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  1. Just thought I'd share how this went! Here's a quick pic and a link to literally the first video I've posted ever:
  2. Texas ice storm… one day maybe I’ll have an actual ice scraper. In the meantime, this’ll do!
  3. Can't believe I haven't spent more time on the forum these past two years. Just updating this post with new pictures of my tanks, mostly for myself. My 40 breeder, which can be viewed from 3 sides! This is my only high-tech setup. The red plants and my tiger lotus are just there to grow out for a bit... My tall 45 by the window, complete with no background (Cory's favorite) and lava rock/crushed coral substrate. My bedroom 20 long with a whole mess of plants My husband's 6 gallon cube with Rage, the red betta. And finally, the other 20 long - the "galaxy tank"
  4. Just thought I'd share my holiday cheer alongside my current display tank & would love to see any other holiday decor + aquarium combos out there/!
  5. One of my amanos and my nerite, with a pond snail taking a piggy back ride, while stealing a red root floater.
  6. Yes, I keep an aquarium in front of the window and yes, it grows my jungle Val beautifully. 




  7. Just wanna update that 3 Petsmart tetras made it and I've put all the Aqua Huna ones in with them and everyone's doing great.
  8. I should have just listened to Cory when I asked him in the live stream lol 🙃
  9. Thanks for your response! It's always a relief to know it's not me! I will definitely order from AquaHuna only in the future!! I just watched 1 more of the petsmart neons perish since my original post. I guess I can just let them... die off (or should I euthanize them?) and then introduce the Aquahuna fish into the big tank after that happens? Too bad Petsmart policy is you only have 14 days after purchase to get credit for any losses. Maybe if I go up there with my water sample, pics of the red-gilled fish, and pics of my other tanks to prove I am not just a novice fish keeper, they'd be willing to vie me some store credit or something. All they can do is say no!
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