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Hello! Gardener Turned Fishkeeper

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My name is Rhamel. I live in Upstate NY. I am only 22 and relatively new to the hobby. Started with Goldfish, but it turned into a fish tank obsession that allowed me to incorporate my lifelong of gardening. I love plants aquatic and own all 3 aquatic Crinums. Looking forward to interacting with everyone!

191966222_310583994115528_3396959709182306360_n (1).jpg

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Welcome, I am new too, you are going to love this place.
To bad Crinums are not edible by humans!  How are they with fish?

Would love to see pictures of each of your Crinums with brief description!   Fairly certain I have some leaves on a stick (LOL) that look similar to the leaves on a stick in your picture.


What other fish do you have now?



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