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Found 11 results

  1. I’m setting up an acrylic clarity plus 26 gallon half hex tank. The fish I plan to house are some clown killifish, rosy loach, a pair of super bristlenose pleco. The plan is to have it heavily planted tank in an island type of layout for a the fry to hide and will be trying to fill most of the back with some jungle Val. I also thought about adding a school of CPDs but I’m not sure if that will over stock the tank with any babies that might survive if any. I’m still growing plants while I get the fish together and start to grown them out.
  2. So I have a pair of clown killifish for about four weeks. One definitely has darker bands than the other and has a reflective spot behind the eyes that you can see from above (2nd photo). Also that particular one has a very slight hint of orange you can see from above. However, it isn't doesn't have the truly telltale tailfin coloration. How long does it take for rocket killifish to fully mature and is the reflective dot a sexing trait? Or am I just overly hopeful and I probably got two females?
  3. I would like to know... 1. If trio in 3 gallon tank is way too small? 2. Using sponge filter is ok? I read they do not like strong flow. Is it best to not have filter in there and just water change every 3 days or something? 3. Like any other fish, if I put in red cherry tank, killifish would eat the shrimplets? 4. At first I was thinking of putting them into 75 gallon tank with guppy but I read many that said they nips guppy's big tail so I am thinking if it is best to consider with 10 gallon shrimp tank or use 3 gallon tank. Bigger the better I think but if I use 3 gallon, it will be killifish only tank. Thank you.
  4. Any clown killifish breeder or specialist that could help me with this issue? https://forum.aquariumcoop.com/topic/13733-does-it-ever-stop-😭-clown-killifish-with-white-bump-on-lips/?tab=comments#comment-109421 Now my other female is sporting the same kind of bump, but under her chin. These 2 females chase each other all the time. There is no fuzzyness. Could it be an injury? Should I separate the female (I do have a 5 gallons with only shrimps)
  5. I have 3 mature clown killifish in a 15 gallons cycled planted tank, with 3 nerite snail and 5-7 orange shrimps. Temp is between 75 and 77. ph between 7.4 and 7.6, kh 4, gh 8, 0/0/(between 0 and 20). 30% WC + gravel siphon every week. The group is separated in a mated pair and another female (sometimes chased away either by the male or the other female). I bred my killifish and ended up with 13 babies. They are about 2 months now and 2 days ago I added them in the tank. Some are still small, others are almost adult size. 2 males started getting their color. Today I saw that my casted away female has a white bump on her lower lips. She still swim and eats. But she is flashing a lot of plants. I also noticed the male flashing once yesterday. What could it be? Can/should I treat the whole tank? My hospital tank is already occupied by my sick green neon tetras. As the female seems really bullied, should I Isolate her with 3-4 of the smallest babies (they prefer to be in group I read?) I do have a 5 gallons with the same parameters currently occupied only by 5 adults shrimps and a couple of little 4-5 days old babies. But in that tank too something seems off as i keep losing an adult shrimp every week or 2 weeks... I am starting to feel like a serial fish killer.
  6. Greetings! I have Clown killifish (1 male, 3 females) and the male and one female seems to be laying eggs so I was thinking maybe I could try breeding them. They are currently in a 15 gallons but I would move them for a few days in a plastic tub (about 2-3 gallons) because of the population of the 15 (shrimps, snails, etc.) Must I cycle the breeding tub? I plan to add a pre filter sponge that has been in my 15 gallons for a while and some of the substrate + cuts of plants when I am cleaning the tank so I am hoping that could count towards the cycling as well as populating the tub with micro organisms to feed on. A heater and a air stone will complete the setup. I have never bred any fish so is that ok? Any tips or suggestions? Must you absolutely hatch live baby brine or daphnia or can I be ok with fry food like hikari first bite and the north fin one( do not have access to aquarium co op products)? Thanks!
  7. Not sure what it is. No aggressive fish in my tank all nano and peaceful. Not sure what he could have hit to get this way either, water flow is pretty low.
  8. Kinda hard to get a pic of him, but noticed a slightly raised white spot on his side. Only fish I see that has it. also, any info on why there is so much debris in my tank?
  9. can I keep and breed them in a large plastic storage containers(6-12 quarts)? or should I just breed them in there and keep them in a 5 or 10 gallon I want to try some new fish but I don't want to rehome any I have currently and I'm on a very low budget(because of my reef tank) so I want to try breeding something and I don't want to do guppies if not could I do cherry shrimp anything else that could potentially live in a large plastic storage containers?
  10. I’ve been doing some research looking for a pair of killifish to go with a 20 long community tank of CPD’s, otos, shrimp, and a hillstream loach. I’m trying to find options of killis that don’t get very big and stay in that nano size but will pop some shrimplets from time to time so they don’t get out of control. What do you all recommend? I know the clown killi but looking at other options as well. Thank you.
  11. I am making a second attempt at growing out a group of clown killifish for a try at a future large colony. First attempt ended with one female making it out of quarantine. Any suggestions for foods to try? I was considering incorporating golden pearls with the standard BBS and coop fry food. Not yet experienced with the killifish fry or extremely small juveniles. Thanks much.
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