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  1. Also I don't think it's the filter since the filter is for a 100l aquarium and mine is 60l,i always clean the filter in aquarium water when I do a water change. And the filter has been running 6 months with other fish before I moved the fish to my comunity tank so my guppies could be alone, and had no problems there.
  2. Don't worry, indeed a lot of questions help to find a better answer! This tank was empty and is planted, with a lot of moss and stem plants and long root floaters. I always use seachem prime, since I have a lot of trust in that brand. I have taken my fish to the vet since I needed to be there anyway. I found out that they had a serious bacterial infection. The cause probably was due to stress from the moving, and (I did not know this) when you open the bag, which I did to climate them to my water, can cause for an amonnia spike in the bag they were transported in, which caused them to be infected since the stress lowers their immune system. They gave me instructions to use medication with antibiotics and bacterial killer. I did put airation in there because they said the medication can remove oxygen. Tomorrow should be my last day but sadly the last one died two days ago... I still do the medication in case my aquarium got infected. I'm sad it happened but I learned something new, and next time I will buy guppies I will use a slate stone for my kh. I was amazed by how fast it all goes with bacterial infection and it was my first time I had this happen.
  3. Aquarium has been cycled for 6 months. Had other guppies in there before I moved them to my other aquarium. PH is 7. But I'm afraid I don't know my kh and gh. Ammonia 0,nitrite 0, nitrate zero since I did a water change yesterday. I do weekly 50% water changes. I used red sea salt from my local pet shop. 1 teaspoon for 1 gallon and let them in for 30 min. I did test the water they came in and they were the same except a little higher on ammonia. Still I does not look like ammonia burns. Problem is they won't tell me if they got it from another country or not so I'm not sure what the water parameters were before they came here. Also temp is 25 degrees celcius
  4. I don't know what to do anymore. I tried looking on you tube and Google but can't seem to find the right decease. I finally got my hands on blue topaz guppies. I first ordered 1 male and two females. From the start they did not look to well. (had to come through post). At first I thought it was stress. The male and a female died allready. At first they ate fine so I thought I could get them through. I ordered again a batch and 2 females seem to get the same as the last surviving female. They are in a separate tank hence why I put them together for quarantine. Today the last female from the first batch is looking worse and I don't think I can safe her anymore so I put her away from my other guppies. At first it started with I thought was finrot. Since the tale began to lose color and began to be damaged each day. I gave aquarium salt treatment but it does not seem to work. The skin also looks wierd. Like skin peeling of but no blood. Today I noticed a red dot on the tale. Maybe blood or a fungus with no fuzz. I don't think it's a parasite since I don't see movement but I realy want to safe these guppies and any advice will help. PS : most will use antibiotics and cure parasites but in my country you can't find them in pet stores. I do find common fish cures here in stores so if I can identify which I may be able to help them.
  5. Hey! As soon you said they were both males i decided better to be safe than sorry. I looked at their behavior longer and noticed this morning that the male that had a stripe was very dominant in my aquarium. He only bothered the other male once, but it was enough for me to notice that maybe there was more agression then i noticed. So i decided to scoop up the dominant male and went back to my fishshop. Normally they dont take fish back, but they remembered me and took back the male. Next we were 10 minutes watching the honey gouramis to fish out a female. Now i know for certain the difference between males and females. This one indeed has more silver and almost no color at all. She has been with me for a couple of hours now, and the male is now more at ease and not swimming around like it is a race. My aquarim is back in peace. Im sad that it did not realy work out between the two males, but if i did not spend the extra watch between them, i would have never have noticed the stress of the other male. So thank you for all the advice!
  6. No hence im thinking of not adding another to the tank. Maybe then they will get agressive. I could be wrong ofcourse but id rather not have agression when a female is added, i also dont have a spare tank to seperate them. I can however put aside my wish for breeding if it is for the welbeing of my fish. So far they enjoy each others company but will leave each other if they want with no agression/chasing involved.
  7. Here you can see the male coloring up more black while the one with the blue/grey face follows
  8. When my dear Betta died of old age i wanted to try out honey gouramis. While i could get the standard golden, i saw these wild type honey gouramis. I never regretted it! At some hours of the day they change colors and they love to explore, hence why it difficult to take pictures of them in the right angle. They are piecefull and so far no sign of agression from either one of them. While i asked for a female and a male, there was 1 where you could clearly see he was a male, while the other had a stripe and less color. I wanted to breed them in the future but now they are a couple of weeks with me and now the one with the stripe developed some colors the same as the male. You could clearly see that the one that shows most of the stripe has sometimes a blue/grey face while the male is grey/black. There was one evening his whole face went black, truly a wonder to see. But they both now have black and yellow markings, and i cant depend on the one who shows the stripe the most is truly a female or another male. The male always swims around like he is racing while the other is calm. The one who is calm also has a smaller backfin then the male. So im not sure anymore if it is truly male/female or two males. While there is no agression between the two and like to interact with one another, i think by adding a female could change that, or it would be to busy in my aquarium if i added another gourami. Does somebody has any experience in sexing the wild type honey gourami?
