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  1. I second the suggestion to pay more for a higher quality tank for peace of mind. Especially for a large one. I bought an Oceanic brand 75 gallon aquarium 29 years ago, followed by a matching 30 gallon a year later. Both are still in service today without issue. They were heavier and more expensive than the "All Glass" (now Aqueon) brand of the day.
  2. The overhang of the wood in your first photo is not an issue, that thick board is not going to flex a bit in that situation. Split face blocks can add a more finished look than the regular construction blocks. If you buy the corner blocks they come with two "finished" sides. I'm happy with how my design turned out and really enjoyed making it.
  3. For a test try running with an air pump and air stones. Drop the tank water level to below the uplift tubes. If water "pumps" out then your substrate is not clogged. I don't believe you can do this test with powerheads because the head may run dry. Below is a video of my 50+ year old UGF pulling water through the gravel and pumping it out above the water level. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDVgurKzhFU
  4. I once had a dream I was swimming with my fish! It was really cool and even though we were the same size all my fish were very nice to me. When I woke up I was soaked and my bedroom tank was a wreck.
  5. Have you tried setting the tank on a known flat surface? Floor, table, countertop? If defective I would return. Paint shouldn't matter because it didn't cause the problem and they can't re-sell a defective tank anyway.
  6. If that stand was designed to hold an aquarium it will likely be fine. I would attach it to the wall to eliminate all wobble, and have done exactly that in the past.
  7. I have several rimmed tanks over 25 years old, and two stainless steel framed tanks over 50 years old. Never had a leak or blowout. Can rimless tanks be expected to last as long? Probably, but like others I think I would worry more about them. Especially with a really large one. I do admit they can look stunning, and for me cost difference would not be that much concern.
  8. 1. One to one and a quarter inches above plate. With this level you can easily deep vac to the bottom, and never have issues with waste build up. Even a one inch layer of gravel offers more surface area for bacteria than almost any other filter... There's no need to add more, and doing so will be detrimental over time when it starts clogging up. I've run UGF's like this for over 10 years without teardown or issues. 2. I prefer air because it offers plenty enough flow, aids in aeration, and like Guppy snail says, doesn't instantly suck fresh food down where fish can't get it. Power heads are fine if you get smaller adjustable units and dial them down. You also need to point the output towards the surface if you want any oxygenation benefit from them. 3. I prefer the "flat" plates like the Penn Plax and others over the slightly taller "ridged" plates like Lee's Premium or the original Undertows. They allow for lower, completely even gravel layer. The Undertows will have alternating deep and shallow rows of gravel, which makes hiding plant and decoration bases cumbersome.
  9. Interesting topic, thanks for posting. My fish can recognize herself in a mirror and I'll even allow her to go to a wedding. But I refuse to buy a new dress for her...
  10. 1. Yes. 2. I know there are several near me but I mostly only visit one because it is my favorite. 3. About ten miles.
  11. Why do my AC's always restart on their own? It doesn't matter if I unplug them for service or starve them by dropping the tank water level below the intake while running. They always restart on their own when turned on or water level is raised. I must be doing something wrong. Hahaha Oh, and since 4 out of 6 of my tanks have UG filters (often, but not always along with a HOB) I vote them as my favorite.
  12. I've had a single angelfish in my 75 with 7 Black skirt tetras for about two years now. (and some cory's) My BST's never dare nip at my Angel. In fact, she occasionally gives them the bum's rush when she's feeling ornery. I've never kept more than one angel because I didn't care to deal with the aggression issues you note. Beautiful fish!
  13. Sounds like a recipe for disaster to me. The pump and impeller on canister #2 running inline is not designed to receive XXX gallons per hour pumped into it. If you try please post.
  14. 1. What was the first fish you ever kept in some sort of an aquarium? A full grown silver angelfish, given to me by a friend in the early 70's. 2. What tank are you most proud of and why? My 53 year old "Retro" stainless steel 50 gallon tank with matching hood. Because it's both beautiful, rare, and still running. 3. How did you get here, specifically to these forums? Co op videos. 4. What is something you think you do to make the hobby easier for yourself that others can use? Refrain from stuffing my tanks full with fish. Low stocked tanks are easier to care for, healthier, and look more natural. 5. What is something you specifically wish for guidance with in the hobby? More info on fish keeping and equipment from the early years of the hobby. 6. What fish do you miss most? My lohachata botia loach. Had him for 21 years. 7. How often do you change water? Is this the same for all of your tanks? Every 2 weeks on tanks with fish. I often have a Q tank running with only snails that only gets WC every 2 months or so. 8. What is better, one big tank or a rack of 20Gs, why? Can't answer, it really depends on many factors. 9. When was the last time you spent 30 minutes staring at a tank? Last night, and probably at least half of the days on average. 10. What is your favorite food to feed your tanks? Blood worms, everybody loves 'em.
  15. Transfer the filter from your leaking tank to the new one. Should be good to go.
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