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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone, I just purchased a 2-3" fahaka puffer from an online retailer and he arrived on Thursday (7/1). He arrived quickly and acclimated just fine, but he is not in the best shape. he arrived with a "S" shaped bent spine and looks very thin to me. He is currently in a 40b QT tank that is seasoned. I have watched the couple of Cory's talks that are available online about puffers and am aware about their internal parasite issues. I dosed the QT tank with Prazipro, since that is what I have available and also have Metroplex (arriving today) which I plan on dosing his food with. I read on the puffer forum that really bad internal parasites can cause a bent spline. 1. Do you think that is the cause the bent spine or could it be something else? 2. Not sure how to dose his food when I haven't been able to get him to eat anything I put in the tank? I have tried to feed snails, cherry shrimp, blood worms, and brine shrimp but he doesnt seem interested (there are snails and shimp in the tank that I do see him try to hunt down from time to time, so I do believe he is getting some food). I reached out to the retailer that I purchased him from and they said they were feeding live California black worms and frozen hikari shrimp. 3. The couple times I have seen him try to get a snail, it seems like he cant get them in his mouth. He will bite at them a couple times then just leave them alone. Compared to the photos I have seen online of small fahakas, he seems to have an underbite? could this be an issue with his teeth since the retailer wasn't feeding hard foods or does he just look that way due to being thin? I attached the best photos I could get, he is not a fan of my phone.
  2. I've recieved this special lady in this condition about 2.5 weeks. Does she just have a bent spine? She eats fine and is super active. Also is she bloated or is she egg heavy?
  3. What to do, what to do. I got some guppies in a trade, 3 males and two females. One of the females died during transport (stupid USPS had the box for 2 weeks! Should have been 2 days. I'm shocked anything survived.) I've got everyone recovering now, but holy heck, look at the bent spine on the surviving female! Of course the female that died looked great with no deformities. The one that survived probably needs to be put down anyway. (Long story as far as how I got them, basically these were the only females available, not the sender's fault. I'd rather not play the blame game atm.) Just feeling super grouchy that I can't really use these to breed now. Everyone agrees that I have to cull that female, right? Ugh I'm so irritated after all the issues with USPS that I just want to take the rest of them (3 males) to the LFS and move on with my life. If the female is that messed up, I'm not confident about the male bloodlines either. Thoughts? (Seeking some pity here lol) What would you guys do with the males? I'd rather start from scratch and invest in a quality bloodline (I'm a cheap goober and that's why I got into this in the first place lol) I have NEVER seen a spine that messed up!
  4. MaxM

    is this Dropsy?

    One of my Danios stomach seems to be getting bigger and bigger. I have also noticed that the spine seems to be getting deformed and she's (I believe it's a female) having difficulty swimming. I reviewed some footage I have of my fish from about 4 or 5 months ago and there were no signs of bloating or a deformed spin back then. Does anyone know if this is a case of dropsy?
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