extension cords. When do these NOT come in handy? Try to have an extra outlet timer on hand, but these are okay to buy when you get a tank set up. Basic water-moving equipment: At least one nice 3-gallon plastic bucket. Preferably one designed for aquariums since it'll have a lip and a grip for pouring and gallon measurements inside. I couldn't keep fish without one. Some basic 5-gallon buckets, preferably with lids, because you never know when you'll have to move a tank or need some emergency fish/plant storage. Also handy for rinsing gravel. A gravel siphon, preferably one size bigger than you think you'll need. Small ones can go so. slowly. Old towels Sponge filters & gear: Try to have at least 1 more small or nano air filter than you do tanks. Keep it cycled in your largest tank for quick QT set-up. Airstones, check valves, airline tubing, nano air pumps, airline control valves. They're all cheap, buy more than you think you'll need because when you need any of these things, you need them right away. Sponge filter media. Always good to have a pack or two extra of this stuff. An extra small or medium inlet filter sponge. You don't need em til you really need em, fast. Plant gear: Always throw in a pack of plant weights with your plant order from the Co-op. I swear my tanks are eating these things. Superglue gel. I use it for so much more than anchoring plants! Black cotton thread and/or fishing line. Fish gear: Get the quarantine trio! 100%, absolutely, even if you're not planning on getting new fish for awhile. The peace of mind to be able to handle most any common disease that comes up, when it comes up, is priceless. Have a QT with plastic plants/caves ready to go. I love Irene's advice for a clear plastic sterlite container with holes in the lid. Get a hang-on-tank specimen container, like what they use at fish stores. Best way to keep fish secure as you're transferring them between different tanks. At least 1 more 50w heater than you think you'll need. You never know when one will go, and it's good to have on hand for your QT. This is going to sound crazy, but: peacock feathers. I happen to have a bunch laying around because my cat loves to play with them. You can probably find them at most pet stores as cat toys or cheap on amazon. But they're so handy for gently poking at something at the bottom of your tank, like a flipped-over nerite snail, a leaf with some detritus to shake off, or a piece of decor that a dumb fish is stuck near. Emergency gear: silicone tank sealant. It may not hold for long, but if disaster strikes, it can hopefully hold long enough to rescue your livestock. Portable battery for nano air pump (and your phone!). Hand warmer packs. Thermal blanket(s). A few gallons of distilled water, always handy. Hang on to these: The little plastic coated twist ties that come with a lot of fish gear. These are super handy for securing sponge filter media to outlets that are too strong, other things that might be partially submerged or damp. Clean, large fish bags. Essential for cleaning sponge filters! Empty water jugs. I like to fill them directly from the gravel siphon hose, then keep them by my houseplants for when they're thirsty. Any interesting rocks or pieces of driftwood you see that could fit in a tank one day. Scrub em down with plain water. Things I surprisingly don't use that often: Rubber gloves. Try as I might to protect my poor hands and nails, they're just not fitted enough for stuff I need to do, and usually not long enough, either. Nitrile exam gloves. I use these all the time for any number of gross household or automotive jobs, but not with my aquariums. Extra large nets. All my fish are small, so the big one is just clumsy. Algae scraper. That's what my snails are for! I use it more often as a long stick to grab something that fell behind the tank. Any other gear that surprised you or that you wish you had in abundance as you got started?
  11. Hi all. I just started keeping fish in November. I have 4 tanks with fish (60g, 55g, 30g, and 20g) and 1 with just plants. Yes I have a problem! So here are my questions: 1. When doing research on fish, some profiles say they must be kept in clean water. Example is a balloon blue ram. What exactly does that mean? I try to keep all my fish in clean water. 0 ammonia and nitrites. Low nitrate. I change about 1/3 the water weekly. Fish are happy enough I cannot get them to quit breeding. My plants are very happy also. Does this sound like I am doing it right? Question 2 is about my LFS . Our petsmart is great. We also have an independent owned store that I would like to support. Great staff but they are only open 4 hours a week. Yes I said a week. I have iffy results with their fish. So I tested their water to see if it was different than mine. Same water source so it should be the same. The ph is 6 and the nitrate is 160 and the kh was close to nothing. So my question is would YOU buy fish from there or not? Sorry this is so long but you can only get so much information from YouTube and blogs. Thanks in advance!
