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  1. Thank you so much, I just ordered the Fizz Tabs. Thank you very much for your advice and guidance, I appreciate it greatly. 💙
  2. Hello all, I believe my betta fish is displaying symptoms of columnaris. (It is entirely my fault if this is the case, for I've allowed my struggles with mental health to overtake me more often than I'd like, making it difficult to care for both myself and my sweet fish. I want to do the best I can for her, however.) Anyways, I noticed a white patch on her head behind one of her eyes two days ago, on Sunday, along with what might possibly be some smaller patches or lesions near her gills. I was able to have Kanaplex delivered to me yesterday, after which I administered the medicine into the water. I haven't dosed any today, as per the Kanaplex instructions, but my fish looks about the same as she did yesterday. Her behavior is normal, and her condition doesn't seem to be getting worse just yet, but it also doesn't appear any better. I then came across some articles about columnaris which stated to use Furan 2 or other medicines in conjunction with Kanaplex. Will Kanaplex alone cure columnaris, or should I purchase Furan 2 or another medicine including nitrofurazone (?) to save my fish? Thank you in advance for your help.
  3. I was thinking about getting one of these kits when I have enough space to upgrade my betta to a ten gallon. I haven't always read good things about the Top Fin brand, though. I'd love to know which tank brands you all suggest, especially ones that come with kits like these 💙 I'm seeing Aqueon, Marineland, and Fluval, which one do you all think would be best?
  4. My current solution is to be a poor college kid with student loan debts. My next tank lives in my brain for now 🥲
  5. I've had to learn an incredibly hard lesson this year - losing a pet that you love. It's such a painful loss to experience, but unfortunately inevitable, too. Their lives simply flow by so much quicker than our own, and a lifetime for them feels like a fraction to us. When my fish Eric passed away, I made a promise to him and to myself - to learn all that I could about taking care of bettas, to double and triple my knowledge, to dedicate everything I have to my next fish. I learned about myself, too, realizing just how much I can accomplish when I dedicate a bit of my time every day to gathering more and more knowledge about my fishkeeping passion. I had no idea last year that by now, I would be working on publishing a book about betta fish for my senior thesis in college. I had no idea that I would know enough about bettas to write an entire book about them, but I do - and it's all because of my love for my boy Eric who I know is watching over my current betta baby. I've learned that fishkeeping would evolve from a hobby to my passion and obsession and that simply thinking about fish would bring me joy. Mostly, I've learned that it is that love, that passion for a fish you truly adore as just a small soul that means the world to you - that can change you and bring forth even more love 💙
  6. I am currently reading the first volume in the Dragonlance Chronicles novels, Dragons of Autumn Twilight! For a nerd/nerm like myself that loves roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons almost as much as I love fish, it's a wonderful story to delve into that fantasy world.
  7. I might borrow that magnet method if I can find a smaller one to use. The suction cup on my thermometer has stopped working and it just free-floats in my tank, which gets especially annoying during water changes. I might try the boiling water method first, though, if it's successful!
  8. You might be a nerm if someone mentions a fish species and you start gushing about them and maybe rattle off some facts that nobody asked for! You might be a nerm if you're in the aquatics section of the pet store, see some customers browsing, and have to exert all your power to withhold the knowledge you wish you could dump on them! (These are both regular occurrences for me, my brain's just chock full of fish facts I wish people cared enough to hear, lmao) 💙
  9. Thank you everybody for all your advice! I feel more at ease that I might be able to manage creating the planted tank that I hope to have 💙 I'll definitely be creating a journal on the forum of my process when I'm able to begin building it!
  10. My ideal planted tank setup will be ten gallons, 78 - 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and I might go with an internal power filter because that's what her current tank uses. I'd expect to do maintenance once a week, I wouldn't mind the extra workload that might come with having plants. Anything for my fish! Thank you so much for all your suggestions, I think I'll take your advice and stick with the easy-grow plants until I have the hang of plant care, and then I might attempt monte carlo and other plants I like the look of! 💙
  11. I'm looking to create a planted tank for my fish when I'm able to, and right now I'm in the process of researching to make sure I do everything right to give my betta the best upgraded home! I've stuck with artificial plants up until this point because I've found I'm not so good at keeping plants alive (re: me somehow killing an orchid that was 'low-water' 'easy-care'). But I really want to get over that and try a planted aquarium because I know it'd be the best environment for my girl! I have two main questions: 🪴 How do you know whether you need to include a CO2 system or not? I've seen some use it and others go without, and I'm not sure which I should do. Does it depend on the plants that you choose? If it helps, I'm hoping to include java fern, java moss, anubias, amazon sword, monte carlo, and pearlweed in the future aquarium. I might add others, but those are the ones I'd like to include the most. 🪴 How do you go about sanitizing the plants to make sure they're safe to be placed in the tank? I've seen a lot of posts from aquarists who had unfortunate hitchhikers come along with their plants that really scared me, and I'd like to prevent any harmful insects or anything from hurting my fish. Finally, I'd love to hear any other planted tank advice or "don't"s you have to share to a beginner like me with nearly zero plant experience that you think might be helpful. I'm watching MD Fish Tanks very often now, but the more I can learn the better! Any tips you have at all would be greatly appreciated 💙
  12. While I think little pea puffers are the cutest things ever, I just can't bring myself to be fond of giant freshwater puffers. I'm not a fan of those teeth at all, they simply aren't cute to me. (Sorry Aquarium Co-Op's Murphy!) I'm not a fan of parrotfish either, for the same reason.
  13. An update for today, as I've returned home with my testing kit to test my sister's tank water. The updated parameters are as follows, Ammonia: 0ppm Nitrites: 0ppm Nitrates: 10ppm Temperature: 80 degrees Fahrenheit pH: 6.6 Graham still appears to show no symptoms, and my sister would really like to prevent Graham from falling ill too. We're still not completely sure of Herb's diagnosis, but both possibilities (chytrid or parasites) were contagious - and I really want to help my sister protect Graham from the same fate. Does anybody have any other further guesses or answers regarding Herb's sickness, or suggestions as to what to do now? Would Seachem StressGuard be beneficial and compatible with her African Dwarf Frog? I own that for my own aquarium and would like to add that as a preventative measure if it'll help. Thank you for everyone's responses.
  14. @KBOzzie59 No, he hasn't been eating well at all. My sister says he never goes up to the tweezers when she feeds him, and only eats when food is directly put in front of his mouth. Graham, in comparison, actively seeks out food and eats perfectly fine. Herb has been thin but he's lost even more weight, and she states that now he will barely eat at all. @Baphijmm Thank you for the advice! My sister performed a 25% water change after those test results to bring down the ammonia. Sometimes it's our mother that feeds the tank members when my sister's at university, and she's definitely more liberal with the food and doesn't clean excess up afterwards. I'll reiterate with both of them again how important it is to watch their feeding. As for the possible parasites, are those contagious? Should my sister quarantine Herb while she tries to cure him? I only have one betta of my own, so I don't know too much about dealing with sicknesses in community tanks. Thank you for the help!
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