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  1. Just because people report does not mean it is true. I read nothing hostile towards anyone. I was doing my best to ready everything that came in. Nothing unexpected came through. With my type of experience your are over moderating this forum. Maybe I missed something! but shutting us ALL down is WRONG! I do not stand for this type of censorship!! Hate speech is protected by the US Constitution!!
  2. I spend hours a week writing on forums and working with forum moderators and owners. This is the most ridiculous use of power outside of the government I have experienced on a forum. Not only were your warnings vague they were unfounded. This DID NOT HAPPEN! Once a thread begins to veer from kind and helpful over to demands for evidence I start thinking about locking the thread. I am very close to locking this one. I was sharing evidence, willingly and often, that is the POINT of forums. Now I must find somewhere else to go. Really poor job Cory I am surprised and disappointed in you!! You just lost a very wealthy patron! I am certainly not wasting my time here any more!
  3. Thanks, my wife literally just left for the tractor supply store. We have a partial bag of special kitty. I will test both. I believe in one of the videos from Dr. Cat litter, He said it can be used as the substrate, but that he does not like to see the cat litter, so he does not use it that way.
  4. Could aerial roots mean that your water is very nutritious, also? Plants grow in every direction they find food, yes? So they grow in every direction they find nutrition, not just in the substrate or just out into the water, but BOTH if the nutrients are available?
  5. so I just need kitty litter something with iron, like lava rock? As the iron is the vitamins for the kitty litter.
  6. Am I missing something? The cat litter needs to be clay, the laterite was only used for the Iron. Why does it need to be Clay?
  7. https://googlechrome.github.io/lighthouse/viewer/?psiurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.aquariumcoop.com%2F&strategy=mobile&category=performance&category=accessibility&category=best-practices&category=seo&category=pwa&utm_source=lh-chrome-ext
  8. Forum notification do not have read and unread functionality, upfront and easy to figure out. I am new to this forum script, so correct me, when I am wrong. Most forums I participate in the notification area does something to allow you to tell read from unread. This is normally in your face easy to see. In the header drop down, Sure they are blue and white backgrounds, however, once you click ONE they all turn blue. Then when you view all notifications there is absolutely nothing to let me know what I need to read. I did figure out how to go to the unread area and click the filters. To figure this out. This took time and effort. Which is something we Internet Consultants call Friction. Less Friction means more views, more views means more time on site, more time on site equals more sales.
  9. High flow is not required.. Slow flow is and can be the best. increase the size of the power head or aeration?
  10. Laterite seems to come from India, so I reached out... It seems to be their sand! Maybe after some research, my friend will mail me a bag of dirt from his yard? If we are lucky. I just realized lava rock from the store is high in iron. Could be why my tanks do so well so easily? Besides me that is LOL! I am looking at tumblers and other mechanical ways to smooth the lava rock and now to make it pebble size!! The point of the laterite is the iron?
  11. I am almost lost for words! Seriously where do I start? I found this link https://mjvaquatics.com/using-a-plenum-in-a-freshwater-aquarium/ Which led me to this https://mjvaquatics.com/anoxic-biocenosis-clarification-filtration/ to this video This is great you gotta watch it... then watch the next video I am going to find a replacement material for the laterite. http://www.bestpetsupply.com/shopping/pricelist.asp?prid=2796
  12. I found out I know what a plenum is, just did not know the word for it. Googling now!
  13. What tonyjuliano said!!! Did I mention you can stack them? @tonyjuliano and thanks for giving me more research to do.. "plenum" is my new word of the week....
  14. Certainly penn plax Under gravel filters allow you to build to your liking. I have stacked them.
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