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Found 14 results

  1. Greetings! I bought 2 boxes of Aquaclear filter insert foam (for 20-50 gallons) I rinced them as instructed but they still smell chemical or something. Is it normal? I wrote to Hagen about it and they said no. However when I read some reviews on the product, some people do mention the smell…
  2. I'm trying to track down a stressor/problem in my aquarium and I could use some insight regarding the smell of a tank. My tank smells earthy, like dirt, most of the time. I believe that's good, planted tank (20 gal long, floating, mosses and ferns), populated with 15 guppies, a bristle pleco, 15 shrimp and 4 mystery snails. But when I clean it, specifically gravel vac it, it smells like sulphur (rotten eggs). Is that an indicator of something bad? Seems like it would be. Are more water changes the answer? My levels are all good I think (amm 0%, nitrite 0%, nitrate 10%, ph 7.4, kh 5, gh 9) except for phosphate which comes out of the tap at 1.0 ppm and is currently 3-4 ppm in my tank. Don't know what I should be looking for but generally the fish have clamped fins except for a couple of them. I worry I overfeed them but it's not excessive, meaning there isn't food in the tank after five minutes, but I have dealt with swollen bladder issues in the past so I'm working on it and still trying to find the perfect amount. Any insights are hugely appreciated, thanks so much!
  3. Guys Im just doing a water change and the API stress coat water conditioner smells like rotten eggs. Should I bin it or would it still be safe to use??
  4. What do you guys and gals use for tank smell what some other tricks to keep it from smelling ?
  5. So i got some new fish food. They are bottom feeder protein pellets, and they have increased the fishy smell of my fish tank. So i was wondering drawing on experience from our community here, if anyone had any cool, neat, tips or tricks for reducing fish tank odors? I know the obvious is to add activated carbon to filter media, but thinking outside the box, from wall plug in fragrance dispersers to who knows what else, might be a fun topic of conversation.
  6. ... that duckweed smells like cilantro? Either that, or maybe I have some serious allergy/sinus issues going on. 😆😆😆
  7. Hello folks, i had two tiger lotus bulbs I got from the Co-op, (unsprouted) and put them in an aquarium loose to sprout them so I can plant them the right way up. One is fine and is now planted, but I realized the other sprouted too but really smells (sulphur/rotten eggs) smell so I’ve removed it to a container about a week ago. The leaves have continued to grow but the bulb still stinks 😷 Should I just throw it out, or continue to see if it will grow? I thought perhaps I could cut the bulb or something, but none of it feels soft/rotten, still hard to to the touch. I’m loath to throw it out since it did sprout and I don’t want to waste it and it’s a living thing. thank you for any advice!
  8. Can someone please help with some advice. I recently purchased a 40 breeder aquarium and put 2 juvenile fancy goldfish in it. Within 15 minutes I noticed a bad smell. It smelled like vomit / a filthy disgusting lake. Just a very gross smell. Maybe a hint of rotten eggs to it. I used a Giant seeded sponge filter from another cycled tank . The ammonia levels were 0 ppm. nitrites 0ppm and my nitrates were the lowest I've ever seen like maybe 5 to 10 ppm. I have no idea why the tank smelled so bad. I tried everything. I bought lots and lots of carbon. I bough chemi- pure, purigen. I even added an adittional marineland penguin pro hang on back filter. So that was 2 filters running. One was the 375 gph and the other the 275 gph. And still the smell was just as bad. One week went by and I gave up. I brought the fish back to the store that I had purchased them and decided to call it quits. I did a 100% water change and the smell has drastically reduced. It's basically almost completely gone. Did this happen because gold fish are just very dirty fish with such a high bio load? The tank smelled fine before I put them in there. Should I get rid of all of my substrate / plants/ decorations and start all over? or can I just keep that in there and just wait a little while? Will this possibly happen with cleaner tropical fish like tetras? or was it because of goldfish? If anyone has any type of answer please let me know I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
  9. Has anyone used grape wood before? Does the sulfur smell go away and is it dangerous for my fish? I recently purchased two large pieces of sand blasted grapevine/wood off of Etsy. The seller said all their wood was aquarium safe, so I did my normal soak routine. I put them in a bucked and covered with water and a handful of pond snails from my 55g. The past several days everything has been fine. The pieces turned the water cola colored but I just continuously swapped the water and let the snails eat the white fuzz. But this morning the water smelled off and when I took the pieces out they smelled awful. I’ve never had this problem with spider or mopani wood. Normally, I’d keep going until the water starts to clear up and then float them in the 55g until they sink completely, then set up the new tank. But I don’t want to release anything into my tanks.
