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Found 25 results

  1. Started my 55 gal aquarium about a year ago. Was fortunate enough to find Aquarium Coop when I got an ICK infestation after a couple months. It’s my go to place for everything now! Love the idea of this forum. Excited to see what I may find…
  2. Hello community! Greeting from Austin, Texas! My name is Blake and I'm new to the hobby. I've had my tank less than a year and it been an adventure even in that short time. I knew going into it that I wanted to create a betta fish rescue home, and that's what I've been striving for. Muay, a blue male crowntail, is the first betta to inhabit AquaBithia (name of my tank). I also have 2 black racer nerite snails and 1 blue Mystery snail. My tank is a 20g high and is planted(ish). I have water wisteria as a floating plant (my betta loves me for it), I have a huge Amazon sword that has thrived in my tank, Vallisneria that..... well it's trying to take off lol. I see new growth in it so I just hoping for the best. I also have a java fern and a few baby javas it produced. And some kind of stem plant I bought from a local fish store and seems to have gotten really leggy and tall. Anyways, my tank is ever evolving and it's communities like this that give me confidence to push the boundaries of what I know and try new things. I'm excited to be a part of this.
  3. Hi all. Just a test to see how to post. I keep tetras in a heavily planted 40 gallon breeder.
  4. Hi, new member here from Abilene, Texas. Our family inherited a 50 gallon tank from some friends who were unable to take it when they moved. It came with a rather large goldfish (Big Joe) and an algae eater, who were joined by my son's fancy gold. We also have a 10 gallon with a betta and some Harlequin Rasboras. As you can see the large tank is pretty empty. It came with some plastic plants but they were in rough shape. I've installed a large sponge filter, and I've got some live plants on the way from Aq-Co-Op. I am wondering if I need a second sponge filter, or if Big Joe is a little too big for this tank? I am also considering upgrading the gravel to something more natural looking, but I'm not sure what would be best. I hope to learn a lot more about this hobby and look forward to all the good advice! Sam
  5. I have a 80 gallon tank that I have had fish in for 18 years and over the last 5 years they have been succumbing to old age and I am down to 1 clown. So I am going to convert it over to a planted tank as soon as I get my nitrates under control. I am thinking of planting some nubias barteri, Anubias nana, Cryptocoryne Parva, Bucephalandra "Green Wavy", Cryptocoryne Tropica, Micro Sword, Wisteria, Java Fern. For fish I am thinking of different colors of Dwarf Gourami, Hillstream loach, Amano shrimp, Cherry shrimp, and Otocinclus catfish, I will see if the Gourami have a expensive lunch on the shrimp. The Gourami will be the last in as I want to get the plants established and growing good with the cleaning crew first so they will have a place to hide.
  6. Hi from central Texas! I started keeping fish during the pandemic as a way to educate my preschooler about science, with the added benefit that I also get to learn and enjoy nature while stuck at home. For the past year, I’ve been running a 12 gallon Fluval Edge with live plants, ember tetra, and a few male guppies, but I’m upgrading them to a 32.5 gallon Fluval Flex so they can have more space and a bigger school. I also have a betta in a standard 10 gallon with live plants. He is unbelievably sassy. I enjoy the challenge of being an interior designer for fish; I hope they like the spaces I make for them!
  7. Hi, Probably not your typical question for here.... I found a leech here in TX. I want to keep it alive for my daughter to use in a 5th grade science fair. I’ve tried feeding it with earthworms, snails, chicken hearts but it is not feeding. It becomes active and starts coming towards me when I am near. Understandably I do not want it to attach to me to feed. Any suggestions?
