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Found 15 results

  1. So I got a Tidal 55 as I had seen very positive things about it and it helps me sleep a little easier knowing a late night power outage won't effect it like it would for the bio filter in my Aquaclear 50. So I've had the Tidal 55 up and running for about 2-3 weeks now and I have to say I like almost everything about it but I feel like it does a terrible job of actually pulling floating debris out of the water column (which is kind of the whole purpose of having a filter, right?). Anyone else have any experience with this? I have coarse sponge attached to the surface skimmer and the intake tube (which I really wish was longer! I had extensions on my AC that got right near the substrate). Having the debris floating has been so bothersome I'm thinking of going back to my AC and just dealing with repriming. I could keep the thing running the entire time I did water changes too with the intake extension. I have to turn the Tidal off for even a small water change.
  2. I have an aquaclear 20 and every time I do a water change and try to start it back up (filled with water of course) It doesn't start and I have to fettle around with the impeller and sometimes clean it just to get the thing to start. Its really annoying me and I don't know how or if I can fix this. has anyone had this problem before? Its making me wish I got a tidal filter instead. 😞
  3. i have scoured the internet to try and find the dimensions of the Aquaclear pre cut sponge filters. short from going to the store and getting evil looks while i open every veriety of box and whip out a tape measure...... could we put together a complete list of replacement sponge filter dimensions? i know the sponges are sold in various sizes and marketed for the filter it was originally intended for... but i am looking to "hotrod" a filter and this information would be super useful! Aquaclear has 20, 30, 50, 70, 110 versions. thanks!
  4. Wanted to see how much i could fit so can order enough media ?
  5. I bought the AquaClear 110, on recommendation from Friendly Local Fish Store Guy (whom I no longer patronize) for my 65 gallon tank. I noticed the AquaClear 70 on the shelf, which is rated for up to 70 gallons ($35 cheaper...) , but FLFSG said 'you can never have too much filtration'. (That's somewhat debatable, but let's put that aside for now.) Now, with the 110 I've noticed something that isn't good: The output flow is so strong in my tank that my fish - black neons, black widow tetras, platys - none of which are very strong swimmers, shy away from the output spillage of that filter, which is so strong it means they shy away from at least 25% of the tank. I surmise that as my plants grow, they will also bend away from that area. Suggestions for limiting the output flow on this filter? It has a flow control button which the instructions mention, but don't explain how to use. I found some videos explaining how to use it, but it has little or no impact on the output flow (several sites have confirmed that it doesn't work). I prefer not to shell out another $70 or $80 on a new filter, and go through the mess of transferring the cycling filter material into a new filter, so what's the best way to limit the output flow on this filter?
  6. Anyone have any good tips on cleaning this part on an AC? A have two of these: one for the filter, one as a back up. When algae builds up, I soak one in a tub of vinegar for a few days, and switch out the other one. This only takes a little portion out. I've tried tiny baby bottle brushes, and that doesn't help a ton either. Does someone have a DIY fix, or another type of brush that does the trick?
  7. Hey everyone I am setting up a new 29 gallon tank and I have an aqua clear 50 going on it. I was just curious what the best placement is to get flow around the tank? Is it best on the side of the aquarium so it’s flowing long ways across the tank. Or hanging off the back of the tank either in the middle or either side and bouncing off the front glass?
  8. Is it safe for a tank with some cardinal tetras? if not what pre filter fits it TIA?
  9. I have 2 AquaClear 50's on my new 75g. I'm really tempted to replace them with 2 large sponge filters. Also looking at Nano circulation pump...... I have 480 gpm that is way to much. IDK I wanna do it, but do I neeeeeeeed to? LOL Im thinking I can afford to do it, so just do it. Okay, I talked myself into it. Tank does not look as good now. Lost some fish and running meds as I some how managed to introduce "something" in my tank, so I'm working on that now.
  10. I have a 10-gallon tank in my bedroom, and in the quiet of the night, I can hear my AquaClear 30's lid vibrating. Removing the lid prevents heat conservation and triggers too much evaporation. So I stretched a thin rubber band around the back part of the lid's lip: This suspends the lid a millimeter or two above the filter, yet holds it in place: No more vibrations! Enjoy, Bill
  11. Ive added a prefilter to my Aqauclear 20. Wanted thoughts from the group on ditching the small bag of ceramic bio rings in order to make more room for another layer if fine filtration. My thought process is its such a small amount of bio rings that its overall contribution to maintaining healthy bacteria is small compared to what is left in the mechanical filtration. Am I overthinking this?
  12. I have 2 aqua clear 110s on my 75g and im gonna stock the tank with 10 juvenile saulosi. I know i have enough filtration but i think its gonna be way too much flow. Should i just use 1 filter to slow the flow down?
  13. I recently purchased an AquaClear 30. I viewed Cory's Blog that the filtration could be enhanced through insertion of additional filters into the reservoir, and recommended coarse filters. The Blog also mentioned placement of a filter on the end of the intake tube. Would this be a coarse, round filter? Any specific recommendations? And, presumably only the tip of of the intake tube is inserted into the filter, correct? Additionally, to prevent fry from being sucked in to the system, I read that a filter could be inserted into the intake tube. Did I understand this correctly? Are there additional options, such as a screen? In any case, should the inserted filter also be coarse, so as to not cause stress on the intake motor?
  14. I heard Hat Trick Farm Joey say over on a morning Live stream earlier this week with Father Fish that the design has changed, at least in the smaller models. She said she has to buy a 110 soon and will let us know. If this proves to be true, the best feature - the oversized media basket - is no longer easy to customize and, in my opinion, transforms this rattletrap of a filter into junk. Has anyone purchased the 110 model recently? Can anyone confirm or deny?
  15. Hey all, not gonna bore you to much with fancy words and what not. Just gonna let the pictures speak for themselves. (Sort of) This is an eheim pre-filter. If you cut the strainer off one of the intake tubes for an aquaclear 110 or 70; then wrap the top tube of the prefilter cage with Teflon tape. It will wedge nicely into the intake tube. unfortunately the sponge that comes with the eheim prefilter (white) greatly restrics the flow of an aquaclear when its brand new. You can see its a much finer sponge than the aquarium co op prefilter sponge. Because of this they need to be cleaned almost daily. but an aquarium coop med. Prefilter sponge fits the eheim pre-filter cage, almost. a 5 second trim later and presto. Fits like a glove. It takes 2 med sponges to fill the cage (the cage comes in two sections. But is so worth it. For those who may not know there is an ancient blood feud between turtles and sponges. A feud my turtles still honor to this day. So much so, I'm convinced that ritual prefilter/sponge filter sacrifice has become a rite of passage for the turtles living here. Which is why I'm super stoked about this mod. No more senseless sponge massacres and a working filter !!
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