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  1. I think I know what he had its call epistylis. It's a bacterial infection that can commonly effect the eye and cause fin erosion ( the holes he had in his fin). The spots look a little different from ich in which they're more fungal looking. It's caused from poor water quality and he was sick when I got him from petco. Thought I'd share incase anyone else ever comes across this issue. ^_^ https://seriouslyfishy.club/epistylis-fish-illness/
  2. L I snuck back into the room he's in the other day to see him picking the food off the bottom of the tank. Also, saw him playing in the bubbler yesterday. By this morning all the food was gone and he was eating the bug bits I gave him today. I'll have some freshly hatched brine shrimp for him ^_^ Thank you for your help and advice everyone! 😄
  3. He's doing way way better! All the spots are gone. Hes swimming around and active. He's interested in food, but he keeps spitting it out. I've tried given him bug bits, hikari fancy guppy micropellets, bloodworms (even cut into peices), and garlic soaked frozen brine shrimp. Im hatching out some brine shrimp. Maybe he'll like that. 😞 It's been 1.5 days since he's been back on his feet. . .fins. Does he just need time. The bacterial/fungal treatment is done but I still have the tank at about 84.5 incase it was ich. Wont this temp boost his metabolism and make him super hungry?
  4. I just started treatment with api fungus cure and api fin and body cure (to treat the fin rot) and cracked the temp up to 85-86 incase its ich. After the fin rot treatments over in 4 days. Ill be starting treatment with ichx if he still has spots. The regimen for the api and ichx meds are different so I can't use at the same time. Also, can't find online if api and ich x are compatible. Oh, also added an almond leave and a resting platform right under the water surface for good measure. Api's website says all their products can be used in conjunction. He's already more lively. I'll let you all know my results ^_^
  5. His fins have holes that look kind of like fin rot. Could he have both or is this a fungal thing?
  6. I got this guy 5 days ago and he's developed white spots on one eye and faint white spots on his tail fin, and on the body. Fins have holes in it too. Is this ich, fungus, bacterial, columnaris? I have api fungal cure, api general cure, api furan 2, ich x, api fin and body, and aquarium salt. He hasn't eaten today. He just goes up gulps air then sits back down. It's a new tank, I put media from a established tank in the filter. I test ammonia daily. I think I may have hurt him when trying to net him about two days ago. Could I have caused this? 😞 1st photo when I got him 2nd 3rd photo today 4th the set up 5th hole in fins Ammonia 0 nitrites0 nitrates5 Ph 7.8 Temp 77-78
  7. It was my first time in that tank. I wasn't sure if easy green has enough to raise the nitrates significantly or if its low enough to barely affect the test. Ill look into nitrogen free fertalizers.
  8. Ive tried to add pathos before but the stem just rotted before it rooted. I think I did it wrong 😅 Any suggestions?
  9. Thank you for responding! Using a new api master test kit. I vigorously shake the second nitrate bottle for over a minute. Then add 10 drops of bottle one, shake vile a little to mix, add 10 drops bottle 2, then shake vial vigorously for 1min, then let sit for 5 mins. After 5 mins I read it while placed against the white part of the test result paper with a flash light right on it. I keep count of my fish to prevent that and they're all accounted for (Easily done during feeding time). Literally I can't think of anything I've changed. I added a new bubbler that adds more bubbles and smaller bubbles, may have changed the lighting. I get algae only on the top leaves of the ludwigia so I assumed the lighting was too strong. Turned down the intensity of light in return increased dim lighting time. I have a current brand light that I can add a fully adjustable sunrise sunset cycle. I didnt add fertalizer until 5 days ago. I added a dose of easy green 5 days ago and the nitrates have gone up from 30 to 40 if anything. Added more today thinking it maybe that there still isn't enough other nutrients for the plants to fully start take up nitrates and growing.
  10. Since set up, my nitrates for my 55 stayed around 5-10ppm (about 6 months now) but recently they went from 5ppm to 40ppm in a matter of a 2 weeks. I have a load of fast growing stem plants (ludwigia repens, anacharis) and floating plants (salvinia and water lettuce) to help with nitrates. I dont think the ludwigia has been growing as quick and they have algae growing on them now after the last small trimming. (All trimming were replanted in the same tank about 1.5 weeks ago) 0 ammonia 0 nitrites ph 7.8, fluval fx4 filter, airstone, prefilter sponge 20-22 juvenile corydoras, 16 juvenile rummynose tetras, 6 chili rasboras, 8 Amano shrimp, 8 ottoceiclus.
  11. I completely forgot to mention I have a sponge prefilter on my intake. 😅 Also, thank you for the video!
  12. How do I keep the bacteria alive in my fluval fx4 canister filter during a power outage? I have a battery powered bubbler I can split between the filter and 55gal tank. The power can go out for 30mins to (rarely) 12hrs. Also, will cooler temperatures around 47 kill the filter? I have those emergency blankets for the Aquarium and a blanket I was going to put over the tank. Will that keep the tank temp high enough.
  13. I have read the praziquantel dissipates after 72hrs but the oxybispropanol takes 5-7 days. My question is: After adding prazipro, do I simply do a second dose after 5-7 days or do I do a massive water change first? After the second dose, do I do a water change? Can I just let it dissipate? Currently, I am not running carbon in my fx4.
  14. I've recieved this special lady in this condition about 2.5 weeks. Does she just have a bent spine? She eats fine and is super active. Also is she bloated or is she egg heavy?
  15. Its working!! Thank you for the advice everyone! ^_^ Ottoceiclus, young and old corydoras, rummy nose tetras, very younge chili rasboras, Amano shrimp, bladder snails, and plants all look like their doing great with the medication!
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