  8. hello me and my lady just started our new aquarium a 55 gallon fresh water, we found a lot of helpful videos on youtube from the Aquarium Co op channel. but for the most part were new to all this and would like to learn as much as possible to improve and move up in our tanks as we build. right now we have two white zebra angel fish, 2 asst angel all small, 3 candy cane tetras, 4 von rio tetras, 2 Powder Blue Dwarf Gourami, and 4 glo tetras. any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated always! next on our list is upgrading to two large sponge filters
  9. Hello from Texas! I have been reading the co-op’s blog and the C.A.R.E forum for quite a while now, but never felt knowledgeable enough to really participate until now. My name is Sarina and I’m originally from Washington state, but now reside in North Texas. I actually used to live a few miles from the co-op store and wandering into that place one day was how I got into fish keeping and plant cultivation. I’ve been in the hobby for around four years, however I did have to give up everything and completely restart due to the move. Currently I only have two operational “tanks” if you could call them that... I have a “porch pond” which is actually a 55 gallon clear tub, and a 2.3g cylinder that was given to me for free. The porch pond featuring the view from my apartment: The porch pond shortly after setup, I keep meaning to take better photos of what it looks like now, but it’s low on my priority list: The “jar” aquarium, currently a rehab tank for the sad epiphyte plants I got on major discount: The tub is actually doing surprisingly well, considering it was an outdoor experiment. It’s been running for nearly 2 months and I now have a school of longfin zebra danios and some Flagfish for algae cleanup. Oh, and like... hundreds of ramshorn snails. No livestock in the jar aquarium other than some snails, I actually just put all those epiphyte plants in last night, plus some pennywort to hopefully decrease nitrates enough to avoid an algae bloom. There isn’t any artificial light on it, so I’m crossing my fingers that algae will stay away. My future projects include: A foggy bog style plant propagation tank to grow emersed aquatic plants Making my own root tabs and testing them against a few major brands DIY tissue cultures - “kitchen cultures” Plus many more, I’m sure. I will be writing about these experiments on my blog (nirvanaquatics.water.blog) but I’ll also be journaling about things here, as well. I hope everyone is safe and well, and I look forward to sharing my experiences with all of you. Stay lovely 🍀
  10. Hello all, so I upgraded my filter with sponges, bio and sponge on intake over a week. Filter is making noise now and a huge amount of small bubbles are in tank. Any suggestions?
  11. I'm a novice fish keeper in Lubbock, Texas. I keep a 10 gallon aquarium in my office that I depopulated of all fish except for 4 otocinclus, 3 fresh water limpets, and a thundering herd of bloody mary shrimp just before COVID. Before that I kept livebearers and I'm really glad I gave them away before I got sent home for almost a year. My colleague did an awesome job of keeping the aquarium fed and water topped off while I was gone. I did manage to do three water changes over the course of the year. Now I'm back in the office and getting my tank back in shape. It is fairly heavily infested with string algae and was full of vallisenara. I have replanted with crypts and swords and added a few cardinal tetras. I'm excited to have my aquarium again and feel like I can be part of this forum!
  12. Searched the forum for answers more than once, and thought I ought to start participating. Thanks for the great info everyone shares. Started a 20G fish tank a few months ago and bought a couple neocaridina shrimp for fun and fell in love with shrimp. SUPER FUN!! I led with my face, as I often do, and smashed into more than a few walls...particularly when I mixed Blue Dreams and Blue Velvets. Both blue, right? Whoops. So then I got a cull tank and more tanks for the carbon rilis, blue diamonds, and brownish red (chocolates or marys?) they are throwing my way. Enjoying the adventure, and I'll eventually get them sorted properly. Thanks for having the forum. I hope to be able to contribute on the shrimp side. I haven't made all the mistakes to learn from yet, but I'm still working on it.
  13. Just wanted to say Hi, been a subscriber to the Aquariumcoop YouTube channel for years now, use to have a fish room with around 13 tanks (55 to 120 gallons), moved out to El Paso for work about a year ago and downgraded to a one bedroom apartment so obviously couldn't bring the hobby with me, only thing I took was my betta in a 5 gallon (10 gallon max at my apartment), just picked up a 6.8 gallon figured I'd try my hand at nano tanks, ordered some dwarf baby tears and few other plants from the Coop, got them about noon today and eight hours later there already pearling in there baskets 😁. I definitely see where this is going, unfortunately I can't get anything bigger than a ten gallon but they didn't say anything about how many I can have 😉. I've always found a lot of great information and guidance here and just wanted to thank all of you for it.
