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Found 14 results

  1. i just added a female fancy swordtail to my main tank last night, but this morning i saw a red spot on my other female swordtail. is it a disease or could the two have fought each other? ive never seen this bofore the spot doesnt seem to be raised of anything
  2. I have two yellow labido males who have been suffering from Hemorrhagic Septicemia. I have had these fish since they were fry and are now 3 inches . They are currently isolated in a 20g with a separation. They have blood red pectoral fin bases and redness on their noses as well. So far I have tried keeping the water as pristine as possible. I did one round of Hikari BiFuran Plus with zero improvment. Then I tired one round of Kanaplex with zero improvement. Then I tried feeding pellets soaked in Kanaplex for 10 days and zero improvement. So now I am stumped. The fish are behaving 100% normally and eat very well. The redness has not spread to other parts of the body. I feel bad euthanizing them because they are seemingly doing well. Does anyone have any other suggestions for me to try? Thanks!
  3. My Cory has a weird spot by his/her gills. It's a little red and has a white spot. He hasn't been swimming around much lately but the other Cory's seem to be fine. I tested my water and the ph was a little low. The ammonia was off but only slightly and I'm going to fix that in the morning. I took the Cory out of the tank and I'm going to set up my old tank somewhere so he can be alone incase it's a disease. I have four Cory, one pleco, two guppies and a molly. I have some plants in the tank idk if that changes anything I'm not an expert. I had a piece of drift wood in the tank but I just removed it because my pleco dug under it and junk was in it. I don't have specific Cory food but they eat the same algae waffers I put in for my pleco. I'm in b.c. and we just recently had a temperature spike so I had to turn down my heater because the temp was getting a little too high. All my other fish are doing well and my pleco isn't discoloured at all. My pleco is Harold and he is very sensitive about things, if I move a rock or anything he starts to get stressed and he'll show little white spots for a few minutes until he's calm again. I'm pretty concerned about the little guy who's named Cinnamon. I had my pleco, molly and one Cory before, the pet store didn't tell me I needed a group of them. I went to get some more fish for my tank because the molly and the Cory seemed lonely. I got them from a family run store and they were all very passionate about fish and knew their stuff. It was a giant warehouse type bulding with so many aquatic animals from the size of guppies to things the size of large dogs. I got another three Cory and they're all getting along. Cinnamon is one of the new fish I got and I've had him for about a week and a half now. I don't think my pleco attacked him because the bite would be too small and I don't thing it was my guppies either. Might of been my molly but it's very calm and has never shown agressive behavior.
  4. Hi! Thanks for adding me to the group. I have a problem. I have a 30-year-old (yes he is 30 - I got him in 1991) spotted raphael catfish. His name is Spot. I don’t know how much information you would like but he’s in a 90 gallon tank with other fish - 3 clown loaches, : platys, 4 black tetras, 6 neon tetras, 3 black neon tetras & 1 bristlenose pleco. We got new fish a couple weeks ago and now my clown loaches have ick and Spot is not doing well. He stopped eating days ago which isn’t really that unusual. But the white on him is turning red, he is breathing super heavy and he’s out in the open. He is actually going up to the surface of the tank to get air. If you know anything about raphael cats this is not normal behavior. I’ve NEVER seen him do this. Something similar to this happened the last time we got new fish which was back in 2016. His white spots turned red and there was red stringy material coming out of them. Back then I was told that death was eminent but I found an old forum on the Internet that suggested putting him in a quarantine tank and treating him with 2 different meds and doing water changes every day for a month. It was a rough go but he survived. As an FYI Spot also survived the massacre of 1998. My boyfriend at the time did a water change for me as a favor but didn’t know you had to use dechlorinator. Every fish died except for Spot He’s a fighter!!!!! I spent 4 hours searching for that old forum on the Internet yesterday and can’t find anything. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. I love Spot. He’s been a part of my life for so long. And yes - I am never getting new fishes again. At least not while Spot is alive.
  5. While I was watching my fish evening I noticed a red spot on the side of one of my albino corys. To me, it looks like an injury, as if it poked itself on something. I couldn’t get a photo, but when it swims away it appears that it’s between 2 scales slightly under one. I wanted to see what you guys thought. Thanks
  6. One of my guppies is becoming red, internally? He is normally a pale yellow, but the past two days I have noticed his chest area/gills (not much but I think more than normal) and now his body have become red. He is acting normal, maybe slightly less active but he is never very active anyway. I have 4 guppies in a 10 gallon tank, he is the only one showing any signs of whatever this is, the others are fine. He doesn't get picked on as far as I see. Two mystery snails in the tank also, seem fine. I have had these guppies for about two months and this just started. I have been having algae growth recently, could cleaning that help him? I will try to attach the best picture I could get here, his body by his tail did not have ANY red before. Does anyone recognize this? It almost reminds me of a bruise. How can I help him? Are my other guppies in danger? Tank information: 10 gal Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 5 pH: 6.8 Did a 30% change yesterday. 4 guppies and two mystery snails.
  7. Just popped up today one of my female endlers has a blood red spot on her side behind the fin. It’s a bit raised. I’m not having much luck googling what this could be. not sure if this is parasite, internal, or an external injury. My plan is to try a salt bath tomorrow. checking here if there’s something else someone would recommend. Other meds I have on hand: - maracyn and maracyn 2 - paracleanse - prazipro - IchX - pimafix (which I’ve never used, but am now reading some scary reviews on it and not sure I want to) video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BIWGoShY7sypCUwGySrYfDrOK7ok9qgL/view?usp=drivesdk 16 gal with 3 adult, 2 “teenage” and 10ish Fry - all Endlers, cherry shrimp, mystery snails, nerite, and bladder/pond snails. 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 20-30 nitrate. Tomorrow I’ll do a 20% water change too. Thanks!
