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Found 25 results

  1. I have 3 easy planters in my aquarium for about a month now with cripts in them. I put root tabs in the little pot like Cory showed in one of his videos, and I have a sand substrate. Every time I do a water change there is a pocket of air that builds up under the planters. Even had it build up enough once to flip one of the plants over, I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it happen. The pocket of air smalls bad too. Should I drill a small hole so that won't build up?
  2. I have a bare bottom tank so using a handful of easy planters which all look alike. I would like to cover most as much as possible to break down the repetitive look. Two of them I have attached some Anubis to the side but have more planters to dress up without the addition being so large the main plants are hidden. Any recommendations for what I can glue to the rock and will grow on it? So far I have come up with the following possible options. Java and/or Christmas Moss, Dwarf Baby Tears, Riccia Fluitans, Monte Carlo, and Staurogyne Repens.
  3. Okay, do I remove the wool the plant is in for the easy planter?
  4. Putting together an Aquarium Co-op order and realized I have an empty Easy Planter. What is the best plant I should try to fill it with? I am leaning against a stem plant, but worry about something like a sword plant outgrowing the pot and getting it nutrients. Do you think that is a reasonable worry? My options for this tank: Java fern Dwarf sag Dwarf chain sword Anubias coffeefolia Cryptocoryne Wendtii Green Cryptocoryne Tropica Has anyone had bad luck with any of these in their Easy Planter? Which ones do you think will work best? Any I should avoid? (I have multiple places in the tank I could put it, so foreground/background, etc. is not really a concern at this point.) Thanks.
  5. I have 29 gallon. It has one inch of crushed Coral, about 1 inches of sand. I have a easy plantar that I would like to put in there. Like to know what is the best plant to leave in the EZ planter forever to grow out.
  6. So I'm starting a new breeding project and adding 8 20 gallon tanks. They will all be bare bottom tanks - I love the idea of the easy planter in this situation, but already have a TON of plants I can use now, but they are planted in substrate, so they would need some way to be converted to the planter. Any recommendations out there? Should I look for the little baskets or is there maybe a little terracotta pot that might fit? Thanks!
  7. This is the third time they've done this. Ignored the flat stone and flower pot spawning sites and went for the easy planter in the middle. At this point I should just be planning on it
  8. Will the Co-Op Easy Planter block plants, like Anubias and similar, that can't be planted from growing properly. Don't really want to glue it to a rock or wood.
  9. Hello! I was wondering if these planters come in smaller sizes? I would like to use them in a 5 gallon. Not sure how much room they'd take up?
  10. Hey Folks I am trying to find out if this easy planter gadget is available for international postage. Been to the big mans site but seems to be only the USA..Cmon man help me out here lol James Glasgow, Scotland
  11. What is a good plant for bare bottom tanks because I know some plants get there food from the substrate
  12. Hey I’m a newbie to plants. I bought two vallisneria plants for my cichlid tank. Can I simply just put the plant in the planter? Do I need to remove anything like the plastic on the bottom of the plant? Both came from Aquarium Co-op. Thanks!
  13. I saw Bob Steenfott drill a small hole in the side of an Easy Planter so that it could be used as a planter and as a breeding cave for Apistos. I haven't heard whether that was successful or not. I don't watch his channel very often so I haven't seen an update. Any one else tried this?
  14. Does anyone know if Ich-X will stain Easy Planters? The bottle says it might stain decor, and I know some silicone will be stained. Some people have had mixed results with driftwood. I can't seem to find anything about Easy Planters though. Maybe it's too new of a product to have a lot of use cases. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
  15. I am trying to add live plants to my aquarium by using the easy planters. My tank is deep (30 inches) and I am not comfortable planting in substrate as I don't think I will be able to take care of them or move them if needed. Can I leave the plant in the easy planters and will the grow? Any advice or info would be appreciated?
  16. Howdy Nerms! I am setting up an Angelfish breeding tank (30 gallon) bare bottom and I would like to know the best live plants to use for that tank? I am buying two easy planters from the coop what type of plants would you suggest I use in them. I would like some height to give some sightline breaks. Hit me with suggestions! Many thanks! Tedrock. PS sorry if this was asked before - I didn't do an exhaustive search.
  17. I have a 75 gallon tank with an undergravel filter and a hang on back in use. I'd like to leave both of those in place an running. Right now, I have artificial plants, but I would love to put some real plants in the tank. This is nearly impossible with the undergravel filter, but as I said, I don't want to remove the undergravel filter. Can I use the Easy Planter that Aquarium-CoOp sells to hack the plants so that I can have both plants and the undergravel filter in the same tank?
  18. Hello! I recently purchased an Easy Planter. I was wondering if Monte Carlo would over flow and spread from the easy planter? Would it be best to add root tabs? Thanks for the help! All the Best, Erik W.
  19. Noticed the Easy Planters for a while in coop videos. Ordered some as soon I saw they were on the website and got them in my guppy tank today. I like how easy they are and the way they look.
  20. Yupppp. My apartment restrictions have not discouraged me from aquarium keeping. I wanted another 3 gallon to sit next to the one I have currently. I got 4 easy planters and some spider wood from Aquarium Co-Op and pieced it together in 5 minutes. Now to get me some plants. Stay tuned.
  21. So most of you know that I’m not known to be a plant type guy. I like aquarium plants but I primarily breed fish and any plants are secondary. That said I like plants in my tanks that are almost all bare bottom or substrate free, green is always nice. A while back when I was helping out in Cory’s fishroom I see one of these that is being tested in Cory’s tanks. For me seeing something new like this required pulling it out of the tank, examining it, scrutinizing it, etc. and I’m like I’d definitely like to try that. So when the test batch came in I got my hands on a couple and you may have seen them appear in some cameo shots in my fishroom videos or on my Instagram. Of course I had to answer countless questions about what it was, but no longer because they are now available to everyone. The cool things about these planters, I can just drop in a potted aquarium plant, they look great and are easy to move, rotate, change out plants, etc. Thus the name Easy Planter I’m sure. I do add a root tab to the plant and squirt in some Easy Green when I remember to, but the Easy Planter itself looks good, functions well, protects the plant, and just makes it easy. Oh and no more do I have to harass Randy and Cory to get them in and on the co-op website, they are there now!
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