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Can you make your own driftwood?

Jill Wright

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I think I have a piece of oak in one of my aquariums that came out my woods, (but I am not completely sure).

I have seen mini ponds in half 'white oak wine barrels' without a liner, with the water in contact with the used oak wine barrel staves and the fish were doing just fine.

Different kinds of oak have different characteristics. Fresh cut white oak smells like, oak. Fresh cut red oak smells skunky.

I have always thought that was because red oak had different phenols and tannins than white oak. I think one purpose of the phenols and tannins is antibacterial and antifungal.

@Brandy may have insight on this.

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@Jill Wright; I've used dead White Oak limbs in my tanks since I moved to WV and everything has worked out fine. I've never boiled any of my Oak limbs because I want the tannins for my blackwater tanks, but it does take quite a while for the limbs to soak up enough water to sink so that I can place them where I want them, I've had the same problem with Cholla wood. When I lived in Orlando, FL., I used limbs from Live Oak trees and they are excellent. Using limbs from White Oak trees means that you're not going to have to replace them every couple of years as you would if you were using Spider wood.

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