  8. images of fish: https://imgur.com/a/Ayb5c69 My fish is really sick. His top fin is completely gone now. He has a bright red spot inside of him. I treated the water with Furan-2 for 4 days and did a water change every day I added medicine. I dont know how much longer he will make it. Someone please help me asap Thank you
  9. I have a rescue comet goldfish almost for a month now. He was fine initially but developed some rashes and is under a lot of discomfort. He was darting/flashing try to rub himself anywhere possible. So I removed all the plants and decor. Treating him with Prazipro for possible flukes. After 1 day of treatment, his erratic behavior has stopped. He is doing great. No fins clamping. Feeding him peas to keep ammonia down. Looks like the red rashes will not go away that easily. From water test ammonia/nitrite/ nitrates are all zero or nitrates may be below 20ppm. The ph is stable at 7.0 and water temp now is now 78F was 72F but seems he likes it warm. He is in a 10G hospital tank. Changing water in 3 days and will do another round of Prazipro for 5 days may be. His size is around 1.8 inch now. Will move to my 55G tank after full recovery. I feel he is not as lively as he was when he came in, although he is eating and moving around. Fish gods please advise what do I do to make him happy and get rid of those red rashes and bring back his dashing personality. I hope I am not overseeing any other fatal diseases.
  10. So I found out this white molly has what I believe is red spot disease (correct me if wrong) I have qt her in a 2.5g ...(my hospital tank is full of angelfish babies) I thought at the beginning it was like, ...her guts showing or something because she’s so light colored she looks a bit translucent , but I noticed her head slightly changed to pink ish... but today is red and her side has a red spot too. I am treating with erythromycin, and added a bit of aquarium salt. But any other advice appreciated She's one of my fav fish, I have her in a 60 gallon community tank. I have her with 2 veil angels, 2 more mollies, a hillstream loach, a yoyo loach and a bunch of black neons (8 or 9) and zebra danios (also 8 ish), 8 ottos, 10 nerites and a shitload of mini ramshorns (the itty bitty ones). It's a heavily planted tank. Everybody else is perfectly fine. There is no aggression from anyone (I observe a lot) Parameters: pH 7.4, ammonia/nitrites 0, nitrates 25-30 ish. I did a wc yesterday, 50% Thank you in advance!
  11. I found a dying rice fish tonight with what appears to be some sort of intestinal complication and a red spot. I've had this fish along with 6 others in a 5 gallon tub for two weeks now. Since I can really only view them from above it's hard for me to say if this was showing any signs earlier. Nitrate 30 Nitrite 0 Gh 300 Kh 40 Ph 6.8 Temp ~65 room temp
  12. I found one of my Panda Cory's dead this morning, Had a red blotch or injury on his left side. Seemed fine yesterday. I check tank daily since I have had a few other Cory issues. Not sure if I should do a preventative dose of meds or if this was an injury. I have lost 3 Panda's from this shipment. One arrived dead, one died of fungus and now this - red blotch death. Tank parameters are all great. Water change on every Friday. 55gal tank. Tank mates: 6 honey gourami, 9 Harlequin Rasboro, 7 molly, 2 mystery snail, and 4 (-1 now) Panda Cory. I did the trio in QT, did Paracleanse on week3 and did Maracyne and IckX when fungus happened. All other fish seem ok.
  13. Hi everyone, Reaching out because one of our adult male guppies has developed a strange red spot on the tail (He has no red coloring normally). A few months ago, after bringing the tank home from school when my school shut down for CoVid, we had a different guppy (adult male, same basic coloring/type) that also developed a red spot and quickly passed. At the time, we thought it was in part due to the relocation, the poor water quality (I was uninformed and an idiot... I've since learned) and the fact that the adult females we had at the time had just given birth and WAY over-populated the tank. We've since re-homed the adult females and the babies, and moved the males into a new tank, with clean gravel, updated the filter, and gotten a heater that actually works, and the tank has been fully cycled for months (since we made all of those changes). The most recent change was the addition of some new fish almost 2 months ago (they were Qt'ed by our LFS for us and none have shown any signs of any diseases, and we medicated the tank). We had no problems until yesterday when this poor guy started hiding a lot and we spotted that spot on his tail. Tank stats: 15 gallon 5 Adult Male Guppies 12 Neon Green Tetras (We should be around 80% capacity according to the calculation website I used that showed up as a recommendation on this page at some point). Vallisneria, Cryptocoryne Parva, Java Moss, and Java Fern for live plants. Plenty of space for fish to hide when needed No Ammonia according to the test kit No/low Nitrites/Nitrates (hard to read my scribbled notes) Ph 8.4 The males, rarely, if ever fight, and this one doesn't ever even play rough (I've called him the mature one, since he doesn't get involved in petty fish squabbles). Current guess is some form of Fin Rot, we have some antibiotics that we can use to treat that, but we're hoping someone can either confirm, or inform us of what it actually is.
  14. So this is actually from about half a year ago. I've since lost this guppy and two others to this same disease, all of them were females. What happens is they would at first get sluggish and not swim around too much. Then they would stop eating. Usually around when they stop eating they start developing red spots(see photo) on their body. It usually just starts with a tiny red spot but then develop into larger patches, like internal bleeding. I was also seeing one of them flashing. And eventually they would die, usually the whole process takes about 1 week. I've treated this with salt and Maracyn 2, but neither made any improvement. After doing quite a bit of research on the internet i haven't find anything that matches this exactly, the strangest part was all the other inhabitants of that tank were fine, including the male guppies. So I was wondering if anyone here has any insight on what this could be and how to treat it.
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