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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, I’ve noticed my Platies rubbing a lot on some of the plants in my Aquarium but there are no visible signs of Ich on them. Ammonia, Nitrites & Nitrates are all at 0. Temp 77 degrees and PH 7.0
  2. Greetings fish experts. i love to learn from the forum. i had this female die on me today, but i am not able to figure out the diagnosis. and i think you guys can help. female was very young, kept with just one male. two days back, i had moved both of the fishes to a bowl because i was adding more plants in my 6 gallon low tech. The fishes were subjected to stress, but seemed fine. maybe, She was trying to give birth but, something happened? or some microorganism might have come from the plants, as i did not qurantine the plants (cause the male is acting sluggish and refusing to eat) the female had a yellow spot on her belly. Please ignore the cut fin, its due to the tweezers. should i be worried ,or are these just natural? This is the other side. notice the black spot on the belly.this hints me, she died giving birth. i have no idea, if i should be worried about my male guppy or if that was a one time thing. i cannot afford water test Kits in my area.i am sorry. i had not changed water after putting the plants, it was the same regular water which is changed 30% once a week. Here is the male.these two were the only fish in the tank. i am not able to see what went wrong in my husbandry. i am not able to diagnose why did the fish die. and hence am seeking your help. Thank you so much. Vaibhav age16 yrs, from India.
  3. I have read the praziquantel dissipates after 72hrs but the oxybispropanol takes 5-7 days. My question is: After adding prazipro, do I simply do a second dose after 5-7 days or do I do a massive water change first? After the second dose, do I do a water change? Can I just let it dissipate? Currently, I am not running carbon in my fx4.
  4. Hi, I have 30 corydoras, 16 rummy nose tetras, 8 otocinclus, 9 very young Chili rasboras, and a few Amano shrimp in my 55gal. Just got 15 corys about 4 days ago and the other 15 corys 2 weeks ago. Water parameters: 0:0:10-15, ph: 7.4 temp: set at 76 drops to 72.5 at night because of environmental temperature. I just noticed a few corydoras have these white little string clusters on their fins. Its not on their body and isn't little whit spots like ich. Any idea what it is? About 10 have a little. Only the corys have this stuff and they're acting and eating fine. Also, my corys sometimes flash after sifting the really fine sand through their gills, only my corydoras are flashing. Is that normal for fine sand tanks and corys? I'm thinking its a fungal thing caused by a combination of not having gravel vacuumed the sand at all and stress from being new to the tank. Im thinking of gravel vacuuming then doing a 30% water change and seeing how this go. If it doesn't go away, Im thinking of quarantining them and treating with api fungus cure. My worry with medicating is that the medication will be too strong for the younger little corys and I only have a 5.5gal quarantine tank.
  5. Hey everyone, I have had some new goldfish and one koi in quarantine for little over a week. I have the dosage one packet per ten gallons, and for the ich-x a teaspoon per 10 gallons (Cory style). I am treating them with the trio of general cure, ich-x, and E.M. erythromycin. I have recently seen them flicking there fins, being lethargic, and sometimes flashing. Is it possible this is from being in meds so long, or is it flukes? I need to get them in my pond by tommorow. What do you think it is? THANK YOU!
  6. Nitrates: 40ppm Nitrites: 0ppm GH: 300ppm KH: 0ppm PH: 6.3 This is a 55 gallon setup with around 100 zebra Danios. It's been setup for over a year. The other day while doing a water change I noticed 3 Danios with bloody red gills and labored breathing. I watched closely for 24 hours and lost one. At that point I started a round of salt medication. 3tbs per gal. The following day I lost another. Any recommendations or experience with gill flukes? I have read up a little bit on the flukes and not quite sure how my zebras came down with it. I have seen that praziquantel is a popular treatment for such an issue. Being that I don't have any on hand, I was thinking of using another antiparasitic med such as levamisol. I just happen to have a ton of it on hand. Would you keep up with the salt treatment or switch to anti parasite meds, and has anyone had experience getting rid of flukes with levamisol? I would love as many opinions as possible so I can weigh my options.
  7. Hello, Ammonia .25ppm 0 Nitrite & Nitrite pH 8 Temp 72, 40 gallon tank, No plants, One goldfish I am just finishing up a high dose salt treatment for an large red patch on my fish's tail. I posted on here about a week ago titled "Mistakes Were Made" and followed the salt treatment @Cory recommended. My fish did make a complete recovery within a few days. Yay! However what led my fish and I down this path was gill/skin flukes that I can't seem to beat and I was hoping someone could offer some guidance on how to get rid of them? I don't know how to link my previous post that reviews everything I have already tried, but I have purchased the quarantine trio also and was wondering if I should give those a try next? I just don't know how to proceed anymore and am hoping someone here has had experience with this issue and success in treating them? I have literally been fighting these flukes the entire year, and while I think I have had some success in beating them back, I can't get rid of them. I'm not sure how much more time my fish has before the gill damage becomes too extensive. Help!
  8. Water param: nitrites and nitrates are 0ish, ph 7.0, kh 40-80ppm, Gh 60-90ppm I have tiger barbs that do not act right no matter what I do. They don't always act lethargic, but these are what I notice when they're "off"....symptoms: nervous acting, pale, flicking fins while staying still for long periods of time, darting to the top for air, red slightly open gills, flashing, scraping, not as eager to eat but they will. I've adjusted the water to raise the ph and harden it(my tap is soft and acidic), I treated with api general cure a month ago...which states it treats gill flukes, which I why I think it might be gill MITES. Is that even treatable? And if so, what's the best med? oh...I currently have a mixture of carbon and zeolite in my hob in case my ammonia was high. I just did a water change on Saturday. They get fed well.
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