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Found 10 results

  1. Quick breakdown. These guys just came out of QT, bit longer than 3 weeks. Week 1: Med trio Week 2: Gills red and flashing, dosed Paracleanse per box direction. Week 3: Ich X for 5 days straight. Plus a few days, saw no flashing and added to main display. Do Cory's just do this or I did I not get all of what was happening back in QT? It will be impossible to remove them without stressing the whole tank (75G, 7.4pH, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 0 nitrate, 5 GH, 4KH) Thanks for looking.
  2. Is it safe to use prazipro with easy green fertilizer?
  3. Can I go from a treatment of Prazipro to the trio with just a water change? I can never find information on how to switch from one med to the other. You're always told to switch meds but never how, like should I always use carbon or not. Some of my cory's are flashing and sometimes my oto's dart off. I'm guessing parasite. I treated with ich-x for five or six days. Then I treated with prazipro and realized I left the carbon in after the ich-x treatment. So I did another round of prazi pro. Today is the fifth day and they're still flashing. I thought about just using the trio or maybe just paracleanse. No visible signs of anything other than flashing.
  4. Ik on the bottle it says it's safe for marine use. But I've just came from a diff forum regarding this questions and I haven't found the answer yet. In that thread everyone was confused so it wasn't really helpful. Basically someone called Hikari if they could use prazipro with salt in a freshwater tank, and the man who answered said no, and that made them wonder why it was then marketed to be safe for marine uses blah blah blah. So yeah, if anyone knows please do tell.
  5. out of curiosity and wanting to cut down time on my qt tank (new fish in qt), can I use prazipro and ichX together at the same time or do they need to be separate?
  6. I think my cat might have tapeworms. I saw possible evidence. I know this forum is full of furry pet keepers, and medication experts. Can I treat this without a vet bill?
  7. I've had 3 pea puffers in a planted 55 gallon for about two weeks (they are the only ones in the tank). Within the first 24 hours, a fourth one I had originally bought died (declined really quickly in the span of about 12 hours, and just before dying looked like he had some fungus or something around its mouth). As a precaution, I dosed the whole tank with maracyn, and changed out 15 gallons on day 6. Around that time, I then saw one of the most horrifying things I have ever seen in one of the 3 puffers. When he was trying to eat, a thin white worm looking thing shot out of his mouth, and then retracted. Seriously, like something out of an alien movie. It (the worm) kept doing that. The next day he also had two long thing worm looking things coming out of his anus, plus the one coming out of his mouth. I hit the whole tank with paracleanse, called the store manager where I got them, who swore up and down that he had spent 2 months deworming them before putting them out on the floor, and suggesting that I stop feeding live black worms (which I also got at his store, btw). Since the Paracleanse, I have not seen the worms coming out of the anus, and I can still sometimes see the worm coming out of the mouth, but it's much smaller/shorter than before the meds. I want to try to get a video of this but unsuccessful so far. I have not seen this in any of the other puffers and this guy with the alien worm is eating well, active, and is actually the fattest one of the bunch. One round of paracleanse is done, another 15 gallon water change was yesterday. I'm thinking I'll try Prazipro next. Any harm in still continuing to dose the whole tank? (I'd rather minimize the need to move puffers since they shouldn't be brought out of water) Anything I should do before starting the prazipro? I know it's the same as one of the ingredients in paracleanse, just higher concentration. I'll start with the dose recommended on the bottle - or should I start with a lower dose? Should I wait for a certain period of time before starting the Prazipro? Should I change more water to dilute out the remaining paracleanse before starting? i have tried searching this forum for "prazi" before posting, apologies if I've missed the answer out there already.
  8. I have read the praziquantel dissipates after 72hrs but the oxybispropanol takes 5-7 days. My question is: After adding prazipro, do I simply do a second dose after 5-7 days or do I do a massive water change first? After the second dose, do I do a water change? Can I just let it dissipate? Currently, I am not running carbon in my fx4.
  9. Hi, I was wondering what is the difference between Prazipro and Fritz ParaCleanse. can both be applied during quarantine trying to understand why Prazipro is not part of recommended quarantine medication.
  10. I must have a resistant parasite going on. TL|DR Fish went through QT with Trio, did a full round of ParaCleanse per directions on box and did a 5 day treatment of Ich-X. Something snuck through and Cory's started flashing again and now other fish have begun flashing. No visible signs of Ich or spots. I dosed PraziPro on the 19th. No real improvement to date. The 24th will be day 5, I plan to do my water change and dose PraziPro again. How hard of a dose can I go? I used 5ml per 20, in a 75Gallon. My total dose was 17.5ml to account for wood and sand. Thank you for any advice! Edit: I added Poly-fil to my canister, could this be causing a problem? This is the pure 100% Polyester bag, no flame retardant.
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