  10. Hello all, i recently treated three tanks with the med trio. One tank i started treating yesterday and the other two i started today. So one of the tanks i treated today is making my room smell god awful, somewhat like an algae smell. The only difference between all three tanks is the one that has the odor does not have live plants(it has sand with multis) Is this normal? Should i be concerned? Im doing the preventative method of treatment as well. So one full week of treatment; not whats on the back of the boxes. Thanks for the help.
  11. A couple of days ago I got my 55 gallon setup with Fluval Stratum and also got some "Natural Creek Stone" I got from Home Depot, thought it would be a money saver, look neat against the black background and substrate. I did rinse and clean the rocks. However, after 2 days have gone by I am noticing a sulfur smell. I've never used Fluval Stratum before but I also don't think that's where the smell is coming from. I have a feeling it is coming from the rocks. Someone had suggested I boil/bake the rocks but I do have a concern about explosions and not sure that would necessarily fix the problem--but then again I don't know. The tank is not stocked with any fish and won't be until likely after the holidays. Other concerns about the rocks, because hindsight is 20/20, is whether or not the rocks will alter the water chemistry, hardness, etc over time. I plan on doing a large school of neon tetras and possibly other fish that prefer similar water parameters. Haven't completely decided on everything. My gut instinct is to remove the rocks and find a new purpose for them, after all once plants are taking over the tank I probably won't see much of the bottom anyway. I don't know what type of rock these are other than they're natural creek stone and not cement. I guess the first question is to rule out the possibility that the Fluval Stratum would be the cause of the smell? Second is the likelihood of these rocks being an issue. I'm not opposed to removing the rocks but wouldn't mind not having to remove them either. edit: The water parameters after 24 hours after filling were: pH 6.6, GH 72 ppm, KG 36 ppm, Ammonia 1 ppm, Nitrite 0 ppm and Nitrate >0 but less than 5 ppm. I rechecked the water and nothing has changed (that I can measure).
  12. Hi everyone, new fish keeper here. I bought a new 55g tank a couple weeks ago and am currently waiting for the tank to cycle. Shortly after adding water to the tank I noticed a strange smell. I couldn't even try to describe. I figured it would clear up after a few days which it did for the most part. Last night I did a partial water change since the nitrites seemed unusually high (2.0+ ppm) and now the tank is smelling again. Here are the contents of my tank. Any idea what it might be? Thanks in advance! No Fish Fluval C4 Filter API Quick Start added initially PetValu Essentials Water Conditioner Ecocomplete substrate - did not wash as packing said this was unnecessary 1 Dragon Rock - rinsed well before placing in the tank 1 Mopani Driftwood - boiled for 30 minutes Several Plants - Java fern, Hygro Willow, Java moss from LFS; Vallisneria and Crypt Lucens from existing tank
  13. Hello everyone~ I purchased a dwarf aquarium lily from the co-op and had it for a little over a week. I took it out to check on it during a water change and it smelled awful. The bulb didn't feel mushy but there is some white fungus growing on it. No new growth yet. Is it normal for the bulbs to be that stinky? Thanks~
  14. Hey everyone. I recent purchased 5 siamese algae eaters and 5 Mollies for my 20 gallon and 75 gallon display tank, respectively. I set up my 15 gallon quarantine tank, dropped in the cycled sponge filter and some 5 gallonsish of water from the 75 gallon. I've been doing 50% WC everyday (day 5 now). Nitrates are less than .25, nitrites are 0 and ammonia is under .25 before the water change I've been keeping the tank at about 80°f as thats what my other tanks are at for the Julies. I don't have a light on the tank, light reaching the tank is a small window shining into a small room indirectly. Why on earth does my tank smell like a swamp!? I had some API fungal guard in the tank previously with one of my Julies. After the treatment I tore the tank down, cleaned everything with hydrogen peroxide and let it all sit dry for over a week. Then I set it up with all the trimming and within a day the water started to tinge green and get a smell. I've been doing water changes and dosing with some starter bacteria. But always within a day it gets swampy again. My assumption is the the sponge filter alone isn't enough filtration for the current number of fish and some sort of algae or bacteria is starting to bloom. The fish don't look any worse for wear at the moment. I drop an algae wafer in for food and they tend to eat most of it before I change the water. With no health issues and not crazy parameters, I assume it fine to drive on until the cycle starts in earnest?
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