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Found 9 results

  1. Is it just me or does there seem to be a massive shortage of API general cure... I could really use some insight into a possible substitute or replacement any feedback would be appreciated thank you in advance.
  2. Even though I treated my fish with API General Cure just around a month ago, I am still noticing some of the fish are still flashing. In the tank, I currently have guppy/endler hybrids, corydoras, a siamese algae eater, and some otocinclus. Only the guppies, the algae eater, and some of the cories flash (I've noticed it's mostly the males cories and guppies, though I have seen a couple of female guppies do it too). So far I have had no deaths, despite this flashing problem going on for months. Do I treat them with General Cure again, or do I try something else? Thanks.
  3. SO I have had a worm infestation for awhile now and what I have been trying isn't working and I think the only other thing I can use to get rid of them is the API General Cure but I am afraid it will hurt my crayfish I have had her almost a year and she was big when I got her so she isn't a baby but I wanna make sure it will be okay for her. They are not only all over the tank but also on her so I need her to be in the tank when I dose it! Thank you!
  4. Can Tetra fungus cure and API general cure for parasites be used together?
  5. Is anyone aware of why @Cory does not use general cure in food. Or at least not in any video I have been able to find. I found a few videos on the subject and even found dosing instructions for this modality on api website. Seems to be a much much cheaper way to take care of internal parasites. And if the medication is in the fishes blood after absorption wouldn't it also kill external parasites that are feeding on said fish? Seems something like polyguard for water column treatment and general cure in food would knock just about anything out and be much cheaper than med trio. Assuming one doesn't have shrimp or snails.
  6. When it comes to tapeworms and general internal parasites does general cure actually kill them or just expel them from the intestines?
  7. Does general cure actually kill tapeworms and general internal parasites or just expel them from the intestines?
  8. Hi, I have 30 corydoras, 16 rummy nose tetras, 8 otocinclus, 9 very young Chili rasboras, and a few Amano shrimp in my 55gal. Just got 15 corys about 4 days ago and the other 15 corys 2 weeks ago. Water parameters: 0:0:10-15, ph: 7.4 temp: set at 76 drops to 72.5 at night because of environmental temperature. I just noticed a few corydoras have these white little string clusters on their fins. Its not on their body and isn't little whit spots like ich. Any idea what it is? About 10 have a little. Only the corys have this stuff and they're acting and eating fine. Also, my corys sometimes flash after sifting the really fine sand through their gills, only my corydoras are flashing. Is that normal for fine sand tanks and corys? I'm thinking its a fungal thing caused by a combination of not having gravel vacuumed the sand at all and stress from being new to the tank. Im thinking of gravel vacuuming then doing a 30% water change and seeing how this go. If it doesn't go away, Im thinking of quarantining them and treating with api fungus cure. My worry with medicating is that the medication will be too strong for the younger little corys and I only have a 5.5gal quarantine tank.
  9. I'm not sure what to do in this situation. I'm new to the hobby. I have had my betta, Fred, since January. I recently added some buddies for him to the tank (blue dream dwarf shrimp). I have had the shrimp for about 2 months. I noticed some had white dots and their heads recently. After researching, I discovered this is a parasite and dosed my tank this morning with API General Cure. A few hours after that, I'm watching my Fred chase the shrimpee crew and he gets sucked up the HOB filter intake and just shreds the heck out him. I had quickly unplug the dad gum filter because he couldn't get free. He is really torn up and looks like he has a gash on his side. He swam to bottom and stayed there for a long time. He didn't even come to the top to breath. I turned off the lights in the tank and the room and he is hiding in the top corner where all the dwarf sag grows. I cleaned the tank this morning before dosing Api. I'm not sure if I should do another water change to get rid of the parasite med , or just add some ichx and some maracyn to keep him from getting an infection. Everything I've read online so far says clean water and aquarium salt, but I'm having a hard time believing salt in open wound is good thing. I'm at a loss as to what to do. ???? After the accident, I read about pantyhose over the intake and did that, but a little to late. (I'm totally kicking my own butt) Just ordered the ACoOp sponge filter so this doesn't happen again. Please any advice is appreciated. He looks so hurt. I wish there was an equivalent to tylenol for fish.
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