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Found 5 results

  1. I've gotten mixed results from my internet research, and some people say certain brands are safe while other brands are not. I'd like to do a 3d background with spray foam on my new ten gallon tank but I obviously do not want it to poison fish ... is spray foam safe? If so, which brand works best? Thanks for the help!!!
  2. So i have a little issue. I hope you guys can help! I am relativly new to aquascaping and learned a lot along the way. This is my ADA 60p aquarium. I tried to make a little cave for my panda corry's. I placed between the rock Anubias Pinto and Bucephalandra's. But the rock is not realy stable but my panda's like to hide in it and it takes away the view of the nice plants... I cant seem to find a good spot for it and i think my panda's would like to keep the cave. Should i keep it like this or do you guys have other idea's?
  3. Im going to try my hand at an aquascaped nano tank so i thought id share my attempt and likely many mistakes with you all. I picked up this 6.8 gallon tank on sale last week because it looked cool for the price and i like the internal filtration but i didnt have a gameplan for how i wanted to set it up. I knew that it would be a small community set up and eventually house my endlers and asian stone catfish. I would also like to use it for some breeding projects along the way so i want to incorporate lots of nooks and potential hiding spots. I found some inspiration last weekend while hiking locally. Its tough to tell in these pictures but the mountainsides above the sandy creeks and small lake are full of caves. So i thought id try a scape with that idea in mind.
  4. I saw Bob Steenfott drill a small hole in the side of an Easy Planter so that it could be used as a planter and as a breeding cave for Apistos. I haven't heard whether that was successful or not. I don't watch his channel very often so I haven't seen an update. Any one else tried this?
  5. So i am going to be reworking my 30 gallon fish tank and i got the idea i would make a coconut shell cave and put it in a corner than make a hill over it so just the enterance is exposed any ideas on how to make it or is it even safe. I have never seen anyone make it and if it would work i think it would be great. Also any idea on cleaning it? Also it would be for my vampire shrimp (there would also be the air stone infront of it for the shrimp)
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