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Found 12 results

  1. My Betta had a cottony white spot on one fin. One week ago i followed the regimen 1 packet of Maracyn and 1 tsp of Ich-X per 10 gallons of water. The fuzz is gone. But the fin has not regained color. This sounds "cured" to me because the fin has been damaged by the fungus (presumably) but can anyone tell me if this is ok? Should I dose again?
  2. I am at a loss. Water quality spot on, temp 78, excellent filtration, two air stones, calcium, salt,weekly water changes,etc. In the past two and a half weeks I have lost 8 guppies from my 29 gal tank. I treated once with melafix and lost 3 of the 8. My fry is unaffected. One Cory lost part of his dorsal and tail but growing back and doing well. Lost some beautiful fish. It does look like a fungal issue. The fins look as if they disintegrate. Any suggestions.
  3. So I inherited a betta with a 5 gal tank almost 2 months ago. I put him my cycled 33 gal instead. When he came, his fins were damaged. Since then, he seems to have pretty good regrowth. I'd like to keep a journal of his recovery 🙂 Before March 26: Today: th
  4. Okay I got this sword tail 2 days ago she started giving birth in the bag so I let her give birth in one tank (10g pH 7.8 -8, kh 180, gh 300+, A 0.25 -0.5, nI 0, nA 25-50 and then moved her to the to the other one when she was done (20gL pH 7.2, kh 40, gh 300+, A 0, nI 0 nA 50-100, I floated her and the baby she gave birth to already in the bag for 15 emptied it let her finish giving birth about 3 hours later I moved her into the 20 gallon which houses just a few guppy fry and two female silver mollies with MTS, both tanks are running stress coat Plus, one squirt per gallon is the dosage, no change to her, added a bit of salt no change to her, does anyone know what's going on here, it's 2 days and she's not eating and it's worrying me, oh she also had 57 fry If that matters.
  5. Hey crew!!! I just wanted to ask a question to try and find out more about my angelfish named aptly “Angel” I just want to ask whether this finage is normal? The fins seem a bit jaggered and split, but angels temperament has been nothing but normal. Thanks heaps everyone and have a great day ❤️
  6. I got this guy 5 days ago and he's developed white spots on one eye and faint white spots on his tail fin, and on the body. Fins have holes in it too. Is this ich, fungus, bacterial, columnaris? I have api fungal cure, api general cure, api furan 2, ich x, api fin and body, and aquarium salt. He hasn't eaten today. He just goes up gulps air then sits back down. It's a new tank, I put media from a established tank in the filter. I test ammonia daily. I think I may have hurt him when trying to net him about two days ago. Could I have caused this? 😞 1st photo when I got him 2nd 3rd photo today 4th the set up 5th hole in fins Ammonia 0 nitrites0 nitrates5 Ph 7.8 Temp 77-78
  7. I just noticed the right fin on my beloved flash pleco has a little kink in it all of a sudden. I don’t think he could have hurt it on anything in the tank. Any ideas on what could be going on? Thanks guys! btw: thats not ich or anything on him for those who may be concerned. flash plecos have spiky little hairs all over their bodies.
  8. My friends betta applesauce got into the filter last night and I have some anti bacterial medicine on hand but is there anything else we can do to treat her?
  9. Hello all I rescued and angel fish from one of my buddys This is the angel he/she was kept him in a 10 gallon that he touched the top and substrate he/she has a broken top fin I think is there a way I can fix this or is this natural I’ve never seen this in any of my angels Apperently he was kept with chiclids in his 10 gallon at one point? Could this have been from this and him getting attacked
  10. Noticed the fins of 2 of our angels showing signs of what I would call "fin separation. Is this a form of fin rot? We have a 65 gallon planted community tank. There is recent stress in the tank as we had 4 angels in the tank that 2 paired off and laid eggs, which did not hatch before being eaten. Three of the angles were beating up on 4th presumably male angel - we removed him. Things seemed peaceful for a few days with the 3 in the tank until 2 days ago and we noticed 2 of the angels sparing a lot. Its about impossible to tell which exactly is the breeding pair so we did not remove the 3rd angel. This morning we noticed the above pictured fin issue. Question: Do we need to treat the fin issue or will removing the angel to another tank heal the fin issue naturally in time? (Once we figure out which angle to remove :-)
  11. What’s the white appearing on its fins?? 1st pic- yesterday 2nd & 3rd pic- last night The rest of the pics are today. Parameters 0.25, 0, 10-20 Recently had ammonia spike due to canister filter breaking and the angel had red lines outlining its body. They’ve faded but now the white. I’ve been doing fairly large water changes with prime and stress coat almost every day. What else should I do?? Meds? What is it?? Thanks
  12. I purchased 3 goldfish on line and when I got them they were a little beat up, thank you Fedex. Any way you can see on this Moore that he has several white spot. It looked like cotton, in the beginning, so I started a round of fungus treatment, API Pimafix, it's a 7 day treatment and I'm on day 5. The spots are still there and I noticed today that a section of the tail fin is missing in that area. HERE IS WHAT I NEED YOUR HELP WITH, did i miss diagnose the illness? do i need to be patient and let the meds continue to work? did i choose the wrong med.? or something else? Thanks everyone!
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