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  1. It was easy. I just swapped every pair of 20's in one of my racks for 75's. 😁 Now we wait to see how long the 20's stay in the shed.
  2. I would shim because the water level would bug me. If you do decide to shim it then shim the wood, not the tank.
  3. I just got a delivery from them yesterday. The packing tape they use goes completely around the box and states many times "Live Tropical Fish". Also per what I take to be common USPS practice it left a distribution center at 739am on Wed and then arrived at that same center at 348pm on Thur. guess the fish needed a tour of the town lol. Then it got sent to my town and delivered on Fri.
  4. If it is bubbling in the counter then co2 is flowing. In the time since you first posted I would think there is plenty of pressure in the line and suspect you have a leak some where between the manifold and the tank.
  5. Has to build up some pressure in that line but that shouldnt take long. Are you getting bubbles in your bubble counter?
  6. If you age it then you don't need to dechlorinate. However, if something goes wrong with the municipal water and they super chlorinate it or worse add chloramine then you probably won't know it until you put it in your tanks and your fish are suffering.
  7. https://www.facebook.com/groups/469068847977778/about is the FB page
  8. I got my starter on E-bay and I see several posted there now also.
  9. @JessYou could go with grindal worms. they are big enough for adults. They sink pretty fast so my hatchets don't get many but all the rest of my fish love them.
  10. Of course you can have both 🤦‍♂️ and that will give me a lot more hours of design/redesign.
  11. That's my daydream dilemma, ease of netting fish and better display vs more tanks in the lineup. Also the "stack" of 20 longs would be lower. Just can't figure out if those benefits outweigh the loss of tanks per sq ft.
  12. To pass the time at work I often daydream about opening a LFS. Could never happen IRL as my town way too small and there are 3 good ones within 45 minute drive of me. I usually go with ACO type racks but can never decide on 20 talls or 20 longs for the sales tanks. Thought it might be fun to discuss what you would use and why.
  13. You can feed them back to your colony also.
  14. Looking at the EPA website it appears that even the EPA does not know yet what levels are harmful to people or the environment. Studies are ongoing.
  15. Overflow water in/water out. Reading the options I think I'll probably go with the filter for the following reasons. 1. Treating a prefill tank would require a tank that's taking room that could be a fish tank. 🙂 2. Dosing pump seems slightly risky as there wouldn't be a notice of failure unless I either noticed it not running or that the fish were in trouble. 3. Since I know about how much water I would run through the system and how long the filter is rated for, I could just subtract a 10% safety factor and schedule the changes.
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