  9. 4 to 5 weeks since disaster. A couple of days after my last post there were no changes in my cycle. My test even said it was deadly high. While the smell and murkyness was gone and my fish seemed fine. I decided to start over with the substrate. It needed a full day but it now has fresh substrate. I added new fresh bacteria from fritz this time. 1 week later my test results were the same as before I changed the substrate. While my filter was well established. I decided to let my aquarium water be tested in my local pet shop. Guess what? My water was perfect! My ammonia test was faulty. While I could have had an ammonia spike from the dead loach and melted plants. It was long gone and even did not need to change the substrate. Oh well you live and learn. While testing the water is a necessary thing. You can't always trust the tests. Now my aquarium is fine again I can finally save up for plants again and thinking about stocking choices... Thank you all for the helpful advice. And if anything can be learned from this is to not ré use substrate, unless you top it off with new. And while testing is good you can't realy rely on them.
  10. Hey! Glad to know I'm not the only one. I too think ré using the substrate was my first mistake. However at the time I could not afford to go and buy new one. You see I used Ada soil, and here it is very hard to come by. Almost a 2 hour drive to the nearest store that have them. If they even have them in stock. However the soil was only a year old so I figured the nutrients were still there. But a good lesson to learn for my future set ups. Thank you for sharing.
  11. It now has been about two weeks into my disaster and have learned a lot since then. The cloudiness eventually went away and then out of nowhere my ammonia spiked. So indeed it was a bacterial die off. I did add a bacteria booster the moment I set it back up so I wondered why only then my ammonia spiked and not in the first 2 weeks. I decided I would remove the wood and replace it with a wood I know. Iron wood. In doing so I noticed my annubias was smelling foul. Somebody here mentioned rotting roots of annubias smelled pretty bad too. So I removed it and added 80 euro of plants in there, including 2 fast growing stem plants. I continued doing water changes every day to keep the ammonia down for my fish but it was little to no help and I was worried I would disrupt the cycle if I did that. So I bought seachem prime to put in everyday to make the ammonia less toxic to my fish. I also bought floaters to help. My test kid says ammonia is still high but less then before I added the prime. However my nitrite and ph pretty much did not change since the first day I set it up. Even when I cycled my first tank ever the cycle did not take so long, and I still have my filter with the established bacteria. I decided to let algea grow on my aquarium windows as well to help me but for the rest I don't realy know what to do any more than that. I'm a little reluctant to buy more bacterial boosters, since my ammonia is still high I don't want it to spike again if I add more. Though the cloudiness and smell is gone, here is a new pic of how it is looking now. Any advice on what to do now?
  12. Hello! First of thank you for the long list of what to do! I use a small co2 bottle of soda stream. Normally I use 1 bubble per second. But I made it a little slower, about a bubble per two seconds. Sadly since I did not have a second tank I have put my fish in and I test daily for parameters. The tests say my water is perfect though, even before I started doing 50% water changes. I also cleaned my filter and have seachem in it so it should take care of dangerous stuff. It took me a while to find the loach but it has been dead for some time as it broke up in my hand. As for the smell it does not smell like algea. It smelled like a bowl of dead fish. But now it is less since I found the dead loach. So I think the smell came from there. I will continue to do 50% water changes untill it begins to clear up. And will check out the video. Thanks again!
  13. Not yet. I did remove the wood to smell it but it does not smell like the water. I'll try removing it tomorrow to see if that helps.
  14. I'm out of ideas of what to do anymore. I had to move houses last week and the first thing I did was my aquarium. I had a betta with amano shrimp and pygmy corydoras and a Bornéo sucker and 2 ottociclusses. First thing I did was moving my fish to a Tupperware with 20% of my aquarium water and let my oase filter running with it. I kept and ré used all my substrate. I added more benefitial bacteria to be sure. The first thing I noticed was the water was getting cloudy. Then my amano shrimp started to die. Now my water smells and is still cloudy and it realy smells like something rotting. I tested my water everyday and it says my parameters are great! I started doing 50% water changes every day to get rid of the smell and cloudyness but it does not help. My plants are starting to melt. But my parameters still say my water is perfect. I now lost all my amano shrimp and my Bornéo sucker. While those always survived my aquarium changes before. My fish are acting fine though. I tested the water from my new home since it's a different city but it is almost the same as my old home. It's not the first time I moved my aquarium but this cloudy and smell is new to me. The only new thing I added was the Manzanita wood. And while I knew I could get algea covered I don't think this wood would get my water to smell this bad or to cloud it. If anyone have any experience with this I could use all the help I can get before I lose all my fish!
  15. This is the best picture I could get since they swim so fast. I just noticed it today when I was feeding them. I'm not sure if it is the same male but two days ago 1 jumped when I was cleaning the tank, I was able to safe him in time and saw no wounds. I would have noticed it before so I'm not sure what this is. It looks like a tumor or maybe he's gut are falling trough. Or maybe he had it al along and I just noticed it because it was red. It realy looks like a pimple. I'm not sure what it is, hence I ask here for help. I'm in the middle of a move so I don't have a hospital tank now. Should I cull him? How long will he have with whatever this is? What should I do?
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