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Big pleco caught today while collecting.

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Where did you collect these fish?

Gambusia (Mosquito fish) were transplanted from Cuba to FL. by Fl.'s fisheries biologists in the early 1900's to control mosquitoes in Fl.'s lakes and swamps, but yours looks like a cross between a Gambusia and a Molly which is native to FL. Both are live-bearers and can inter-breed just like Guppies and Mollies, but both make a great food source for growing Largemouth bass.

Bucket biologists are mostly responsible for non-native species being introduced into our waterways, the Pleco is no exception.

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On 7/20/2021 at 3:22 PM, Jungle Fan said:

More like non-native being dumped-ters. So sad we live in a throw away society.

Yes, exactly.

People thinking they are giving their unwanted pet freedom when usually they are condemned to death.  Those that do survive have potential to do tremendous damage to the native species and the ecosystems.

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