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  1. With everyone being so helpful in the past here with my stocking questions, I have come back with another one. So right now my 55 tank has been progressing along well, and I figured my janitor team could use a new member(s) to help with the green algae. I am trying to figure out what would be a good match for my tank. Right now I have a small school of Black Neon Tetras, a small school of Lemon Tetras, four Varitus Platys, three Pearl Gourami and a school of Peppered Corys. I also have seven Nerite snails. Everybody gets along pretty well and thriving, the Tetras have actually gotten larger then I expected they would My temp is 77.2, PH is 74 and hardness is 10. Tank is a heavily planted low tech set up with tons of driftwood. I do want to avoid Otocinclus. I saw Cory's video on them, but they still feel like they are a bit delicate to deal with, especially since there are lots of good options out there. I see some stuff on twig catfish, which made them look very interesting, but I am open to all ideas.
  2. They mostly seem to be to be swimming around in genera, I haven't seen them stick by the plants. Now that I think about it, they did seem to be in groups of three... Are they old enough to actually do this? They are just so tiny right now, I expected them to get larger before I saw anything like that, plus they were just added last Saturday.
  3. I recently added seven C. plaetus to my 55 gallon from quarantine, and all seemed to be well with them. They have been doing the expected Corydora stuff of swimming around on the bottom, running after wafers, following each other and hanging out on the Anubias. They are not shy, though I don't constantly see them, this is a large tank with lots of plants and driftwood and these guys are less then an inch right now. Last night I noticed they were all swimming around in the mid and top of my tank. They mostly do this as a group, though a couple do it on their own. Water parameters are fine, no issues there, and their tankmates are all very peaceful. Do I need to worry about them? They are active during the day when I look at them, but nothing like I saw last night.
  4. I actually tried that as well, I put one of them in my quarantine tank to add some greenery to help the new arrivals feel a little secure. That one just petered out too, and that tank has a much more direct light on it too. 😔 At least the bushy one by my HoB does seem to be doing fine, it just isn't the rapid grower I expected it to be. I went on to replace the Water Sprite that didn't do well with the Water Wisteria, and that plant seems to be doing so well I need to propagate it about a month after I got the original batch!
  5. My water is not has hard as that, but it is still up there, and my experience so far is very similar. I have Lemon Tetras and Black Neon Tetras, and both are doing great in my tank. The Lemons even got the nice yellow coloring. Both tetras have gotten pretty large and are always active, so they do not seem to be upset by my hard water at all. I have read that Red Eyed Tetras have no issues with hard water either, they are a pretty tough species with a wide range in the wild, so they are very adaptable. Other fish are Varitus Platys, Peal Gourami and the newest additions, some Plaetus Corys that look like they have adjusted with no issues. As fort he plants I have had great luck with Cypts, after the initial planting and melting, they grow a ton. Anubias has been hit or miss, for some reason I can't keep A. Bateri "Gold Coin" alive, yet the standard one is thriving. A. Nana and A. Nangi also have done great. Bucephalandra do very well, as do my Tiger Lotus and Dwarf Water Lily. Frogtbit grows so vigorously I need to remove the new plants. Java Ferm does okay too, but I suspect that is because of the phosphorous in my tap water. Then for the stem plants. Water Wisteria, Anacharis and Moneywort have worked for me, as has the one Ludwigia Repens I own, though it decided it wanted to be orange instead of red. Pogostemon Stellatus 'Octopus' does grow for me, but not at the rates it seems to for other people I have seen online. Water Sprite has been iffy for me. I had a bunch of plants when the tank started up, but they just withered away, except for one plant that is by my HoB that has spread out, but is not a super fast grower. It is pretty healthy at least. Since the Moneywort did well, I am going to be trying some Bacopa Caroliniana next.
  6. Would the Corys be okay with the bottom dwelling cichlids? I don't want the little guys to get stressed out. Keyhole Cichlids were on my interest list, but I can't seem to find them anywhere these days. I may just go with a Bolivan Ram, my tank's temp is a bit too cool for the German ones, or one of the Apistogrammas. I am really looking for the most peaceful choice, everyone in the tank gets along great at present. I was just going to go for the single Angel, but with these choices, it looks like they need a group for them to be happy, so at least I have the room.
  7. Got a quick stocking question. Right now my 55 gallon has Black Neon Tetras, Lemon Tetras, Varitus Platys, Pearl Gourami, and some Salt and Pepper Corys that are going to be joining the main tank soon. I am slowly building up the number of Pearl Gouramis to four fish. I was wondering, as my last fish, could I add an Angelfish? Would it get along okay with the other fish in the tank? The tanks is heavily planted, so it provides plenty of cover for everybody.
