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  1. Do you mind explaining what a granuloma is? Also the only other things I haven’t tried are a paracleanse-only treatment and I haven’t tried giving Kanaplex through food. If you think those treatments won’t help, then I guess we’ll just have to deal with it until it’s time. Thank you for your help, I appreciate it
  2. Hi all, I posted in February asking if my betta fish, Benedict, was developing a tumor and what I should do. I feel that I personally didn’t really get enough answers. So, I decided to quarantine him in Feb for a week and gave him a Kanaplex treatment. I thought this helped for a while, but the growth got bigger and white. Since then, I’ve tried two rounds of the aquarium co-op trio method. Didn’t seem to improve. Last week I noticed that the growth looked open and pink, so I did a round of Maracyn with the manufacturer’s directions. I started that treatment last Monday and today I did a 50% water change. His condition has seemed to worsen. I’ve also tried aquarium salt in conjunction with the medication, but I couldn’t tell if that helped. I’ve just put almond leaves in the tank today because I’m not sure what else to do, because I don’t even know what the problem is. My tank is 5 gallons and has live plants, a sponge filter, heater that was set to 79 and is now set to 75, and my water parameters are where they should be. The only GOOD thing is that Benedict still has a great appetite and is able to swim around normally. He acts like there’s not even a problem. Please help us. I’m not sure what to do anymore and I don’t want to lose my fishy friend due to not knowing what’s wrong. (The first picture shown is when I first noticed the bump. The second picture is badly lit but that was when it turned white while in quarantine. The last two are from today.)
  3. Update: I’ve had Benedict in a quarantine tank for the past two days. Specifically, it’s a large Exo Terra Faunarium that’s filled halfway (not sure how many gallons that is but he’s able to swim comfortably). I’ve been dosing the water with aquarium salt and Kanaplex. I’ve also been doing daily water changes since I only have an air pump going for surface agitation. I also have a preset heater in the tank and it’s been at about 77 degrees. Benedict has been swimming and eating normally. I feel like the lump has gone down, and there was a white spot on it but it’s gone away. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do or change?
  4. I should mention that I do have Kanaplex on hand, sorry
  5. Hi all, My 1 year old betta fish, Benedict, has been having a couple issues that I started to notice last week. I'm trying to fix the tail ripping/prevent fin rot with almond leaves, but I'm not sure if it's from tearing or fin nipping, since he has long fins. The thing that's worrying me more than the ripping is the lump that's formed on his head. I first noticed it when I noticed the tail ripping, but it's grown drastically in size over the past week. My water perimeters are normal, I do water changes every other week since I have live plants. I do have rocks in the aquarium, so maybe they are tearing his fins, despite not being sharp. I'm about to put some aquarium salt in the tank. I don't think the medications I have on hand could help with the lump. Any help would be great. Thank you!
  6. I do have the Xtreme Community Crave flakes and my betta absolutely hates them. I might try to feed them to my snail. I've also seen her take a few bites of some frozen brine shrimp and bloodworms that my betta couldn't catch, haha 🙂 I do also feed her Fluval Bug Bites Algae Crisps, which I just found out has 43.5% protein. Maybe I should feed her those more often 🙂
  7. Okay, that makes sense. She is moving around normally and has been munching on her Kat's Aquatics tablet. What do you recommend feeding for protein? I'll also definitely order some green beans for her today! Thank you!
  8. Hi! My tank has been established since January, so maybe the water change affected her somehow?
  9. Hi all, I just noticed this morning that my female mystery/apple snail has some white fuzz growing on her shell. We know she's female because she's been laying eggs on and off since early August. My water parameters are where they should be and I have live plants. My temperature stays between 76-78 degrees F. I also have a betta fish in the tank (it's 5 gallons) and added a whole almond leaf last week for preventative measures. I do have a tiny bit of an ammonia spike since I'm currently also trying to revive some dead Christmas Moss that I purchased from my local fish store a week ago. I did a water change two days ago since measuring this spike. I have been using crushed coral in my tank since May, when I got my snail. She also primarily eats Kat's Aquatics Calcium + Nutrition and Fluval Bug Bites Algae Crisps. I'm worried if she's getting enough calcium, despite my efforts with the crushed coral and snail food. The medications I have on hand right now are: API Aquarium Salt, Kordon Ich Attack, Seachem Kanaplex, Seachem Focus, and Seachem Equilibrium. I appreciate any help and advice in advance.
  10. Alright, I picked up all the medicines you recommended and added the aquarium salt into the tank! I hope the salt does the trick! Thanks again!
  11. @Colu Quick question: do I only add the salt once or do I need to do multiple doses?
  12. @BAT@Colu Alright, sounds good! I’ll pick up some salt and Kanaplex in the morning 🙂 Thanks for your help! I really appreciate it!
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