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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everyone, I am new here, but have been lazy keeping a 10 gallon tank for a few years. About 2-3 weeks ago, I transferred from a leaking 10 gallon to another 10 gallon. Kept most tank water and filter mesh, but changed the gravel and carbon filter. Added flourish tabs under the gravel and planted with corkscrew vallisineria and elodea. Transferred 2 Otocinclus (3rd passed), 1 remaining elderly guppy (would like not to keep those any longer), 3 Harlequin rasboras, 1 assassin snail, and a few pond snails for him to eat (he may not have any left). When I noticed the Otos sucking on the val, I tossed in a fistful to float - to my daughter's dismay. She hates floaters. Tank temp is in upper 70's. Not sure temp strip or heater is very accurate. Heater set to 75 but I think it is slightly warmer. Had BBA in old tank and came along with the move. Have Excel, but never used. I was concerned about the Otos having enough to eat in the "new" tank, so had been adding pealed cucumber, fresh spinach, and recently fresh chopped Kale continually. They eat the cucumber and spinach regularly, but the Kale took a day or two. About 4 days a go we noticed the Otos had the zoomies. Never noticed before and thought it odd they waited weeks after the move if it was just stress. Tetra strips show less than 20 nitrate (still safe, but slightly pink). Incoming tap water shows some nitrate here too. No Nitrite, Very hard water, no chlorine, moderate to ideal alkalinity. Neutral PH. Read online that Otos sometimes behave this way, so did nothing. I just recently watched the Aquarium Coop video about bubbles being an indication of medication or a problem in the tank. About 3 days ago notices bubbles. Test strips showed the same results as usual. I changed only 1 gallon tank water for room temperature filtered water (filter removes chlorine). Then added Top fin bacteria starter that I had no hand for good measure. The next day I ran out to PetSmart for an API test kit, but ammonia reads 0. This morning it seamed the foam was worse. Otos still occasionally zoom, but have calm periods too. I retested, nitrate and ammonia unchanged. But foam seemed a little less after I removed the softening cucumber and final bits of spinach. I left the kale as they just seemed to start eating it. Later my husband noticed the entire water surface was covered with a thin layer of bubbles. A little later still the bubbles had increased. See attached photo. I thought maybe the bubbles deceased after I opened the tank lid to take a picture, but I was not sure. Have I just never noticed this? Does softening cucumber cause bubbles - not ammonia? What do I do? FYI I have a 39 gallon, unheated, dirted aquarium growing plants (and pond snails), but I need to redo it because I did not use a sufficient sand cap and dirt is everywhere. I plan to move the heater with the fish at some point. I'm just dreading the drain, breakdown, addition of sand, rocks, wood, plants . . . Then do I still have sufficient bacteria?
  2. Wanted to see how much i could fit so can order enough media ?
  3. I have foam Bubbles on the surface of my 5 gallon fish tank. I just did a gravel vacuum and 50% water change. I used my master test kit before the water change and also three days later. Water Quality is all good so what could be wrong. And yes I used Prime water conditioner. I'm only 8 months into this hobby. I have one Betta fish and one snail in this tank. The tank is six months old. I have other larger tanks that are not having this issue. I also serviced the pumps by wringing out the dirty filter in the aquarium water I vacuumed out. The bubbles appeared three days after tank maintenance. Any Advice?
  4. Hey everyone, I recently purchased a good bit of sponge filter media and put some in my filter intake. I was wondering if it's beneficial to also put some sponge filter media into a HOB filter in addition to filter cartridges I'm using. I don't know if there's such a thing as 'over filtering' but just wanted to check if this is beneficial or if I am wasting my sponge filter media. The sponge filter media just sits on the bottom of the HOB filter and some water passes through it in addition to filter cartridge. I figured it gives more surface area for beneficial bacteria to grow and will help filter the water some more. Is this correct? The pieces of sponge filter media are around 4-5 inches across and currently has some muddy looking stuff on it. I'm guessing it's decaying bio-mass from plants?
  5. I have been playing with using foam as substrate in my three 2.5 gallon tanks. Initially, it was just as structural support. This tank is one of my utility tanks, mostly for plant scraps, but I wanted to run it like all my other tanks, so it has a mini organic soil/sand/gravel section in the center, and I needed the foam to keep the glass straight. I think those are Aquaclear 70 size. Some of the soil has leached past the glass dividers, which have enough of a gap for neo shrimp. I've had plants root in the foam. Each tank has a small Co-Op Sponge filter. In each of my window shrimp tanks, I needed a glass section in there to hold up my Fluval Plant 3.0 Nano, and it created a little sump where I could place filters, etc. Shrimp will come and go past the divider, and they love grazing on the foam, which is like a mulm battery. In these tanks, I think I am using 3 x Aquaclear 30s, with the center one in a different orientation. Not shown in these photos, but in my indoor thread, I have MF10 filters, which are pressed down onto to the foam, and send water across to the other side of each shrimp tank. This turns the whole foam sump into a pre-filter, which may also draw some flow thru the soil of the main section of each tank. I've thought about some other interesting things you could do with foam substrate, like a modular soil tank, where you grow plants in these foam pieces with soil in them, and then you could rearrange them like Lego bricks. Of course the plants wouldn't respect the boundaries of foam blocks. At the very least, these foam blocks are a fun way to play with utility tanks. If anyone else has any experience or ideas, please share. Anyone who runs a sponge filter, or has hot-rodded a hang-on-back, already appreciates foam.
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