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Gravel vacuum that won't remove water?


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Alright folks, does this type of device exist?

My pea puffer tank gets messy pretty quickly. I used to think I had a snail poop problem, but with my snail population at an all time low but this debris still running rampant, I am in need of a solution. I think my driftwood is like shedding or something. It's like wet sawdust at the base of the driftwood. 

I have no problem doing water changes with gravel vacuuming, but one change doesn't get everything no matter how hard I try. I am checking my water daily to make sure there is no ammonia or nitrites and nitrates are at a minimum and that hasn't been an issue. I don't want to upset my fish but draining and refilling my tank more than once in a single sitting. I just want to suck up all the garbage but keep my water. 

Does such a device exist?

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If you’re handy, Google “diy water polisher” to find tons of designs for a recirculating gravel vac.

Also, do you pinch the hose while you gravel vac to control how fast the water drains? I picked up that tip from the co-op!


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