  12. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Two months ago I had never even thought of having an aquarium. After randomly watching a youtube video, and then another, and another, and discovered Cory and Aquarium Co-Op, and Dean, and another, and another.....I now have three aquariums. I am only using 1 so far, because I could realize I was rushing into things haha, but I have plans for the others. Excited to be a part of this Forum and I will add pictures as I get it all up and rolling. I hope to chat with you all!
  13. Finally getting around to stocking my planted tanks with mid to top range fish. Looking for recommendations for fish that will not compete with bottom feeders. My platys are greedy guts who eat the green hair algae, the floating food, the sinking food, and then monopolize the bottom foods and even the green beans for the snails! They are voracious eating machines with very round bellies. I have 12 cycled tanks (10-20 gallons) with bottom feeders only, (Corys and Kuhli Loaches) with a range of different ph and gh and kh. (Stable, and naturally achieved by accident from hardscape and decor choices.) So most common peaceful community fish would find a niche here in one of the tanks. I'm looking for hardy, uncomplicated fish who find it beneath them to grub around in the substrate. Tanks, y'all!
  14. Howdy Nerms! Is this a common issue for us NERMs but do we start daydreaming our next project or upgrade as soon as we finish one? Don’t get me wrong I enjoy what I have accomplished but I start thinking about what is next. Does this happen to you? Many thanks, Tedrock Below I took down the 40 to build a 20 stand.
  15. Hello! During quarantine I went from 1 10 gallon tank to 3 (well technically 4) tanks 😂. I have a 10 with a koi betta and harlequin Rasboras as well as a nerite snail. I have another 10 with 2 pea puffers and whatever snails they haven’t eaten yet lol. And then my biggest tank is a 40 gallon breeder with 2 ranchu goldfish and 2 nerite snails. I also have a tank to breed snails for my puffers. I found Aquarium Co-Op this past year as well and it has been super helpful with setting up my newer tanks and maintaining them all. It even got me into live plants! Something I never thought I’d be able to do lol. Looking forward to learning more 😊
  16. I need less tanks. Current: 10 Gal with Shrimp and 2 Mystery Snails. Sand Substrate. 20 Gal High with 5 Mystery Snails only. Eco Substrate. 29 Gal with 10 Green Cory's, 10 Pygmy Corys, and 4 Mystery Snails. Sand Substrate. 20 Gal Long with 6 Guppies. Eco Substrate. 5 Gal Hospital tanks with only baby mytery's in it. Here is what I'm thinking: 20 Gal Long with 10 Green Cory's and Guppies. Sand Substrate. 20 Gal High with Shrimp and 10 Pygmy Corys, Eco Substrate. Replace and sell the 29 with the 20. Sell the 10 and keep the 5. Scatter the snails in the two tanks. Your opinions and advice are welcome!
  17. Hello folks. Been fish Keeping for just over a year and a half. Started with a 10 gallon tank for my 3 kiddos. It took about 3 days before I realized I was already addicted. YouTube was fuel to the fire and I started cramming all the information from every fish keeping video I could watch. After a few months of learning I made every mistake a new fish keeper can make everything seemed to get easy. That's when I decided to start my 2nd tank. Against all advice from my new best friends at the local fish store I set up another 10 gallon tank. I ordered all the plants and filters from Aquarium Co-op. After planning to make it a pea puffer tank I watch it cycle. Then when it was ready I couldn't find any pea puffers within 100 miles from me. I happened to go the fish store one time without my kids and I seen this little not even 1/2 inch fahaka puffer looking at me in the back section of a divied tank( I wouldn't have noticed him if my kids where there). I took him home without a 2nd thought. After watching Corey's videos on puffer fish before I even made a tank for pea puffers I had done alot of research on several fresh water puffers( all Corey's fault). I knew this was gonna be my buddy. I also got very lucky a few weeks prior to getting my Fahaka. A new friend gave me 180 gallon acrylic tank which was so scratched up you couldn't see into it. 3 weeks of elbow grease it was good as new. After getting my Fahaka me and my daughter named him Worshershier. Knowing that the wife hates it when me and the daughter go grocery shopping because of our love of annoying her by watching around the store saying "worshershier", it seemed like the perfect name. I had moved him from a 10 gallon to a 20 gallon. After a month. Then the fear of having to take him back to the fish store really fired up my attention to finishing the 180 gallon build. After a few months of saving, building and researching. I finally got my tank going. The move to the 180 has been amazing. I have watch him grow from 3 inch to 8 inch in about 2 months. I have added a few fish in with him recently and he hasn't eaten any YET. While I was building his 180 gallon tank I also started breeding mystery snails. I have a 39 tall tank that is actually one of my favorite tanks to look at even though in all reality it's a bait tank. My 20 gallon tank that I moved my Worshershier out of became the new home to my fish in my first 10 gallon tank. It was a must do to keep the peace in the house. So I went from 5 tanks down to 3 tanks. Happy wife happy life. There are future plans that the wife has given the ok to in the family room(fish room). But until then I am gonna enjoy what I have now. Thanks for readying if you have made it this far. And thank you Corey for what you have dont for the hobby and my own person slice of paradise.
