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Mountain Cave Nanoscape

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Im going to try my hand at an aquascaped nano tank so i thought id share my attempt and likely many mistakes with you all.

I picked up this 6.8 gallon tank on sale last week because it looked cool for the price and i like the internal filtration but i didnt have a gameplan for how i wanted to set it up.A43440DB-4D73-4CBE-ACAE-ADAE86F92723.jpeg.eda2cddbcf410528465dbba5aed8740e.jpeg

I knew that it would be a small community set up and eventually house my endlers and asian stone catfish. I would also like to use it for some breeding projects along the way so i want to incorporate lots of nooks and potential hiding spots.

I found some inspiration last weekend while hiking locally. Its tough to tell in these pictures but the mountainsides above the sandy creeks and small lake are full of caves. So i thought id try a scape with that idea in mind. A863632E-AE6C-4C5B-A5C3-88B0717D2747.jpeg.23ef4225028f4a9c3d2d7284fbf47da9.jpegC6BD0143-C962-45CF-A5A8-BEA3D27F5F87.jpeg.bc1fc9f254262bc8eca8044763196e9d.jpegEF8FEE87-5FDA-45EF-951B-3463868E83CB.jpeg.f548de39fd193728271c353861c8aa84.jpeg612E55F4-A927-44E4-96DE-8C1ACDB680D7.jpeg.147aebf9c75eaa14b04c2a7fb9b3359a.jpeg

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The rocks and wood in all of my tanks actually come from nearby this same area. I still have some small rocks and wood left over from my other tanks to pick from so thats what ill be working with.
I have been playing around with these pieces the last few days trying to get an idea of how they might fit together. Im using some wood off-cuts to get an idea of how high ill build up the mountainside. 

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3 minutes ago, Patrick_G said:

Those tanks are great. The internal filter has room for a ton of filter media. My wife floats plants in there for extra Nitrate removal. The light is pretty good too. We’ve grown Java Fern, Ludwigia, Anubias, Bacopa and floaters. 


Awesome, im glad youre liking it. Thats exactly what interested me in it. I also have a fluval flex which is a very similar set up and ive got a ton of different media, a sponge filter and pothos crammed into the back of that.

Also i love how quiet the internal filtration is. Is especially important here because its going right next to my bed. 

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9B710D89-45B2-4BD0-9CBE-1CAE78D032E6.jpeg.dcd080b0622200214f16c152ee05b4d6.jpegUsing eggcrate for the first time. Im hoping it will allow me to get the height i want and help prevent the substrate from flattening down over time.

1BE01480-156A-4CAD-ADCA-6789E206228D.jpeg.be8ffd21357e9e1a98219e9ad18826f8.jpegIm putting in a base layer of caribsea eco-complete to give the plants something to root in and then ill cap it with sand around the perimeter of the mound. I also picked of some river rock gravel so cap the eco complete with on the mountainside area.


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