  14. Help. So I lost all my fish to the Texas freeze. I just replaced them all and got in all the products to do the quarentine but I do not know the measurements to use on a 5 gallon tank. Also is the combination safe for my snails and shrimp? I have a betta snails a shrimp and 2 platies. Thank you
  15. Hello all, I am a relatively new hobbyist (1 year), and am venturing into my first planted tank. Came across this forum while going through YouTube videos, then the Aquarium Co-op store. Looking forward to learning new things! Martin
  16. Hello, I just joined this forum, and am looking forward to being on it. I've been keeping fish for about 1-1/2 years, and currently have 6 tanks running. I stock heavier than most people would recommend, but I keep up with my water changes and general maintenance, and the inhabitants (plant and animal) are thriving in all of them. They're all anywhere from moderately to heavily planted, which helps them handle the stocking levels. I have a 65 gallon with a koi angelfish, a pair of super red bristle nose plecos, and schools of Lake Kutubu rainbowfish, lemon tetras, black neon tetras, and panda corys. My 40 gallon breeder tank has eight pearl gouramis, and schools of serpae tetras, pristella tetras, and corydorus trilineatus. My newest is a 20 long with schools of sparkling gouramis, kubotai rasboras, dwarf emerald rasboras, celestial pearl danios, and corydorus pygmaeus. If I was doing it again I'd probably skip both the rasboras, but it is what it is. I have a 10-gallon tank with red neocaridina shrimp, along with a few fry that apparently came over as eggs when I moved some guppy grass from the 20 long into the tank. They're still too small to identify, but I'm hoping they're celestial pearl danios, or at least not hybrids with them and the emerald rasboras, since after stocking the tank I was told they can cross-breed. Then I have one 5.5 with dark blue neocaridinas, and another one with cull shrimp.
  17. I have a 2-3 year old shubukin who started having slightly labored breathing and swim bladder/floating problems, these floating problem got significantly worse overnight while tank is being treated with med trio. I've just moved him to 5 gallon fresh clean water with a bubbler. There are no other outword signs of problems with this fish, however something is going on clearly in my main tank. Quick background: woke up yesterday to my smaller 1 year old sarasa dead, who also had not been showing signs of distress. 2 other older shubukins in tank have some minor fungus issues on their tail fins I've been battling off and on (they currently have a little on their fins) and I did notice one of them showing flashing/irritation behavior. Nothing has been added to this tank in over a year. It's a 75 gallon planted, over filtered 2 hobs. The parameters at time of the sarasa dying where essentially ph 7.6, ammonia background, nitrite zero, nitrates 80 ( a bit high, was already setup for a water change). I did a 60-70% water change twice yesterday, 12 hours apart. Parameters are now same with nitrates around 10 ish. I started the med trio recommended dose for quarantining/when you don't know what's wrong for the main tank after the second water change because I was worried, intending to let that one dose of meds sit for a week, but have now moved the distressed fish. Im scared I'm going to lose another fish. He will swim around some, but I've put some things in this quarantine container so he can wedge himself and not be fighting to swim/expend energy from the flow of the bubbler. Hes wedging himself in upside down which is a bad sign. Do I treat this quarantine setup with meds? If so just erythromycin? Is there anything else I can do?
  18. Hello everyone my name is Joe I’m 37 I am a disabled veteran. This hobby is my therapy I just got into it it’s been about 6 months now. I have 3 tanks a 75, 20, and a 50 gallon lowboy. I over stock my tanks so I have no idea how many I have in each but I have a lot of them. Mostly smaller fish I like to maximize room.
