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Does my blue eyed rainbow have a tumor?


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This is the best picture I could get since they swim so fast. I just noticed it today when I was feeding them. I'm not sure if it is the same male but two days ago 1 jumped when I was cleaning the tank, I was able to safe him in time and saw no wounds. I would have noticed it before so I'm not sure what this is. It looks like a tumor or maybe he's gut are falling trough. Or maybe he had it al along and I just noticed it because it was red. It realy looks like a pimple. I'm not sure what it is, hence I ask here for help. I'm in the middle of a move so I don't have a hospital tank now. Should I cull him? How long will he have with whatever this is? What should I do? 




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It looks like it may be a prolapse. It may reabsorb into the body. I have had a couple of fish where that happened. I did a few 15 min baths in epsom salt daily, and fed very lightly, if at all. It took about a week to reabsorb fully.

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