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Found 4 results

  1. Just purchased 6 ember tetras to start a new tank. Will it be ok to add more to the school later on or will the existing embers school more on their own?
  2. Thought I would ask here, do you guys think I can stock a planted 10 gal with a small honey gourami, some small rasboras (or maybe some neon green tetras? I heard regular neons like a little more space so I'm a bit skeptical.) and a school of pygmy cories? Or would that be too much? I plan to water change a lot btw, however much is necessary without disrupting them too much. Have a Tetra Whisper 40 HOB (which I'm positive probably pumps half the amount of water it advertises) filled to the brim with sponge (quite literally) and a small little sponge filter.
  3. I could be crazy or speculating but I just noticed something these past few weeks . . . . I have a moderately planted 125 gallon. About two years back, when I set it up, I moved about a dozen otos into it. Over that time, their numbers appeared to dwindle. I re-scaped the tank about 6 month ago and as the new plants were settling in, I had a large algae outbreak so I figured I'd replace my missing otos. I went to my LFS, got a dozen more and added those into the tank. Since I've added these new ones, it appears the others were there all along, just hiding and not very active. However, now I just counted a school of over 20+. I don't have any aggressive fish in this aquarium that would force anything into hiding in my experience, nor anything that's much larger than an oto. Zebra Danios are probably the largest fish i currently have in that specific tank. So what I'm observing in my tank at least is that they appear to be more highly active in this larger school (20+ members) and eating more algae. Obviously there's more of them so of course more algae gets consumed. But I never saw the older ones grazing at all, and this this lead me to the impression that I only had 2 or so left in the aquarium. Am I crazy, or has anyone else had experience with this? Do larger school numbers encourage more activity in terms of not hiding as well as actively consuming more? For me I'm going to speculate the tipping point was getting the school above a dozen members. Before I upped the numbers, algae was overtaking everything. Every surface was coated. A week after upping the oto numbers, the algea was completely consumed. Why were the original dozen so reclusive and apparently not very hungry?
  4. How many silver tip tetras would you put in a 20 gallon long tank🤔?
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