  19. 5 months ago I bought a 36g bowfront on a petsmart sale. Now I have 7 tanks and trying to figure out how to get some bigger ones in my space. Found the coop a few months ago and have made a bunch of orders. Just received 6 more plants today. Love the blogs and youtubes that have been done. Started with some neons and corydoras. A month later added a 10g for a betta. Made the mistake(not really) of getting 3 guppies. Within 2 weeks had over 50. Have a few hundred now. Luckily my lfs will take them at about a month old. Ive really enjoyed seeing the little guys grow. There are a few siamese algea eaters in one of the tanks, a bunch of nerites, and my first sort of tank standout is a powder blue dwarf gourami as recommended by Cory. I can go into the room with my tanks and get lost for hours at a time. Glad to be here.
  20. Hello all Koty here just wanted to say Hi. I had several tanks a while back but shut them all down when I moved. Five years later I noticed I had a little 8.8 gal fluval ebi so I recently jumped back in. Now a couple months in I have it and a 10 gal set up and recently got a deal on a double 40 breeder and double 55's that I'm now planning out. Here are some pics of my old 55 from back before the move
  21. Good early morning from San Antonio, Texas, My name is Anthony. Started fish keeping back in 99 but I was hacking my through it as a 20 something year old just living for the weekends. My life blasted off in 2000 when I became a flight attendant for Continental Airlines (now United Airlines). Everything with life on the ground had to be left behind in a sense. Being new to the industry I had to sacrifice pet keeping. 20 years later this past April I found myself grounded and furloughed due to covid19. Currently in the process of redefining myself while I am on the ground these days more than ever. The silver lining is I rediscovered my passion for fish keeping while setting up a 2.5g for my son's new beta this past Christmas. I found Mr. Cory on YT in Jan. of this year, because I knew that 2.5g for Shiney Blue(my boy's name for his beta) wasn't going to last. In short, Shiney Blue is in a planted 20L with 7 black mollys and four golden algae eaters. That tank is in our front room which has become a basic fish room with 4 active tanks out of a total of 12. Wife thinks I have lost my mind lol! I have plenty of room to grow in the hobby with the empty tanks on standby, and I am in no hurry. They consist of two 40 breeders, a 55, three 20Ls, three 10g and the 40g container pond (activated) on the back patio. It's pretty much been Aquarium CO-op tv here. I've got the empty tanks in a holding pattern for now and focusing on enjoying the ones I have stocked. Been busy learning about all the fish I keep (mostly beginner fish), growing, and even trying my hand at breeding for fun. Much love for this place, and Cory for all that he has done for the hobby. I proudly ware two of the Co-op's T-shirts as I cycle through my jeans and t-shirt wardrobe, and proud to say that I support his business, all my sponges are Aquarium Co-op! Anthony Curiale
  22. Very excited to be apart of this! I currently have two tanks that include a 75 gallon mixed African cichlid tank and a 45 gallon tall pea puffer tank with all live plants. Im going to try a share a few photos of my fish to test posting 🙂
  23. hello, my names Taylor from houston TX. Been in hobby about a year, caught mts shortly after starting hobby 12tanks now. Couple platy tanks, endler tanks, and display tanks.
  24. I’m Jon and I live just North of Dallas in Allen, TX. I have been in the hobby off and on for 20 plus years. We currently have (11) aquariums and a small pond that range from 200G pond to 10G aquarium. We enjoy keeping smaller fish and shrimp. We are in the process of turning one of our spare bedrooms into a fish room and look forward to sharing the build with everyone in the near future.
  25. Hi everyone! I'm in the DFW area and have been keeping fish for about 3 years now, but really just got into aquariums in the past 7 months or so thanks to Cory! I've currently got a 40breeder with mollys, platys, danios, and amanos, a 45 with a pleco (who is getting a bigger home soon, don't worry!) and some neons, a 10 with all of the molly and platy babies that I could catch, and a 7.5g with a cute lil' female betta and some harlequin rasboras. Looking forward to learning and starting some new projects inspired by this forum 😀
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