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  1. i just setup a 15 tall cube with 4 puffers and 6 lambchops, its still day 3 of the combination and it seems everyone is mostly minding. the only in fighting im starting is between the peas establishing their territories. id like to know by anyone watching's experience, does adding Chichlid caves help?
  2. it looks like your tank is going its initial growing pains, every new aquarium will get melt and algae. its part of the process. water changes once a week and aquarium coop test strips will ensure your good. on a side note, your amazon sword is still a baby, ive had one for a year now and its nearing the top of my 24" tall aquarium (those things get HUGE)
  3. Thanks all! I ended up with a Tidal35, tripled the foam thickness and added floss to clear out that new tank fog👍 btw the tidal rattled like that aqueon junker i was fighting with, thankfully the petroleum jelly trick worked on this one👍
  4. i am setting up a 15 gallon tall aquarium that included a crap HOB filter that sounds like a jackhammer in the distance..... im considering either a Sicce Tidal or a Shark series. i have zero experience with hang on backs or the internal style because i guess ive been spoiled by my 3 fuval tanks that have internal sumps. what would you guys recommend? im used to having everything contained, nearly silent other than water noise and enough room to put multiple pounds of bio media in the back. my concern with the tidal is vibration sound and my concern with the shark is room for bio media. oh yeah, and i decided to get a rimless 17 mr aqua, went wih a sicce whale canister for the same reasons above i figure with the internal, i could add an extra add on cartridge and full blown ocd organize a ton of bio rings vs the tidal would end up being a massive sponge pile and a small bag of bio on top
  5. so based on this list, my new freebie Aqueon quietflow 10 will fit a 50 with room leftover for bio rings and of course one of Cory's famous mini pre filter sponge!
  6. Half de rimmed and Filled the new Aqueon 15 column… So upon taking it out of the box, the base fell off and revealed the assemblers handiwork… there’s so much sloppy silicone fingerpainted onto the seams, you’d think it was a first time diy tank😳 I may take off the top rim next…
  7. Is it the new re branded fluval sponges? I wonder if it was a bad batch. Also, does it smell like cigarettes, grease and depression? (That smell that hits you when you walk into harbor freight)🤣
  8. Could always add plywood to stop any twisting if it feels unstable…
  9. Inches, I’m honestly surprised nobody has measured these before, they’ve been on the market for decades now🤣
  10. I was thinking it would be easier to bulk modify filters if the sponge sizes were known😅
  11. So I ended up going to the store with a tape and measured all they had😅 110 3-1/2x3-1/2x9-3/4 70 3-1/2x2x5-1/2 50 2-1/4x1-1/2x4-1/2 30 3-3/4x1-1/2x2-1/4
  12. i have scoured the internet to try and find the dimensions of the Aquaclear pre cut sponge filters. short from going to the store and getting evil looks while i open every veriety of box and whip out a tape measure...... could we put together a complete list of replacement sponge filter dimensions? i know the sponges are sold in various sizes and marketed for the filter it was originally intended for... but i am looking to "hotrod" a filter and this information would be super useful! Aquaclear has 20, 30, 50, 70, 110 versions. thanks!
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