  18. For those with a few years of aquarium experience... when do you decide it’s time for a new tank? We’ve got a few small tanks that we have resiliconed where cracks appeared. We _know_ that’s like... dangerously playing with... water 😂 After a couple years without incident, we’re feeling maybe safer than we should. They’re small tanks... and the repairs were made carefully. BUT... we have a 29 gal. that we bought used, and were told been up and running for awhile when we bought it. It has a slight “bow” in the front. Got concerns it might pop. When do you decide to decommission tanks? What’s your decision process? Feel free to share your horror stories!
  19. Because of space limitations, I've been keeping only 2 tanks - both 29g. I've wanted more and bigger tanks, but I have to wait until our living arrangements change. In the meantime, I've been considering setting up and aquascaping one of my empty 10g tanks as a cherry shrimp habitat. Same issue arose, though. Where to put it. Then I had an idea. If I pack a bunch of books and move out a bookcase, I can put a 10g (or two!) in the same space the bookshelf currently takes up. Considering I'm a writer AND an avid reader, bookshelves are sacrosanct, but shrimp would be worth putting books away for, I think. Where there's a will, there's a way, right?
  20. Hi everyone! So I just wanted to share my second tank... it was originally supposed to be a quarantine/hospital tank but it quickly became a real tank. Also, I had ordered some water wisteria and red root floaters from etsy that came ripe with "pest" snails. I have pond snail babies, ramshorn babies, and I just adopted 3 mystery snail babies from a friend of mine... so it has now become a snail tank lol. I really wanted a lid on the tank due to the mystery snails but wanted good gas exchange for the floating plants, so I decided to try a grate lid made for reptiles with some modifications. I'm thinking of maybe adding some cherry shrimp once my plants fill in a bit more... any suggestions on what type of fish I should add in this 10 gallon?
  21. Help an addicted brother, without currently any fish tanks in his life, out!! I really like livebearers especially Swords and Molly's. Show me what you got and how your tank setup looks like, so I can get inspiration for when I finally move to a house with space for a small fish room! I would really love a colony breeding swordtail tank!
  22. So I currently have 5 tanks but due to space and unfortunate ammonia im only running 2. After setting up the other three up and goin with aquascapes I plan on expanding and getting two more tanks. This whole tank sydrome stuff spreads like wildfire. Any suggestions to help save money or be more efficient when expanding my fish room.
  23. Hello! I am doing a fishless cycle on a new tank (1st time) with ammonia. My ammonia and nitrite levels are high, nitrates slowly rising. Tank is heavily planted. Got algea growth today! My question is, how are the baby trumpet snails that came in on my plants last week still alive? Will they survive this toxic environment? Thanks!
  24. Greetings from Kamloops B.C. MTS sufferer here with 10 tanks totalling 180g. Tanks include a 35g full of fancy male guppies, a 20g tetra glo fish tank with glo tetras, blue and red tetras, otocinclus, a female plakat betta and albino corydoras. A 55g with angels, dennison barbs, rummynose tetra, yoyo loaches, dwarf neon rainbows and a breeding colony of hillstream loaches. A 30g with 14 female Thai bettas just obtained as an established sorority. Three 10g with fancy guppy breeding projects. A 10g with 2 fancy goldfish that will be moving up as they grow. A 2.5g with golden shrimp and a 2.5g with a crown tail betta named Sampson.
  25. So got this fish tank and its eventually gonna be a quarantine tank as it has some scratches and stuff but for rn itll be these 3 guppies home for the next month or so, and I mean they are in quarantine getting the med trio too. But i definitely need to get a finnex stingray from aquarium coop ordered soon lol
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