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Found 3 results

  1. Hello friends, I have been struggling with planaria for quite some time. I have read many suggestions about gravel vacuuming and feeding less. I've tried both inasmuch as I can. I have a monte carlo carpet (picture attached) so it's perfect for them to hide in. I do vacuum it (at the risk of up-rooting plants) and I collect a lot of planaria. However, at the end of the day, I can't keep up with it and I'm done trying "natural" ways of getting rid of planaria. Thus, I'm looking to treat the tank chemically with either Panacur C (fenbendazole, animal de-wormer) or No-Planaria made w/ Betal Palm Nut extract and produced by Genchem. I've seen a few of my shrimp be killed by planaria so I'm very fed up with them. I've read many stories, good and bad, about using both products. For example, while using No-Planaria some had their biological filter bacteria crash and thus, toxin levels rised rapidly. Or, that fenbendazole has killed shrimp and made them early molt. Or, many stories of people using either product and both worked fine with no problems. My tank is stocked with some valuable fish (chili rasboras, other micro rasboras, celestial pearl danios, emerald dwarf rasboras, pgymy corydoras and a lot of cherry shrimp) so I'm very hesitant about doing any chemical treatment at the risk of killing any of my livestock. I know that Girl Talks Fish (who works with Aquarium Co-Op) has made a video about using Panacur C and the dosing of it but I'm still hesitant. Can anyone shed some light on the truth about the safety of using fenbendazole or No-Planaria in an aquarium? Is there just some level of risk that much be accepted if using either? Is one more riskier than the other? Should I try to remove all my fish temporarily when treating the tank? Are fish more at risk to either of these treatments than shrimp are? Thanks for your help and insight! Tank specs: 22 gallon, remineralize RO water with Salty Shrimp GH/KH+, C02 injection, Oase Biomaster 300 filter w/ Seachem Matrix media
  2. I currently use API products, in particular; Quick Start, Stress Coat +, and Stress Zyme + to keep bacteria levels active and remove chlorine and chloramines in my tap water. My question is: Is there just one product (any brand) that will accomplish all that these do it seems they pretty much do the same thing and i want to streamline my maintenance since i am up to 6 tanks now! I have 2 10gal community tanks, 2 12gal longs (1 i have a baby Musk Turtle and 10 Kubitai and 6 Golden Madaka Rice Fish & 1 is cycling for my soon to be Multi breeding tank) a 29 gal also cycling and not sure of stocking it yet, a 3.5gal Betta and am planning a few more in the coming months! I would love to hear what you NERMS have to say. Thnax!
  3. I have heard that you need to wash off your hands before putting them in the tank. I was wondering if this is true and if so what kind of soap I should use?
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