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Found 6 results

  1. What BLACK silicone have you guys used to reseal your tanks?
  2. I have a 3d printer and have been itching to use it for DIY aquarium decorations. Is white ABS safe for this purpose? I have also heard about PETG being safe as well. Is there a certain time frame I have before I need to replace it? Also, are there any recommendations for different filament links? I have experimented with PLA, but it is only good for 6 months. Thank you and all help is appreciated.
  3. So I had one course coop sponge filter on hand..but can’t seem to find anything that said if they are fry safe? I’m new to guppies. And my little lady had 5 fry two days ago.. they were chilling in my q/t tub…when she had them.. And want to be sure my grow out tank won’t suck up the littles. As I’m literally setting it up this wk. yes I know the fine ones exist and can order them. Wanted to see if the course one would work first b4 ordering more things.
  4. Does anyone know if Easy Green and Seachem Equilibrium and Potassium are safe for axolotls?
  5. Good afternoon fellow Nerms! I have a quick question as I begin to set up my 10 gallon tank for my halfmoon Betta, Sakura. I've done some research and keep coming across conflicting answers. I was planning on using some small and medium-sized rocks to anchor some java fern and anubias to, as well as to help create a more natural-looking environment for him along with a tall, smooth piece of manzanita driftwood, and I love the look of dragon stone, especially when used with fine sand substrate. I worry, however, about it possibly ripping his fins. I wasn't sure if it would be ok since I'm only using smaller pieces at the bottom of the tank and not using big ones as center pieces like we see in those cool, fancy aquascapes. I'm also using them as "dividers" between my sand at the front of the tank and the little bit of Ecocomplete I'm using in the back of the tank for the stem plants to root in and enjoy. It's a 10 gallon column tank (don't worry, he has a coconut cave that will be suction-cupped towards the top and I'm using tall stem plants he can rest in and on as well), so I figure he won't be spending a whole lot of time at the bottom, which is going to be heavily planted around the rocks and bottom of the driftwood with different crypts and other smaller plants...Any advice?? Anyone have experience with Bettas living happily with dragon stone in their home? Or am I creating a fin rot disaster waiting to happen? I'm not dead set on dragon stone at all, I know Seiryu stone or large river rock stones would be cool, too. Totally open to suggestions as well. 😊
  6. I accidentally got a lot of unhatched brine shrimp eggs mixed in with the baby brine shrimp I fed to my fish. Should I be worried that my fish are going to get sick? Thanks in advance.
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