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  1. @Anita, yes, I thought it sounded too good to be true, I do have a fountain attached to the pump in a filter box with sponges, I did order some fritz a.c.c.r. (the powder stuff) and some purigen, might just dose the fritz weekly and stuff the purigen in the box with the sponges. 🤷‍♀️
  2. This is way over my head, but I get the idea of it, of course I'm only 4'11", so it's not hard to go over my head! LMAO I really appreciate the info! I wonder if using something like Wonder-Shells would keep it safer than using just prime? Since the wonder shells dissolve over time, rather than dilute immediately?
  3. @PlaneFishGuyIDK, good point. Personally I just use the cold water side and let it run for a while (like 5 mins) we have an old school water heater. But the outdoor tap doesn't have hot water feature. And I live in North Alabama, so our water lines aren't very deep.
  4. Thank you @Hobbit and @ChemBob, all of it makes more sense. I've still got a few more hours before the test Cory mentioned is finished. Had to get up around midnight to drag it all inside, storms rolled in along with a tornado! It didn't touch down in my area, but did hit Tupelo pretty hard 😞 This has been a really great learning experience for me, and as usual it taught me I need to be more patient. I was too excited about getting it all up and running that I skipped a few crucial steps...1. I didn't wash the liner before hand, and 2. I didn't rinse my lava rock before adding it to the water (LOL I had even gotten a mesh trashcan for a previous project to RINSE THE LAVA ROCKS!) Thank you everyone for you're input, and ty to Cory for taking time to answer my questions! I'll post my chlorine test results later this evening. 🙂
  5. So, I set up the air test, tested the water and now the hose water is down to 1.5? I took pictures of it all as I was doing it, this has been a fun little experiment! Can't wait to test again tomorrow evening!
  6. I always feel like the little girl from Signs, I have glasses of water all over my house....lol Hubs is gonna love this LMAO
  7. I use fresh test strips for each source (The wonderful aquarium co-op strips!) And I know it doesn't make sense, that's why I thought I'd ask here. Some people suggested maybe the liner was leaching it, or the garden hose, but neither are PVC which I was told PVC will leach a little chlorine. And I know for sure it's not chloramines, so why is it not gassing off? I'm totally stumped and dismayed with the whole pond thing now to the point I just want to burn it all down! I've even tried filling a 5 gallon bucket (not a Yeti, because a bucket is a bucket) dosed with prime, waited, still 3.0. Would the Fritz A.C.C.R. be a better fit? Is it stronger than Prime?
  8. @Cory So, I had another thread going with pond questions and chlorine, I'd like to condense it and add more info. I asked during the live stream on 5-2, and Cory mentioned the aerator on the indoor faucets (which made total sense)(also, ty very much) But I feel like he wasn't getting the whole picture, hence this long post. I recently set up a 125 gallon preformed pond. Each time I refill it the chlorine is out of control. I have dosed with Prime at each refill. Using my coop test strips, the outdoor water tests at 3.0 ppm chlorine, Prime says 5ml/50g, the first time I used 4 whole capfuls (16ml), even after 2 hours, water tested out at 3.0. Waited a few days, did another test, STILL 3.0, another water change and added 40 ml Prime, tested before and after the water change, still 3.0. Today after 2 weeks of not adding new water from the hose, I tested the water and it's down to 0.8 ppm. My city does not use chloromines to treat the water, so I've been super stumped as to why this stupid chlorine isn't going away. Should I be using a water conditioner meant for ponds? I do have a filter/fountain running all the time, so there is aeration happening. I use a python to water change/refill my aquariums in the house and the pond outside, so my indoor faucets have the aerator removed for they python. Which is also why I don't understand why so much chlorine outside vs inside? I test my tap about once a month, and my tanks weekly, the inside taps barely reach 0.8 chlorine, but the outside ones are always stupid high. And there are no water filters in the house, and I checked under the house, all the pipes are stemming from the main street source.
  9. This is really great info, thanks so much!! I'll see if it works for us!
  10. We already have an active FB group, but, it's a typical FB group, AND fb has all those nasty rules about selling live animals, so...
  11. I tend to forget to water my house plants, so I use a couple squirts of easy green, then soak the plants really well in my sink, seems to work for my poor neglected plants!
  12. pls excuse my horribly ugly backsplash, I didn't pick it it was there when I moved in. I also hate these glass top stoves, but in this case it's nice for the extra countertop space....lol
  13. Anyone else put their brine shrimp to bed? (lullaby songs playing) LOL
  14. Simi

    Med trio

    I'm currently using the med trio on a handful of comets I got to put out in my pond. The tank is pretty well established, on day 2 after dosing the water has gotten super cloudy. Is this nermal? Params are normal for my tap water....0 ammonia, 10 nitrate, 0 nitrite, GH 300, KH 120, ph 6.8, chlorine 0 The comets didn't look like they had any problems, but as soon as I drop and plopped, they showed signs of Ich. They still seem a bit stressed (some gasping) I do have a HOB and sponge filter running, no charcoal in the HOB just sponges.
  15. As long as you guys are all ok, take your time and don't hurt yourselves, we'll be here!
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