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  1. Having bought a canister filter a month ago, I finally removed the pre-installed Juwel internal filter today. It was easier than I thought it would be!
  2. It literally made my day seeing the first runner from the Valisneria, and seeing those babies come up from the gravel still makes me happy. I can’t really remember when I was this excited about something!
  3. Today I’m celebrating 3 months with the new tank (last one was 30 years ago) All algae are gone except the cyanobacteria. Didn’t have much success with Hygrophila polysperma, but the Valisneria (Tiger) is growing like crazy, sending out runners everywhere. All snails are still alive! (no escapes thankfully) 🐌 🎉
  4. Bought this hexagonal tank in a charity shop for 12 € (14 $). It holds about 45 L. Dunno what I'll put there, but it looks cool
  5. I'd like to nominate my snails in sports climbing 😄
  6. Recently bought a new lamp so replaced the old lids with 2 pieces of plexi glass.
  7. Restarting the hobby with a recently bought 125 L tank that has been up for 1,5 months. Only Nerite snails and algae so far 🙂 Since last week also a supporting member on the YT channel.
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