  8. What about Glass Catfish? They are from Africa too. I have heard they can be a challenge to keep, but they do look very nice and are also peaceful.
  9. I have a female Pearl Gourami that I recently moved from quarantine to my main tank last week. She was doing fine, but recently has started to glass surf on one side of the tank. She doesn't do this all day as she does sometimes break off to swim around the plants and she loves to eat during feeding times. This is a 55 gallon tank that is heavily planted, including a lot of frogbit. The side she has been doing this is the side with my HoB filter, which doesn't have the floaters. I have lots of wood and rocks all over to provide places to explore too. I checked my water parameters, and nothing was wrong there. The tank at the moment is not heavily stocked either. All my other fish are doing fine right now too. Some of my Black Neon Tetras even decided to come over and see what the commotion was, but got bored quick and swam away. Is there anything wrong with my Gourami? She never displayed this behavior in the hospital tank, and was one of the most docile, tame fish I have ever seen.
  10. I finally got around to ordering some Corydoras, and decided to get some Peppered Corys (C. paleatus) because I liked the way they look and are good beginner fish. I ordered six, and sadly one did not make the shipping, but the other five appear to be okay and are in quarantine. Now I have some questions. The fish I got were really small, less then a half of an inch. I was expecting them to be a little larger. With them being so small, I am actually a little worried about doing a de-worming treatment, after the trip and with them being so young, would that be too much for the little guys? Any idea how fast these guys grow? My main tank is a heavily planted 55 gallon with lots of wood, and currently has four Varitus Platys, six Lemon Tetras, six Black Neon Tetras and one female Pearl Gourami. Everyone in the main tank is very peaceful, the gourami is one of the most docile fish I have kept, but I am worried about the little guys being overwhelmed when I add them to the main tank with them being so tiny. I added some rocks and little shelter areas in the hospital tank, but the Corys mostly seem to ignore them right now and stay in the open. Is this normal? Also a number of them seem happy to go to the top to grab food, but I want to make sure everyone is eating. I am limited right now for getting live food, and the only frozen stuff I have are some blood worm cubes and some shrimp cubes. I have a ton of different freeze dried foods (daphina, bloodworms, brine shrimp and bug bites) though. Any food items they would really like? I did get a pack of catfish wafers for them too.
  11. I have a question for the plant experts here. Now I am going on vacation starting tomorrow for a week, but have a couple plants that I have in my quarantine tank, both arrived Wednesday so they have been there a couple days now. The plants in question are a Water Wisteria and a Moneywort. Would it be alright if kept them in the rockwool filled pots they came in and keep them housed in the quarantine tank while I am away? I would give them a dose of Easy Green today and then plant them in my main tank when I get back.
  12. I am in a similar position as you, as I started my first planted tank a few months ago. I did start out with Water Sprite as one of the plants, and in the beginning it really took off when i was using it to help cycle the tank. Afterwards, it has not done as well. It keeps uprooting and the vigorous growth has also stopped. I have read that it does not like well water, which I do have, so that may be something to keep in mind if your water is like that. If you are willing to splurge, I will suggest maybe getting a Bucephalandra. I added one to my first batch of plants, and it really has done well, with a lot of quicker growth then I would have expected. Just make sure it is one that comes from a tissue culture. I've had better luck with it then with the Anubias.
  13. Don't forget black neon tetras either! These guys are great since they are tough, super friendly, and have a nice unique color scheme. A small school of them is a wonderful tank addition.
  14. How about Varitus Platys? Its not a deep royal purple, but one of my females does have a nice light lavender color on her.
  15. Hey guys I was hoping some advice on what to do with my quarantine tank while I go on vacation. Right now I have an empty quarantine tank that is waiting some new purchases, however I will be going away on vacation at the end of the month, and I don't want to burden my fish sitter looking after fish in there, especially since she will not know what to look for or treat if anything goes wrong. So right now the tank is cycled, has some frogbit and some tiny snails hanging out in it, but I am wondering how to keep that up and going the week I am away. I was thinking of getting some more plants (moneywort and a couple crypts) to add to the main tank, and was going to store them in the quarantine for the week I was away, would that help? I really don't want to loose the bacteria I got in there, so am wondering if there is a good way to keep them intact while I am away. Should I also do a dose of Easy Green before if I go this route? I would really like to get my next fish when I get back and use the quarantine tank.
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