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  1. Agreed I’ve only been able to spawn my gold lasers when I feed live black worms and when it rains I do a cold what we change and like magic I see spawning behavior but I’m not getting the same results with the neons even when I use the RO in containers with fiber so I’m going to try Java moss next.
  2. I think so too but all of my LF are that fat but I don’t think it’s over feeding since my SF males aren’t that big and I feed frozen cyclops and bloodworms most times and I fast them maybe every other day or very other 2 days so I’m just not sure why they aren’t breeding.
  3. Yup I’ve watched like 6 different videos from him using the containers with moss and then coco fiber. Do you think you can sex the LF for me with the pics I posted? To me they all look female from the blue curve but I’ve seen 2 of them sparing or maybe being a bit nippy. I might try to get a short fin female to try with the LF since I’ve only tried the short fin males.
  4. I really think my issue could be sexing them today I caught 2 neons maybe sparing but they were both LF so idk it was breeding behavior or just being a bit nippy since it’s only 6 in a 20L tank all 4 of my LF look fat like a female so I bought 2 short fin males but now idk it’s hard to tell apart the LF cause they all look the same. I’ll try to take some clearer pictures tomorrow to share since the pictures I shared aren’t the best but maybe you can see that they have a big blue curve compared to the short fin neons.
  5. That’s the kind of tank they are in now except for algae covered but it’s densely planted, seeded and kinda dirty but all I’ve read about breeding or videos I’ve watched they want low ph rain water type of setup. Sometimes I think I stress them out too much when catching them to move to a container so I wanted to try a short term tank to give them some time to relax although they stay colored up when they are in the container. I originally had a all clear container but I recently painted 3 sided black and the top with just 1 side clear to look inside but I haven’t had a chance to try them again but I think tomorrow will be the day to try. They took me a while to find and I could only buy 4 at $15 a piece from a fish store 1 hour away and I wanted to breed them so I could stock a display tank with them and maybe take some to my LFS to sell.
  6. I have been growing out these LF neons for a couple of months now and I have tried to breed them by putting them in a container with RO water and Rhyzomat fiber but I haven’t had any luck getting eggs. I’m thinking maybe I’m having a problem sexing them since they all look like plump females. I’ve also gotten 2 normal males incase the LF males can’t breed but still nothing. My next attempt will be trying them with Java moss and a sponge filter in a 2.5g tank but any advice would be helpful.
  7. Anyone have any updates? I found some at my LFS and wanted to know if I should try them or not in my 14g cube. Thanks in advance!
  8. How is your tank set up? I have a 14g cube outside with 1 male and 3 females with a lot of guppy grass and large black round river rocks on bottom half and doing filter on the other side on crushed coral and they are breeding well outside.
  9. I’m setting up an acrylic clarity plus 26 gallon half hex tank. The fish I plan to house are some clown killifish, rosy loach, a pair of super bristlenose pleco. The plan is to have it heavily planted tank in an island type of layout for a the fry to hide and will be trying to fill most of the back with some jungle Val. I also thought about adding a school of CPDs but I’m not sure if that will over stock the tank with any babies that might survive if any. I’m still growing plants while I get the fish together and start to grown them out.
  10. Does anyone know where I can find the PDF for the posters from the shrimp king. Thanks in advance.
  11. Bought some UG from my local Petco it was an impulse buy and now I need some advice for growing it in my 20 gallon long with a 24” fluval 3.0 as my lighting. My substrate is fluorite black sand mixed with black eco complete (I’ll be taking out the brown substrate that is currently in the tank and adding the eco-complete).
  12. Rili shrimp I think they look Nice 👍🏼
  13. That’s just a picture of how I started setting up my take its planted and with a lid but I’m going to upgrade my 10 gallon to another 20 gallon long soon and I think that’s what I want to try out thanks a lot I appreciate it
  14. I think you’re right that’s what they look like to me too👍🏼
  15. How many silver tip tetras would you put in a 20 gallon long tank🤔?
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